C-actress Zhang Jia Ni Deals with Fallout From Tabloid Reports that Her Rich Husband Cheated on Her with Pretty Young Thing

This isn’t a huge story but does hit home that it’s really hard to be a celebrity and also deal with personal life stuff when you combine it. C-actress Zhang Jia Ni (Jenny Zhang) has been a supporting actress with over 20 dramas on her resume but got super famous after playing a concubine in Story of Yanxi Palace widely considered the “most beautiful concubine” in the drama. She was, actually, and managed to look breathtaking even with producer Yu Zheng’s trolling of all the female leads with quite possible the worst Qing palace hairdo of all time. The boost of popularity helped launch her to a new variety show gig where she and her handsome rich non-celeb husband, and they are parents to two small kids, showcased their seemingly happy and perfect marriage. Well it all came crashing down this week after said husband was spotted and photographed with a young pretty girl heading into a hotel and then emerging the next morning. Zhang Jia Ni has not officially responding to these tabloid rumors but did post her her SNS account the short statement “Dare to love, willing to let go”. C-netizens are baffled that he would cheat on a goddess level woman like her but we all know it doesn’t matter what a woman looks like or has, cheaters done gonna cheat.


C-actress Zhang Jia Ni Deals with Fallout From Tabloid Reports that Her Rich Husband Cheated on Her with Pretty Young Thing — 7 Comments

  1. Dare to love, willing to let go – that’s really strong and very apt as well. God I hate cheaters – she might forgive him tho, considering the society she lives in but man, he deserves his ass to be dumped. Ugh.

    Also, I know this blog isn’t covering LSG’s story but that’s a different type of “cheater” who is despicable. It’s infuriating how people get away with so many terrible things.

    • Chinese women dump cheaters pretty consistently, the situation is way better than say Japan when it comes to divorce. Take a look at a number of prominent names, like Zhao Liying who got a divorce and it hasn’t affected them. Hopefully she dumps his sorry ass.

  2. pretty young thing is a misnomer, cnetz already dissed the girl Shao for photoshopping herself too much. she is a beijing film academy student and an idiot, there’s no way she will get any acting gigs after this.

  3. I admit I don’t follow C-ent, so I don’t know who these people are, and I genuinely thought the actress in the picture is the “pretty young thing” in question! lol I looked her up and can’t believe she’s 35!
    If someone that pretty and young-looking still gets cheated on, where’s the hope for the rest of us 😭

    • Cheating is not down to a woman’s looks, it’s idiotic and woman blaming to think so.

      An obese woman can have a faithful husband if the husband doesn’t want to cheat. A beauty like Yang Mi or Jenny Zhang will have husbands cheating on them regardless of their looks, maybe the man is an asshole or their marriage drifted apart. Please don’t be so superficial and think a woman’s looks determine the health of a marriage, everyone gets old and looks fade, is it an excuse to cheat? How silly

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