Netizens Unearth Picture From 19 Years Ago in Fantasy Boy Band Assemblage with Bae Yong Joon as Center Surrounded by Jo In Sung, Jang Hyun, Kim Jae Won, and Cha Seung Won

Seeing this never before seen (by me at least) picture from nearly two decades ago brings back so many memories! OMG this is like right after the Winter Sonata craze and when everyone was still at their start/peak era. A picture has been making the rounds showing five top male leads in K-ent in what looks like a boy band pose hahaha that has Bae Yong Joon as center surrounded by Cha Seung Won, Kim Jae Won, Jang Hyuk, and Jo In Sung. That would have been THE heydey of Bae Yong Joon and the reason why he was so insanely popular because at that era he was so insanely handsome and it’s easy to claim nowadays that it was perplexing WS was so popular when it was totally understandable that all the ladies would swoon for him. It’s also a nice walk down nostalgia lane to revisit the rapper Hyuk era, Cha-jumma before be shed hid boyish style for top model ahjusshi, and baby faced Jo In Sung and Kim Jae Won at their peak baby faces.


Netizens Unearth Picture From 19 Years Ago in Fantasy Boy Band Assemblage with Bae Yong Joon as Center Surrounded by Jo In Sung, Jang Hyun, Kim Jae Won, and Cha Seung Won — 22 Comments

    • Yes , it’s Kim Jae won . He was the lead in a lot of dramas back then and i wonder why he is not active anymore ! i used to mixe his name wit Rae won because both were in “My love Patzzi” with Jang Na Ra . They were so young so i was too ! i wonder where are now other actors as Jae Hee, Jo Hyun Jae,Chun Jung Myung,…

  1. I miss those golden days.

    Kim Jae Won, correct name in the title but there is still one wrong name “Kim Rae Won” at the end of the post. Please correct it.

    It’s so sad to see Kim Jae Won is not as famous these day, they even put “don’t know” 몰라 tag to his name in the photo.

    • Kim Jae-won was so cute. I think if he had debuted now with those cute looks and warm, angelic smile, he would totally hit it big.

      He has always been sort of low-key and doesn’t have that extrovert feel. He also hasn’t done any dramas in the last few years, so I’m not too surprised he disappeared from public consciousness.

      He was most recently in Fun-restaurant with his son. I do think his son has a future in variety. The kid was brimming with charm, confidence, and personality.

  2. I remember this photo. Behind the scene, kim jae won came late because he was the IT boy at that time, and have just done another appointment. Gosh.. I feel old.

  3. This pictorial is for the cover of an album (there’s a track list at the bottom of the picture), I think, because used to have it at home. There was another group photo with Kim Rae-won and Kim Min-jun not long after he achieved recognition in Damo (god, it feels so old).

  4. There is a you tube video of BTS of this picture

    [BTS+MV] Jo In Sung, Jang Hyuk, Bae Yong Joon, Kim Jae Won, Cha Sung Won – Ditto & Sympathy 2 (2005)

  5. OMG…all the oppas back in the days!!!! I was a beginner when I started with Winter Sonata…..ahhhhh!!! Aging with them 😉

  6. I like Jang Hyuk normally but the sunglasses really don’t do any favour for him. Also, this picture shows that height is really important.

  7. Bae Yong Jung and Jo In Sung always stand out with their good looks and undeniable star appeal even amongst other good-looking actors 😍

  8. I am THAT old … Kdrama since 2001. Autumn’s Tale. Hotelier, Beautiful Days etc.

    Before Winter Sonata. Before BYJ straightened his teeth to the perfection-plastic smile.

    Think I have seen that picture before. Kim Jae-won was hailed as a 2nd BYJ then.

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