Park Bo Gum Continues to Showcase Strong Visuals to Start Off 2023 in New SNS Pics in Celine Outfit

I always felt like Record of Youth was really the Record of Park Bo Gum in his own meteoric rise to stardom. The story was simple and predictable and the directing was serviceable, with only his charisma selling what is essentially an average product. I don’t feel the same about him as an actor though, he has both onscreen charm AND acting ability so this year in 2023 I hope he picks an amazing project to return to the big or small screen with, since his military discharge nearly a year ago he’s only been seen in the variety show Young Actor’s Retreat. This week he shared new pics on his SNS sporting Celine clothing as one of the brand’s ambassadors and netizens are looking this sleeker look he’s been sporting with his hair up. Me too, very striking.


Park Bo Gum Continues to Showcase Strong Visuals to Start Off 2023 in New SNS Pics in Celine Outfit — 13 Comments

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  2. i heard that Life drama(imsangchun writer’s script) was sent directly to him not his former agency Blossom that’s why they denied the news about his casting while most of reporters know that it’s him & IU it’s just that he’s not yet transfered to new agency (or set his own company). i guess he spent those time last year waiting for his contract to end and start all acting work with new agency. im not sure if Life will be successful oversea (camellia blooms also only popular in korea) but what he needs is not those hype drama but the worth one that can showcase his ability to the fullest and i guess Life is the best choice for him.

    • This writer also wrote Fight for My Way, which was pretty popular overseas. I guess it depends which route she will take. But I agree that Bogum should take a role that brings him critical acclaim rather than popularity (since he’s already popular), and this director and writer duo is a good choice.

      • Agree with you. I hope Life will bring him critical acclaim. And with how Im Sang Chun writes the prev male leads, wish bogum’s character in life will be as chaotic because I need to see him in some unserious role.

  3. I’m one of your fan from Philippines.. Love your smile Park Bo Gum.. Your one of the best.. Will be waiting for you best next drama.. All the best.. 😘😘😘😘

  4. Yeah bogummy seems to want to change his image lately. He’s still adorable and kind of course, but he looks more confident and sure of himself. I can’t wait on what he has in store for us. He said 2023 will be the year of challenge so I’m eager to see how much challenge he would take. He is a great actor and I need him to take a project that will showcase his ability to the fullest.

  5. Bogum has been an excellent actor, then until the last drama he had wc is ROY. Even his last movie Seobok he showed his acting capacity;he he could accented well the emotions of a cloned human. Aside from that, he is one of the humble celebrities in K-Ent, very helpful and extremely focus in his priorities. I hope he will pick a project that will put his acting ability into good use; into awards giving body again because he deserves it. He is someone that should have been into podium of acting awards to tell the world that this actor is more than good enough; he is excellent. I hope that Wonderland movie will premiere soon so he will be back in promoting his own movie. Aja, Bogummy!

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