Movie Actress Jeon Jong Seo and Rookie Actor Moon Sang Min in Talks for Romance K-drama Wedding Impossible

Talk about playing against type in a major way! K-ent is reporting that movie actress Jeon Jong Seo is taking on her first K-drama a live action adaption of a standard romance manhwa type story. It’s called Wedding Impossible and the female lead is a third rate actress who agrees to a fake marriage with a gay chaebol heir for inheritance purposes and get involved with the heterosexual older brother. In talks for the male lead said older brother character is rookie actor Moon Sang Min, who has two dramas under his belt the first in My Name and most recently as one of the princes in Under the Queen’s Umbrella. This whole casting is just weird to me, I can’t see award winning movie actress Jeon Jong Seo taking on this vanilla sounding contract marriage rom-com and playing the cutesy female lead role but like I said earlier if she wants to break out of her femme fatale and tough/bad girl image on the big screen this would be a step. Moon Sang Min tho is such a newbie and to act opposite Jeon Jong Seo is also an unexpected pairing.


Movie Actress Jeon Jong Seo and Rookie Actor Moon Sang Min in Talks for Romance K-drama Wedding Impossible — 13 Comments

  1. moon sangmin is a rookie, but he just had a very memorable turn as grand prince/crown prince seongnam in under the queen’s umbrella. i can’t imagine jeon jongseo as a romcom lead, but she has been typecast in chungmuro so depending on how this plays out, this may be a good career move for her. i can’t imagine what their chemistry would be like though.

    • Jeon Jung Seo did a rom-com movie with Son Sukku last year. Their movie Nothing Serious did quiet well at box office and is popular among young Koreans. Movie is not particularly good but JJS and SSK had gret chemistry because both of them are natural actors and some of their scenes came out really well.
      JJS is an intuitive actress. She can easily play a typical rom-com character but she will do it in her own style so it will not be too typical.

  2. Moon Sang-Min is pretty young, so it’s weird that he will play the older brother. How young will be the younger one? She will look very old when in the fact she’s not…

    Jung Jing-Seo did Money Heist as Tokyo.

  3. ive read the manhwa and the mainlead is weirdly obsessed with his brother, the first 35 chapters is hard to read because of his personality. It does get a little better in the later chapters, but its still very predictable.. Don’t know why theyre adapting this webtoon, it brings nothing new to the table. There are so many other amazing webtoons out there, this one wont even be profitable for the network or the actors…

  4. I really, really like Jeon Jong-Seo. She has this effortlessly cool, noir vibe that’s really well suited for films and the newer wave of Korean material that streaming mediums are producing. I thought she was perfectly cast as Tokyo in Korean Money Heist.

    I don’t know if she personally wants to branch out to more mainstream material, or her agency is pushing her into that direction, but I hope this isn’t the case of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

  5. Pretty sure I read he’s been offered the heterosexual younger brother “Goo Jung Yeol” role, not the gay older brother “Goo Chan Yeol” role.

  6. He’s been offered the role of the heterosexual younger brother Goo Jung Yeol, not the gay older brother Goo Chan Yeol.

  7. Jeon Jung seo did Nothing Serious, a rom-com last year with Son Sukku. Intrested people can check their clips on youtube or watch it with English subs on netflix. This movie did well on box office and has cult following among Korean youth. Movie is not particularly good but JJS and SSK looked charming together and had great chemistry, probably because both of them are natural actors.
    JJS is an intuitive actress so she can handle wide variety of roles. She will do well as a typical rom-com lead but she will do it in her own style.

  8. isn’t the gay brother is the older brother and Moon Sangmin is the little brother who cares about hyung?

    Mrs Koala, i think you should recheck cuz I think the manhwa also mentions that the hyung is the gay one

  9. I remember that i’ve seen a drama or movie with this storyline. But i forget the title. Not sure if it was a cdrama/movie, or jdrama/movie or thai drama/movie or kdrama/movie but the story is sooo familiar.

    The plot was she almost got married to the older brother but the younger brother disagree. The older bro was her friend. She wasnt rich so the young bro thought that this girl wouldn’t be the best partner for his bro. But I really forget where i watched it.


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