The Glory Part 2 opens with 9.4 on Douban to Complement Part 1 with 8.9 Showing How Much C-netizens Love this Drama

K-dramas don’t usually do well on C-site Douban with ratings, there is still a sense of country competition so C-netizens are not as generous with ratings. But some K-dramas transcend that and C-netizens openly love it and The Glory appears to hit that sweet spot. Part 2 which dropped this Friday opened with 9.4 on Douban an insanely high rating while Part 1 is sitting pretty after three months with 8.9. I had to fly to Asia for work the morning of the release so I downloaded Part 2’s final 8 episodes and binged it like you wouldn’t believe and as I landed in Incheon for my transit I looked like a happy panda with sad content eyes. I LOVE THIS DRAMA. Part 2 was even better than I expected, so many amazing moments and every single major character got a solid ending that was deserved and made sense. There were even twists that worked as well as linear progressions we’ve been itching to see. This is legit a must watch drama even with a few small less than ideal missteps.


The Glory Part 2 opens with 9.4 on Douban to Complement Part 1 with 8.9 Showing How Much C-netizens Love this Drama — 6 Comments

  1. A super satisfying watch! Some parts & scenes felt rushed. Would really love to see how the convict experience hell from the doctor boyfriend.

  2. Douban is not reliable anymore, ratings can be bought. Most foreign dramas and movies tend to get high ratings on Douban because no one bothered to buy black marketing for them as well.

    The Glory has bought tons of weibo hot searches recently. I personally dislike the way Korean dramas buy weibo hot searches to make it seem like they are very popular in China then turn around and claim that the Chinese watches k-dramas illegally.

  3. I have a very high expectations for S2 and this drama really exceeded it in every aspects. The layer of storyline, the details, emotions is just perfect. Hats off to KES and AGH. All my doubt in S1 was answered and they done it flawlessly without unnecessary forcing the idea to the audience. You can feel the momentum consistently builds through the episodes.

    I want to give shout out to SHK for me her character depth, the emotions in her eyes and faces is so on point without her exaggerated it. LDH is no doubt the best young actor in the industry. I was skeptical at first as he’s too young for the character but he portrayed it miraculously. No wonder they cant stop praises him in PC. All the casts are great. I love how Jae Jun and the drunkie lady portrayed their characters. I hope The Glory win something at Emmy awards. This is way better than Squid Game tbh.

    • My thoughts exactly! I’ve always thought The Glory is a way better representative of korean dramas than Squid Game. SG isn’t an original story anyway (but that’s another topic for another day, and I don’t want to trigger SG fans here, so I’mma stop here lol).
      The Glory has all the elements that make korean dramas unique and beloved.

      And yes to SHK and LDH’s performances! SHK was truly a revelation here, excited for what she’ll do in the future! And LDH is absolutely deserving of A-list status, hope his agency handles him well.

  4. I found Glory part 2 to be anti-climatic compared to part 1. I was expecting/hoping for a “he who seeks revenge dig two graves” direction, but instead the revenge turned out to be fairly generic with extremely black-and-white characters. The mother was ludicrously evil. Why was she evil? Just because she is. There was no greyness to the characters.

    The loveline was so out of place and the actors didn’t look convinced by it either. Thank goodness the director reined KES from going off tangent with it.

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