IU Transforms into a 2023 Spring Princess in New Jewelry CF

My area has been under a once a decade, maybe once every two decades, cold spell this late winter season which I like the change of pace but makes me look forward to spring every more. Seeing new CF stills of IU rocking the Pretty in Pink look warms me up and gives me ideas on some spring looks to come. Nothing too princess-y like this but definitely softer pastel colors and clean fresh makeup with subtle dramatic touches. Up next for her is period countryside drama You Have Done Well with Park Bo Gum though it could easily have been The Queen of Tears with Kim Soo Hyun as she was offered that drama as well.


IU Transforms into a 2023 Spring Princess in New Jewelry CF — 4 Comments

  1. Chingu, it snowed … like as if I’m in Buffalo, NY by my house for 2 days( probably since it’s near the foothills). I actually did a snow day and skipped work 😂

  2. You Have Done Well sounds a lot better than Queen of Tears from synopsis alone, glad she chose a new co-star over the same old costar and screenwriter.

  3. Since she was choosing between working again with Park Jieun (Queen Tears) + Kim Soo Hyun or Director Kim Won Seok (YHDW) + a new co-star Park Bo Gum, I think she made the right choice.

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