New Poster for Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow a Direct Refraction of Earlier OTP Poster From Season 1

I had so many problems with season 1 of Alchemy of Souls that even without the female lead change I would be starting off already so mad at the mess left behind when the first season ended. So perhaps the change of female lead is a good thing, which effectively returns Naksu’s soul back to her own body which is a good thing albeit perplexing for how to bring it about. The new poster is out showing the leads Lee Jae Wook and Go Yoon Jung staring intensely into each other’s eyes. It’s stirring and well framed and the two leads look beautiful in the same frame. But this poster is a refraction of the poster from season 1 (see below) so seeing it beside one another brings back conflicting feelings. Perhaps it would all be fine if the drama gave a meaningful ending to the body of Mu Duk who is really memory lost daughter Jin Bu Yeon.


New Poster for Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow a Direct Refraction of Earlier OTP Poster From Season 1 — 6 Comments

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  2. There’s so much love symbolism w/ all those posters from the gental hand held to the loving glance. This new poster is an indication that she has totally given in to loving JangUk, where as the all the poster for part1, they were not as loving (both JSM and LJW has expression of straight forward emotionless stare) but makes sense in the content of the story line.

  3. I really don’t like the new teasers/posters for this drama… Nothing make me excited. LJW and JSM didn’t really have a great chemestry and with an amnesic character and only 10 episodes, I have doubts about LJW and GYJ…

    • the other thing about the posters/teasers also is that it doesn’t seem to continue at all from S1, which means there most likely won’t be any tying up of the plotholes from S1. I understand this is 3 years later, with Uk more interested in revenge + romance seemingly taking up more of the plot and Naksu having amnesia (lol). I don’t have high hopes with everything wrapping up in 10 eps (they shot this in what, 4 months? vs the 20 ep 1 year filming duration for S1). As for chemistry, we alr spoke of the non-existent one btwn the main leads in S1, S2… so far I can’t tell. Some ppl are saying they have amazing chemistry, but I don’t quite see it yet and bts are always edited in a certain way. Shall wait til it starts showing up on tv.

  4. I’ve loved this drama so far. (Okay, maybe not the very end of ep 20, lol.) JSM did a great job picking up and developing the character, and I do like how they used mainly voiceover from GYJ for Naksu’s internal dialogue thus far–when I saw the teaser for part 2, I was like, oh, I know that voice already! I thought LJW and JSM had great on screen chemistry. (I am not a person who insists or thinks that every on screen couple must date in real life; it’s called acting, and they did it well.) Given the massive cliffhanger, I really want to see part 2 and hopefully get some kind of satisfying conclusion. The biggest question for me will be if I can believe it’s the same character despite the actress change. Yes, we saw GYJ as Naksu at the beginning. And I know she can bring the serious, heavy scenes. Can she reflect the growth Naksu made over part 1? Can she laugh and be lighthearted at times? Because it took a lot to get Naksu to that point in the first place, and I’d prefer not to lose it. Part of that continuity will come from how closely GYJ has tracked the character to this point, and part will come from how LJW handles it.

    Both posters are beautiful. Please let this drama work!

    • I hope that modeuk will still be in the 2nd episode she and seo yul will be partners while naksu and jang uk.
      Im hoping for a good end of the 2nd season i love mo deuk and her powers shes the most powerful in season 1 so dont let her die just bcoz of naksus character… i love this 4 character

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