C-netizens Eviscerate Yang Chao Yue in Xianxia C-drama The Legend of Chong Zi for Two Expressions – the Stare and the Pout

So The Legend of Chong Zi is not a good C-drama, even better actors and actresses than the ones starring in it will have a hard time making it watchable. But it wouldn’t be as big of a hot mess as it is. The story is being called a bargain bin version of The Journey of Flower, with the teacher protecting and loving his student but being all cold and shit to hide it. Journey of Flower made Zhao Li Ying a huge star but unfortunately Chong Zi is only highlighting what a terrible actress Yang Chao Yue was/is. C-netizens are massively criticizing her for having two expressions the stare (they call it the Power of the Bug Eye) and the pout. In one scene she supposedly sobbing but doesn’t even have tears lolololol. Screencaps say a thousand words in one visual, you’ve been forewarned.


C-netizens Eviscerate Yang Chao Yue in Xianxia C-drama The Legend of Chong Zi for Two Expressions – the Stare and the Pout — 31 Comments

  1. China’s entertainment industry is not normal. lol People like her getting jobs after jobs after jobs, and big one too and no one can tell us why. Actorsw who can’t act their way out of a paper bag getting major projects. It is as investors love losing money or wasting it. I watched 1 episode of Chongzi and it was 1 episode too many. I am glad The Starry Love came around in February to save my month from dreadful, unwatchable dramas.

    She has another big project coming up “love you seven times” the world has to watch her trying to do 7 characters, when she can’t even do one. Pray for Chinese viewers. lol

    • I think she is cheap to hired?? Beside all of her drama are budget idol drama. TJOCZ is doomed from the beginning with the storyline alone.The array of handsome guys can’t help much more a FL like YCY.

      The Starry Love is lovely, agreed.

    • Yeah, it weirds me out too lol. Like, yes, there are many actors and actresses in k-ent who aren’t the best in acting, but I somehow can understand why they keep getting cast. For example, Suzy, who definitely isn’t going to win a Baeksang best actress award any time soon, but she’s charming/endearing on screen, and koreans clearly love her, so of course she’s going to be cast a lot for ad revenues and all that. Han So Hee has her own kind of charisma too, when she’s playing the right type of role for her (ie. My Name), same with TaeHyeJi in the early 2000s. But there’s so many chinese actresses that I have no idea why they keep getting cast, some of them don’t even have charm/charisma to make them watchable lol.
      Also, the fandom wars! I thought the fandom wars amongst fans of korean actresses/actors are already crazy, but then the C-ent fandom wars are like K-ent fandom wars on steroids lmao

      Probably why I can’t get into c-dramas that much. The very fake-looking actors and actresses too (at least korean actors and actresses still make some semblance of effort to look natural even if they got work done on their faces lol)
      I have a few favorite chinese actors, but that’s about it lol

      • That’s probably because the c-dramas that are well-known overseas tend to be the dramas acted by the younger gen actors/actresses. The older gen A-list actors and actresses partake in dramas with more serious/realistic themes that are harder to understand for the average non-native viewers.

        Some examples are The Knockout,Three-Body, The Ideal City, Candle in the Tomb (the drama series by Jin Dong/Pan Yueming), etc.

      • I think it’s because the Korean directors are so good and experienced and know how to present weak actors. I think it will take the Chinese another decade but they will get there.

  2. She’s sort of already well-known for debuting in Rocket Girls despite poor singing and dancing skills. I think netizens are hitting their limit at her having poor acting skills on top of that.

    I’ve liked Jeremy Tsui in other things so I watched the first episode, which was pretty boring. I don’t think she’s ruining the drama that much though since the first episode overall was boring.

    She comes from an impoverish background so I can’t blame her for taking these roles that she’s unqualified for. She left high school to work in a factory. FL gig in a drama beats being a factory worker. People should blame the casting director.

    • Good news: Wang Yixu (producer of Love Between Fairy and Devil) and Ju Jingyi followed each other on Weibo, and there are speculations that Ju Jingyi will take on the role in Wang Quan instead.

      Bad news: Ju Jingyi is not a good actress either. But I guess she’s more watchable. I liked her years ago in Legend of Yunxi, but her dramas after that are downright horrible.

      • I like her in Ruyi’s pavillon with zzh… she has a limited acting skill but yes watchable…

  3. It’s the standard wall-flower acting. The dead-fish-eye. Fans and to some extent kind viewers will said she really had done her best. There’s improvement, can still improve. Both are right of course but still doesn’t make the experience of watching her “trying” to act any less terrible and dreadful. All these producers/directors/investors should really change their strategies and investment method. Instead of pushing these mediocre actress in S,S+ projects where most of the scene are of them acting, they should really push those that can really act. Song Zuer, Ren Min, and newest found Zhang Jiyi are among those that can really act and emote well. The problem is these mediocre one are push with big projects from the get go, they can maybe took a smaller role/supporting role first to polish their acting and work up from there.

  4. Didn’t read the novel yet but so far … so far, not impressed with the acting leads. Although it may fit the character description, I find the actor a bit too mature looking for the actress. And as for her, she is sweet looking but ….acting wise… just so so….
    Drop it for the moment to watch Warm on A Cold Night

  5. In the meanwhile the likes of Xuan Lu that can act like nobody’s business get wasted in supporting roles to lesser actresses. China ent got some weird tastes

    • It all depends on who’s backing them up, unless you managed to gain lots of popularity. And even with top popularity, one can still lose a leading role to those with ultra strong backgrounds.

  6. Yes, I’ve watched her before and at a full length drama too. And now, I do notice just from the screen caps themselves or even a small scene of her acting that she does act the same so I do agree with the Cnetizens. I also don’t know who is also giving her these roles because there’s a lot of lesser well known actresses who I adore that excels better! I was looking forward to “Love You Seven Lifetimes”, but now I’m not so sure anymore.

  7. I was so disapointed when it turned out she’s in Love you 7 times… She’s terrible. Her ‘acting’ in The Legend made her look like an entitled petty brat. She’s unwatchable.

    Mind you there are some awful actors who at least have charisma (or at least put any effort at all into the project). She’s sleepwalking through this. And someone paid her for this disrespect, I can’t believe this.

  8. She is atrocious. I don’t use that word often but she fully deserves it. I don’t care about her background, I don’t care about fans explanations of she will improve – she is an absolute, horrid disaster.

    • That’s capital right there, dictating/leading the disappointing trajectory of the future of c-ent. It happens all the time. Off the bat, I can think of 3 projects where the finished product is severely altered and scenes of (actors with no capital-backing) slashed to favor (actors backed by capital). A lot of times those no-capital actors have names/traffic/veterans/good actors brought in with good scripts but dropped during final production to elevate actors backed by capital (usually not good in acting/no traffic/etc). Really dirty.

  9. I know of her when I watched Produce 101 and for the life of me, I couldn’t understand how she managed to be the top when she can’t sing or dance. And now I see that she was/in so many projects for acting. Still don’t understand.
    I love The Starry love, such a fun watch. Love all of the actors/ actresses,I may have develop an unhealthy crush on Chen Xing Xu lol.

  10. This tracks because she was god-awful and wooden in Misummer is Full of Love. That drama was aggravating in many ways- juvenile dialogue, her one note acting, and romanticizing DV with the male lead hitting or shoving her.

    I totally get why she’s accepting these roles, but shame on the casting directors and producers for putting her as main lead.

  11. I was ecstatic when I found out they were doing the adaptation of this novel. Then I saw the cast. I still remember messaging my friend who also loves the novel and my complaining about the cast. It’s just awful. I tried watching and it pained me. The source material is good. One of my favorite novels and this drama is one of the worst dramas. Bleh. What a disappointment.

  12. Lol. She has always been a terrible actress. I think I first saw her in that Full House cdrama remake and I couldn’t finish it because it was just so bad. Since then I just couldn’t watch anything with her in it.

  13. YCY is a terrible actor, one of the worst I’ve seen. No debate about that. But some the so-called “good” actors I see name-dropped here are more often than not laughable. People really think Zhang Jingyi and Ren Min are good actors? Lol. You all really have lots of sympathy for those who are waiting to break out. Song Zuer is decent but she’s had tons of chances, and she’s one of the few to work with one of the most lauded production companies. You guys really don’t need to worry about them, because the 95/00-ers are totally not short of opportunities. It’s useless concern because most of them won’t even care to act in projects like Chong Zi because they have better options.

  14. This was a pretty awful drama, the story was a discount version of JOF. They made the men’s makeup awful, they don’t look like immortals more like drag queens. The lead actress is probably one of the worst I’ve seen. It’s a pity talent like Chen Xingxu and Li Landi has to audition for their roles, while other untalented actors are given the roles so easily.

    • Wut? Chen Xingxu has a very strong background too. He’s one of those younger gen actors who’s able to score a leading role in a BL drama after The Untamed hit big, which was the time period when everyone thought BL dramas is the shortcut to popularity and there was a mad rush to act in one. Even after BL dramas became unable to air due to the government regulations, he’s still scoring leading roles in many dramas.

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