TVing Supernatural Action Thriller Island Releases Compelling Horror Tinged Previews to Up the Interest Level

Now this is what I’m talkin’ about! The new previews for upcoming TVing supernatural with horror tinged K-drama Island released substantive previews that are rollicking good fun. My first thought is that Kim Nam Gil is going back to high fighting Bidam roots but this time in modern garb, and then the long preview ended with a flashback to historical times and he legit was Bidam again! So much awesomeness and nostalgia for me! Cha Eun Woo actually has expressions and looks more that just a pretty boy onscreen, this could be a breakthrough for him, and of course it’s hard to maintain the pretty when one is fighting a centuries old evil. Lee Da Hee continues to underwhelm me and its clear Sung Joon is the antagonist and he’s going to be so deliciously evil I can’t wait! The drama arrives on December 30th as the last drama to premiere this year.

Previews for Island:


TVing Supernatural Action Thriller Island Releases Compelling Horror Tinged Previews to Up the Interest Level — 7 Comments

  1. The trailer looks amazing. Cant wait.
    I think Lee Da Hae is a good actress. But when she becomes FL she somehow doesnt look interesting. She is more fun when she was 2FL

  2. Cha Eun Woo playing a hot priest, whose fantasy was this?!! (Just kidding, it was mine 😅) He better step it up here though and I hope he’s been taking a intense acting classes since his last drama. Please. The handsome face and priest getup will only distract some of us aka me from the bad acting for so long…

  3. Eunwoo counting millions despite being part of flop group. Looks can take u so far. He, selena Gomez, woozie are prime examples of pretty privilege. Now that won young girl who became cf queen and millionaire even than young yoona and suzy at same age despite never doing a movie or drama. Blackpink girlies with only 30 songs are richest female celebs in kpop despite barely working as singer bcoz of their luxurious beautiful image.

  4. I don’t have much hope from cha eun woo but i love Kim nam gil. He was amazing in fiery priest and some of the movies i have seen of him.

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