Former C-star Wu Yi Fan Sentenced by Beijing Court to 13 Years in Jail for Rape After His August 2021 Arrest

The verdict is out and there is no special treatment for celebrities in the strict Chinese penal system. Disgraced Canadian-Chinese star Wu Yi Fan (also known as Kris Wu) has been sentenced by the Beijing court to a total of 13 years in jail today after his trial earlier this year in June. This follows his arrest last August 2021 when an internet gravure girl named Du Mei Zhu went public with his various crimes – the most serious being selecting young women for sex and rape. After his arrest all his online presence has been scrubbed and his movies/dramas taken down from streaming. The prison sentence includes 11.5 years for rape and 1.5 years for group sexual misconduct. The sentence also includes expulsion from the country so he will be deported to Canada after serving his sentence as he’s a Canadian citizen. Thus concludes the astronomical rise and even more swift and serious fall of Wu Yi Fan in less than 10 years in the industry.


Former C-star Wu Yi Fan Sentenced by Beijing Court to 13 Years in Jail for Rape After His August 2021 Arrest — 13 Comments

  1. He is appealing which is interesting, considering Chinese courts are known to up the initial sentence. If they do in his case, even better because he did far more than just this. Pity he won’t rot forever.

  2. I hope his victims feel some sense of justice today and are surrounded by lots of support and love. Also, The young lady that exposed him is so, so incredibly brave to speak out and expose such a popular entertainer at the time. For all the women whose bodies and souls this evil creature tried to destroy, I hope his life is now destroyed instead. Much love and healing to all of them❤️

  3. Rapists can’t be forgiven. They are the abdomination. They are slave of lust. He will enjoy jail time. If Chinese jail are the same than the others then he will have a great time inside. He will learn how the victims feels like being violated. I don’t pity him. Let him suffer till he also got trauma.

    • Rape has very little to do with lust. Rape is about control by taking away the control from the victim and dominance. It’s been long proven sex is not even close to the primary motivator when it comes to rape.

  4. How did this type of person get to be in so many high profile films & lead role in a drama??? His agent must have known something about his disgusting behaviour. Heard his victim was below 14 years old.

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