Park Min Young Returns to Healthier Radiant Form at CF Event After Finishing the Airing of Love in Contract

Now this is more like it! I was legit concerned for K-actress Park Min Young watching her in the most recent drama Love in Contract, she just looked much skinnier and it didn’t suit her well. The drama was mostly weird and occasionally terrible but overall rather harmless, it don’t hurt or help the career of anyone involved and will just dissipate into the ether of other forgettable dramas. But seeing Park Min Young out last week at the J. Estina event in Seoul made me smile like a mom does when she sees her kid came back from college after this semester looking healthy as opposed to last semester like skin and bones. It’s a tough entertainment world out there but I’ve always felt Park Min Young works hard and whatever project she does radiates enthusiasm and I appreciate that.


Park Min Young Returns to Healthier Radiant Form at CF Event After Finishing the Airing of Love in Contract — 8 Comments

  1. Echoing the comments that she looks great! I’m a fan of model-skinny faces and bodies (don’t ask me why, just my aesthetic preference lol), but PMY is one of those women who look waaay better with more “meat on her bones”, so to speak lol (think Sungkyunkwan Scandal and City Hunter days, her in the red dress in Healer, etc), so I’m glad she gained a bit of weight now, she looks amazing and healthier!

  2. Park Min Young in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim was absolutely fantastic..
    I honestly believe she was born to fit her part in that drama..
    Not only is she beautiful but she’s such a natural acting in these romantic shows!
    There hasn’t been a show that I thought she didn’t act well in?
    PMY certainly a major favourite of mine!!

  3. Didn’t watch her latest drama but saw a clip of it and honestly didn’t realize it was her because her face was so thin. Good to see her looking like before.

  4. Terrible all around; the orange hair, the pancake emotionless face; poor acting skills; lack of ability to play different roles; comfortable to be in typed caring roles; even though playing same role repeatedly badly!

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