Kim Yoo Jung Glows Up in More Mature Look in BTS Stills for Skincare CF

It’s a new year and K-actress Kim Yoo Jung will be back in the small screen in 2023 in one role though it’s a cameo of sorts. She’s in the K-drama Sweet and Spicy Chicken as the female lead but she’s turned into a literal piece of sweet and spicy chicken and needs to be turned back so spends the majority of the drama in chicken form haha. I hope she picks another drama as well for a full length return but in the meantime she’s still often seen thanks to a slew of CFs. Some new BTS stills were shared this week of her filming a skincare CF and her visuals and youth combined are plenty powerful to sell whatever elixir the brand is touting to give her that glow.


Kim Yoo Jung Glows Up in More Mature Look in BTS Stills for Skincare CF — 32 Comments

  1. That cheekbone shave and buccal fat removal? I almost don’t recognise her. Especially the last picture, I notice she did her nose too. Who are you?

    • It’s wild to me that koreans are doing that cheekbone and jaw shave thing, when westerners are getting implants for more prominent cheekbones and stronger jaw lol

      Grass is always greener on the other side and all that, I guess..

    • too much face procedures done there. But you will find her fans deny it all saying it’s make up and photoshop effect πŸ˜…

      • For that’s the truth. I was curious about her facial feature so I did view her videos on swoon netflix during her latest interview and boom! She truly has that facial feature.

  2. Kim yoo yung and kim so hyun fans claim how huge they are when they are not. There are many it girls who have better longevity start etc and no more they need to be actress to be one. These girls have yet to prove they can have hit shows

    • Who are these girls that you are referring. In their gen, only KYJ and KSH have biggest fandoms, longevity and biggest careers.

    • Let’s support women by not posting hateful comments at all. If you feel they are threat to your fave then give your biggest support to your fave than posting negative commentary… tsk tsk tsk

  3. Nose job. Shaved jawline. Boob job. I had to do a double take because she was really flat chested when she presented with ahn hyo seop at last year’s SBS drama awards. The overhaul is too extensive. She should have done bit by bit over various productions so its not so obvious. Definitely prettier but looks fake.

    • You seems to really hate her, don’t you?
      She is one of the few Korean actresses that aren’t flat cheated. One of the reasons some of her clothes in backstreet rookie got backlash was because don’t not have flat chest.
      If you have eyes then you will notice that it’s not shaved jawline but the light that’s covering half her face.
      She has a flat nose and it’s the same.
      The only thing she might have done is skin whitening.

    • Wow.
      You’re not getting rich for this kind of comment ya know? You’re definitely threatened by Yoojung that you even spent a time and energy to post a-very-hater-thing-to-do..

      For those who casually passing by, you just need to watched her videos when she was a baby, a child actress, teen actress then to her present look. She still look the same.

      I’ve been a fan of her for a decade now so I always known that she’s always been bless of what you claim a boob job. She doesn’t want to flaunt it unless work related.

  4. Wow, what’s up with all these PS hate? You people are horrible human beings. Have you all ever heard of growing up? Girl clearly has been working out, look at her neck and clavicle. She too lost weight.

    • I agree with you. The hate and jealousy in this comments are disgusting. People need to learn to not say anything if they have nothing nice to say.

    • Of course if she doesn’t maintain the beauty standard, then people would say she’s some has-been or someone who doesn’t manage themselves.

      I haven’t gotten PS and my weight has only fluctuated a little the last 10 years, yet I have a mix of pictures that look like how I usually look and pictures where I look like different people. My double eyelids look even more prominent and my face longer as I age.

      I feel like plastic surgery now is more for the less well-off. Get it one and done. For someone rich, they can afford to do regular fillers and/or advanced facials, which require putting aside the cost of a new iphone every 2 weeks in perpetuity and are safer.

      Anyways, I’m proud of her work for 20th Century Girl and look forward to that Chicken Nugget drama!

  5. What can we expect from the commenters here who just bluntly type lies.
    More blessings to Kim Yoo Jung.
    All lies formed againts this girl shall not prosper. Bring her down more with your lies, if that makes you satisfied.

  6. Kpop stans are hilarious. That’s obvious plastic surgery. Why deny it? Because so what. She is an adult, she can do whatever she wants.

  7. Hurray for all the comments! I see some Really jealous fans who have the guts to ripped off Kim Yoo Jung’s natural beauty. Never mind them…they are helping to build up her fanbase, in every way possible. Boob job? Can you see even in her teens, she has such beautiful & plump breasts? Come on, haters, do your homework! You have Really failed your test big time! Please check your eyes, & your words & facts before posting. I’m so proud of you Yoo Jungie, that many are afraid you have outshoned their favourite actress! Opps!!I have said it, & I will say it again, Kim Yoo Jung is not only beautiful but many established actors can’t wait but to sit with her in the same table …do your homework, & see who I’m referring to…🀨😚☺

  8. Wow! Thank you for everyone’s interest in Kim Yoo Jung. That’s a lot of feedback – good or bad, it proves many fans are proud of her, also haters are envious of her, because she managed to outshined their favourite actress! ☺😚☺

    Kim Yoo Jung, you Rock with your angelic and Avatar visuals. Beautiful beyond comparison. We are so proud of you!! πŸ€©πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‰

  9. Cmon guys its pretty obvious..the boob job…she cannot be mistaken for an eunuch if she has that one in “Love in the moonlight”. Just accept it..she looks very beautiful but yes its kinda fake already…tsk tsk…

    • So many proof that she didn’t get a boob job if only you find time watching her vids and photos when she’s still a teenager to present you will know instead of spreading hate on her.

      You will see it when she wear fitting clothes and I think there’s only one time when her cleavage shows when she wore that purple dress with Bo Gum when presenting an award.

      That’s why I can’t stop checking this blog for any possible Kim Yoo Jung post because haters of her are always spreading hate to her and her fans.

  10. I can’t with the people who keeps saying she has done PS when it’s clearly not.
    Yoo Jungie’s workout efforts is clearly visible just by reading lies from people here.

  11. the comments, and the way im giggling. you all really hate her just because she gets all the bags that your fave (s) want? touch some grass, lots of grass, make it a meadow, coz you all need some healing and love. too bad all the people around you not giving you the attention you need. sorry not sorry for your miserable life.

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