C-netizens Upset that C-actress Zhang Jia Ni is Reportedly NOT Divorcing Her Cheating Husband Even After the Purported Mistress an Aspiring Actress Proudly Posts Updates on Her SNS

Man, marriage in real life is messy and can be dirty and definitely is between the two people that signed the social contract for better or for worse. But it’s hard not to have bystander commentary and it’s quite one-sided in the case of C-actress Zhang Jia Ni and her husband who was caught going into a hotel with a young aspiring C-actress/influencer and exiting hours later. This one is pretty cut and dry and I don’t even think Zhang Jia Ni and her husband is responding to the scandal because denying seems even more ridiculous. The thing netizens want to know is if she is divorcing his ass, two young kids notwithstanding, and a report came out this week that she was moving towards divorce and then her agency came out with a statement that it was “fake news!” So the cheating isn’t take news but the divorce is, lol way to make good decisions gurl. I’m actually only half chiding her because she can do whatever she wants including staying with him but it feels especially cringe-inducing to watch on the outside with the purported mistress a 21 year old student in acting school who is also an influencer with a SNS following named Shao Jing posting selfies in the post scandal days showing off her name brands in an expensive car and also writing stuff about how she’s living her best life.

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