Dylan Wang and Chen Fei Yu Accept Outstanding Actor of the Year Awards at the 2022 Weibo Internet and Video Summit

Okay, those of you who are Ever Night fans this may just set your panties on fire. It kinda did for me and I didn’t even watch it haha. Goes to show both male leads Chen Fei Yu (Arthur Chen) and Dylan Wang are just on fire this year in terms of popularity and leveling up. Ah Se (nickname for Chen Fei Yu as his dad called him that which is the Chinese pronunciation for Arthur) debuted in a big way as the male lead of fantasy period drama Ever Night but did not return for season 2 which Dylan Wang took over as the male lead playing the same character. Both guys took home Outstanding Actor of the Year awards together on stage at last night’s Weibo 2022 Internet and Video Summit and looked so fiiiiiiiine onstage. I always felt Dylan was super tall but seeing him next to Ah Se who is even taller and I was like whut tha wut and realized Ah Se needs better posture onscreen when he’s acting haha! I’m such a mom and these two young men are adorable!


Dylan Wang and Chen Fei Yu Accept Outstanding Actor of the Year Awards at the 2022 Weibo Internet and Video Summit — 42 Comments

  1. He is taller than Dylan Wang? Woah, who would have thought. Given this side by side perspective really makes me giddy. Though any Arthur Chen in a suit always gets me giddy.

    Hope to see him get more awards…

  2. chen feiyu has me in a chokehold right now. lighter and princess is the project i’ve been waiting for since i watched evernight season 1 years ago.

  3. They both look extremely handsome. I was a huge Ever Night fan and this brings back bad memories of the disaster that Ever Night 2 was. I don’t think cdramas should do “seasons” unless they can guarantee the people, especially the main leads, come back. It was so jarring to see how new actors interpreted the original roles so differently that it didn’t feel like a continuation of a story at all.

  4. I can see Dylan Wang getting awards but Arthur Cheng daddy’s influence perhaps pushed for this young man’s award! He also need to stop lying. He has a dual citizenship to make it easy to act in China without baseless of being American. As long as he has American birth certificate and US Identification card, he can apply for another US passport. He wants to also not pay taxes while earning in China. Silly boy.

    • He seems arrogant in one incident during the Weibo awards. Its common courtesy to acknowledge someone older or more established than you in most cultures. He sat down next to an artist in a way that showed no respect in my opinion. Given another artist, they would have been criticized by social media since the public tend to scrutinize everything.

      • @Joie Exactly. Some of his newly gained fans have been going around giving excuses for his behaviour. One simply does not forget an upbringing that has been ingrained into him/her.

        I hope his fans stop boasting about his so-called acting skills because he’s practically a block of wood. I have tried watching his dramas – Ever Night, Gold Panning, and Lighter & Princess and I couldn’t continue any after the first couple of episodes. Appearance-wise, I respect that different people have different tastes.

      • Yeah, that was really not good. Especially as we just saw that other artist greet his seniors before he sat down. Not to mention, he never should have been sitting there in the first place, seating is according to reputation and he has done pretty much nothing. Daddy sure did work for this event.

        When daddy buys everything, from roles to awards, no wonder he is beyond arrogant.

      • @lilith Yes you took the words right out of my mouth. He grew up in the public eye, nervousness is not a justifiable excuse. Kids are taught at a young age to greet their teachers, neighbors,etc that it becomes second nature to them. Good looking artists in the industry are a dime a dozen but what sets them apart is their perceived character besides talent. Given his privileged upbringing, humility is twice as important to win the audience over in my opinion. My impression of him relating to that incident was that he came off rude and cold. I believe that if another actor/actress had done the same, he/she would have been torn to shreds by social media. Btw, is the the norm in chinese ent to win an award for a role in a drama that has not finished airing? Thank you in advance for any clarification.

    • No amount of nepotism or money can buy talent, charisma, and good looks. Chen Feiyu or Arthur Chen I have never been disappointed in his performance or acting skills. Those are not bought. My only disappointment was he was not in Ever Night 2. And that is not to bash Dylan Wang. Lighter and Princess is so good. Chen Feiyu really shows up as a young man no longer a boy. Proud of him as an American

      • Lmao he neither has the talent not the charisma or he would have been a huge star now considering how much money daddy has already thrown at him.

    • He gave up his US citizenship when he turned 18. You cannot blame him for being born an American, he had no control over that but his parents lol. You sound so ignorant regarding your statement that as long as he has a birth certificate and US ID he can get another passport LOL. Are you by chance working for the USCIS?? If so please do enlighten me, because as an American it ain’t easy.

    • Stop spreading hate please! Arthur’s dad didn’t want him to be that popular in the C-ent field, because he knows that it’s very murky there. Plus this is more of a popularity award, so both of them deserve it.

  5. Arthur Chan’s daddy used his influence to secure him an award? Like claiming he gave up his US citizenship when in actuality he has dual citizenship so he doesn’t have to pay taxes.

    • Keep it nice, Kittykat!
      Arthur Chan seems to be your personal dartboard.
      Is he privileged with parents in the movie industry and the possibility to choose his citizenship between two countries? Yes. These facts don’t make him a bad person by default.
      Lots of people get jobs through connections. That’s life. No need to be salty about it. And most people are using all possibilities to pay less taxes. As long as they keep their methods legal, okay. If you are not happy with some of these legal loopholes scorn and fight the system, not the person.
      And why the pressure to give up a citizenship when you have roots in both countries?
      Imho dual citizenship is amazing. I always envied people who had these. Perhaps because I associate it with less borders and more opportunities, LOL.
      But with the actual political developments in China I understand when actors with Chinese roots decide to give up their citizenship in other countries.

      Got he his Award deserved or not?
      I just started to watch my first drama with him starring. Lighter and Princess. So I haven’t formed an opinion on him as an actor yet. All I can say after a couple of episodes is that he draws me in. He is charismatic on screen, so the Award could be rightfully his. But everybody can have his own opinion on this matter.
      I know that I’m happy for Dylan Wang – his acting was on fire in Love between Fairy and Devil.

      • I agree with Kat,what’s wrong with having dual citizenship,every government in the world or every country in the world agrees to it,it’s not a crime and if Arthur Chen has it,its not his fault,dual citizenship comes with some priviledges,so why not use it,be Arthur Chen or anyone else.Also even if his father has influenced his award ,which we all know for sure,but he also played his part…as for Dylan Wang ,he deserved it very well,although I did not watched LBFD,because I never like Esther Yu to be his partner,I’m still a very solid DYSHEN fan,but Dylan worked so hard,so I’m really happy the showbiz industry recognized his efforts

      • @ LoL:
        Read carefully.
        Nepotism and a dual citizenship ship are two completely different things.
        And if you look with open eyes at the entertainment industry, nepotism and the common „vitamin C“ (a.k.a. connections) is everywhere. And not only there.

        And I don’t „simp“ for nepotism. Far from it. But it’s a fact of life.

      • @Kat B

        Yeah, you simp for nepotism. And connections. There are plenty of people who made it without strong background.

        Daddy’s boy couldn’t get a foot in the industry if he didn’t have the parents that he does. He is taking away roles from hard working, much more talented people. Yeah, they should not be salty, wasn’t that what you said. They should just bow down to the rich and accept that serfs have no rights.

        Pathetic. People like you are the reason this shit continues.

  6. Wang Hedi is more to my taste. Both of them give off the bad boy look but Chen Feiyu always has this aloof face as though everyone else is beneath him. I prefer someone who’s more humble and sincere.

    • Do you even know what humble means? Chen Feiyu is a young successful actor who knows how to win and be successful…so of course he can be as “aloof” as he wants. You’re just judging him (how about he was born with that ‘aloof’ look?) because your bank account is empty and it is impossible for you to be anything but humble.

      • Wow, so you equate humility with poverty? How old are you? And Chen Feiyu is still far from being successful. He bought so much marketing for this Weibo Internet and Video Summit, binding his name with Xiao Zhan and Wang Hedi, but the tracking data shows that he doesn’t even have half of Wang Hedi’s score and 1/20 of Xiao Zhan’s score.

      • @Lilith

        It was really fun to be on Douban because his fans were so desperate to say he was the hottest guy, the big star, that he had outshone everyone there. I was laughing like crazy because I knew he can’t reach WHD, nvm XZ who is so out of his league.

        But they tried so hard, which really isn’t new. Daddy has been trying to make him happen for ages now, I wonder how much money went down the drain. He must have been really unhappy XZ (rightfully) ignored him because he didn’t sit next to him by accident. He doesn’t have the cred to be seated there so daddy must have paid. Bundling was all set to go but he didn’t get to do a third of what he wanted because it turned so awkward with XZ spacing out. Fun times.

    • Wow, so you equate humility with poverty? How old are you? And Chen Feiyu is still far from being successful. He bought so much marketing for this Weibo Internet and Video Summit, binding his name with Xiao Zhan and Wang Hedi, but the tracking data shows that he doesn’t even have half of Wang Hedi’s score and 1/20 of Xiao Zhan’s score.

  7. You can say whatever about chen feiyu being a nepotism’s baby because he is one, but you cannot deny his acting skills and beautiful face. His dad cannot buy the amount of popularity he’s receiving these days. He really blew my mind in some episodes of Lighter and princess and think he can continue with his career solely on talent.

    And Dylan, I bet he did amazing, but I’m more into modern dramas. So, waiting for his next project.

    • His acting skills are shit. Lighter and princess is a flop. New fans are actually mostly water. He still plays bundling games because he knows he is nothing. Do you really think daddy cashed out for this reward and the seating plan because he can make it on his own? Fans are delusional.

      • lighter and princess is a flop?? do you have statistics? lol you said his acting is shit. Did you actually see any of his shows? He was pretty convincing and the plot development for lighter and princess was actually one of the good ones that I have seen in a popularity based Chinese production environment. IMHO.

      • @Bunny

        Yes, it is absolutely a flop. You need to look at Datawin, not made up “facts” like heat. The only drama that is even remotely doing well is that Bai Jingting drama, New Life Begins. Everything else, from YM dramas to your fave, are flops.

      • @lol care to share the link on datawin? I honestly have not heard of it. You seem like have a lot of time in the world to track this things. What if datawin are made up facts as well LOL and you depend on it like it is your life. Agreed some people are just delusional. And how did you know it is my favorite? I did enjoy it however, I did not say anything about it being my drama favorite.

      • @bunny

        You don’t know what Datawin is but you feel like you are competent to comment on a drama’s success? Jfc, stans are scary.

  8. I liked Arthur in Ever night, though it would have been better without the little girl/sister, while for me Dylan played an exceptional role in Meteor…it suited him and his youth so well I don’t know if he will ever give such a performance again …but he is promising (unfortunately for me, i don’t like any of his dramas after Meteor…

    • I’m currently watching Meteor Garden. Trust me, this is not his best performance. I’m entertained but if you want to see his best, I hope you see Love Between Fair and Devil. He deserved this award: he was that amazing in his role as Donfang Chincang (sorry if I misspelled.)

  9. Wang HeDi i can at least accept but ASe… gods he wouldn’t be there without his daddy behind his back… disgusting. More outstanding actors deserves this…

  10. So surreal seeing them side by side. Dylan did his best but physically Arthur was the better cast for Ning Qué in Ever Night. It’s even more obvious in this pic.

    Ever Night 1 fight scenes and cinematography were incredible.

    I give credit to Dylan for still being so popular. Not going to lie I thought for sure he would be a flash in the pan pretty boy who would disappear after Boys Over Flowers remake. Then, I thought his career was done when the news came out about his girlfriend but he is still very popular. He seems to be a hard worker, humble and I don’t think he has had any scandals.

  11. The award for Dylan Wang is well deserved – for Arthur Chen not so much. I have not been disappointed by any drama at all with Dylan in it however I don’t find Chen very talented. I started watching Ever Night and found it a chore after a few episodes, the acting was sub standard. When I heart the lead for Ever Night 2 was Dylan I hoped it would be better – and even though Dylan did a great job I struggled to complete watching it also. I put that down to factors other than the actors though – the direction etc wasn’t very good and let the actors down. Then again that’s my opinion and I know others loved it.

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