Latest Casting Rumor for Fox Spirit Matchmaker Wang Quan Chapter Pairs up Chen Fei Yu and Yang Chao Yue

The casting round robin for the third and last chapter of the Fox Spirt Matchmaker drama adaptation series continues and I won’t be surprised if the confirmed leads won’t materialize until the second chapter currently filming wraps. The Wang Quan chapter is now rumored to star Chen Fei Yu and Yang Chao Yue, with the former still regrouping after a small scandal (sleeping in bed with a woman pictures but he’s single and eligible so eh) and the latter still smarting after yet another evisceration of her (lack of) acting ability in her most recent drama Love You Seven Times. I don’t doubt these two would look great visually onscreen together but the thought of watching Yang Chao Yue attempt to act gives me a headache just thinking about it.

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The Producer of Love You Seven Times and Leads Ding Yu Xi and Yang Chao Yue Have Meltdowns After Drama Flops Despite Being the Sister Project to 2022 Hit Love Between Fairy and Devil

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Hunan TV Broadcasts Medical Relief and Romance Drama Fireworks of My Heart with Yang Yang and Wang Chu Ran

So the recent tidal wave of C-drama releases have all been on streaming networks but the first big terrestrial broadcast is here with Hunan TV airing Fireworks of My Heart (My Fireworks on Earth) starting July 5th. It’s streaming on … Continue reading