Angelababy and Zhang Jia Ni Officially Get Shadow Banned by C-ent as Weibo Accounts Frozen, Reportedly Same Goes for Lisa of Blackpink

So what happens outside of Mainland China is clearly still under the purview of Mainland China so a word of warning to C-stars who think abiding by domestic laws and standards in territory is all that matters. Last month Blackpink‘s Lisa did a guest show at the Parisian cabaret Crazy Horse and it was the talk of Paris with stars and the rich and powerful all clamoring for tickets. C-actresses Angelababy and Zhang Jia Ni were (un)lucky enough to attend and immediately got flack from both C-media and C-netizens for going to such a degrading show and having no respect for women. Both have tried to lay low as issuing statements only confirm they were there and also no explanation would satisfy. This week their Weibo accounts have been shadow banned from posting which is usually the start of getting frozen in C-ent. Insiders are saying the two indeed have been temporarily cancelled by C-ent for the time being but not clear if it will be lifted in the future or end up permanent. International fans are further freaking out that Lisa has been banned in C-ent as well as her Weibo (personal and official) accounts cannot be found anymore.

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C-netizens Heavily Criticize Angelababy and Zhang Jia Ni for Attending Blackpink Lisa’s Guest Striptease at the Cabaret Show Crazy Horse Paris

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C-netizens Upset that C-actress Zhang Jia Ni is Reportedly NOT Divorcing Her Cheating Husband Even After the Purported Mistress an Aspiring Actress Proudly Posts Updates on Her SNS

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