C-netizens Eviscerate Yang Chao Yue in Xianxia C-drama The Legend of Chong Zi for Two Expressions – the Stare and the Pout

So The Legend of Chong Zi is not a good C-drama, even better actors and actresses than the ones starring in it will have a hard time making it watchable. But it wouldn’t be as big of a hot mess as it is. The story is being called a bargain bin version of The Journey of Flower, with the teacher protecting and loving his student but being all cold and shit to hide it. Journey of Flower made Zhao Li Ying a huge star but unfortunately Chong Zi is only highlighting what a terrible actress Yang Chao Yue was/is. C-netizens are massively criticizing her for having two expressions the stare (they call it the Power of the Bug Eye) and the pout. In one scene she supposedly sobbing but doesn’t even have tears lolololol. Screencaps say a thousand words in one visual, you’ve been forewarned.

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