PD Ahn Gil Ho of The Glory Admits and Apologizes to Recently Revealed High School Era Bullying Allegations

The irony is so high in this situation and it’s still unfolding so unclear what the ultimate resolution will be. Netflix revenge drama The Glory has brought South Korea’s dark underbelly of school era bullying to the forefront in a stark and gripping way and PD Ahn Gil Ho‘s deft and creative directing is one reason the drama is both difficult to watch with the bullying scenes because it’s presented with such visuals. After the release of Part 2 last week, there came an allegation that PD Ahn was himself a bully back in his high school days in the Philippines. He was alleged to have beaten someone up with a group of other students. Initially he denied it claiming to have no recollection of ever beating someone up but a day later his representative announced that PD Ahn has admitted to the bullying saying his girlfriend was being mocked and teased and he was so upset he did beat up the person who did it but that is no excuse. His admission comes with a fully apology for his past actions and taking responsibility. K-netizens appear rather split, with differing opinions on whether this is bullying or a fight between bad students back in the day, but ultimately PD Ahn admitting to it and accepting the consequences seem to put his situation in a case where he may not be fully cancelled if at all.


PD Ahn Gil Ho of The Glory Admits and Apologizes to Recently Revealed High School Era Bullying Allegations — 9 Comments

  1. If we start digging up everybody’s past, everybody else will be cancelled. I am alright with taking responsibility but not everything should lead to cancelling someone.

  2. If he was protecting someone from being teased on then he isn’t the bully, he’s a victim as well. How did he become the culprit? Beating up your own bully is justified. Even if you are protecting a helpless girl.

    • Mrs Koala forgot to include the fact that even his former girlfriend felt that he was overreacting & kinda agree with the victims that this PD was beating the hell out of them back then.

      That’s also one of the reasons why his reps actually admitted to the bullying claim

  3. Drugs, tax evasion, bullying, DUI,… At this rate producers will have to investigate before filming a drama or a movie project . I don’t think that he will be cancelled . The glory is a hit and he isn’t an actor . People tend to forget the ones behind the camera . It’s another story when the scandals imply the actors as their face are known by the public . And nowadays a scandal replace another one, so comebacks are more easier than 10 years ago .

  4. We all can agree that violence is NEVER the answer. But where does this line of bully stop? If one is name-calling and being extremely rude to your loved one. You asked to stop but they do not respect and continue to harass, pushing you to the point that the end resulted in physical violence. A one time fight. Does that considered bully? A one time and original bully becomes the victim and the victim becomes the bully.

    Where does it end? We all want to protect our loved one and with push come to shove. When the bully harass and get into altercation and you end up defending and beating them up, does the narrative twist and turn that you are the bully?

    It is such a blur line of #bullymemovement.

    • @jen , bully is when one keeps on harassing someone . If he only used violence once to protect his beloved one , even it’s not “morally correct” it’s understandable ” , we are all humans not saints . But if he continued he should have seek help from police . But when you see what happened to Will Smith just because he acted out of anger , i find it unfair . Chris Rock was so disrespectful , and it’s sad that people tend to forget that words can hurt as much as a weapon . Will did wrong but Chris also .

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