The Glory Hits #1 Worldwide on Netflix and the Cast is Glowing and Focused in Newly Released BTS Filming Stills

The Wounded Queen got her revenge on The Glory and with it she has gotten all the glory for sure. The Netflix drama released part 2 last Friday and in this week has rocketed to #1 worldwide for the streaming platform. The drama released fun and focused new BTS filming stills this week and it’s so charming to see the cast so intent in filming or having fun on set between takes. Everyone looks like they worked so hard but also really enjoyed the entire experience.


The Glory Hits #1 Worldwide on Netflix and the Cast is Glowing and Focused in Newly Released BTS Filming Stills — 11 Comments

  1. Song hye kyo third decade as hallyu queen in true sense. Autumn in my heart traditional tv hit pan Asia followed by full house. Then dots was massive pan Asian hit on TV and internet. And in streaming age glory a worldwide hit. That is definition of longevity and queen

  2. This drama is well-made. From tight script, acting, directing and cinematography, except for few things i dont like (romance part) but its minimal. The revenge is realistic unlike the other makjang dramas that tends to veer off from reality. I’m glad Song Hye Kyo’s character got her dignified revenge without a drop of blood. Hence, her glory.

    The cast and crew deserve the praises and interest they are receiving. I hope Koreans make more meaningful and impactful content like this. This drama confronts the bullying and societal problems that has long-term effects on the victim.

  3. Song Hye-kyo does her usual outstanding job in The Glory. Most impressive, to me, is Lim Ji-yeon. The willingness of Korean actors like Lim Ji-yeon, Lee Jun-ho and Jung Hae-in to portray likeable as well as hateful characters speaks to their immense talent.

  4. I just hope that the success of “The glory” is not going to create a bully ing Kdrama genre . This drama should be a wake up call to change the laws . Punish the offenders and provide mental help to the victims to avoid “revenge” extreme situations as school shootings, suicides,…. Bullying behavior exists since decades . Collaboration between parents, teachers,..;is needed to prevent , to educate the children . The problem is that parents never think that it can happen to their own child .

    • But The Glory brought nothing new about bullying…

      Revenge of Others, Weak Hero Class 1, Solomon Perjury, How to Buy a Friend, School 2015, etc. They were all about bullying. There always were Kdramas about this subject.

      • Agree. The reason it is so big because it’s written by KES and ofc, headlined by SHK.

        I like the drama. Very well made but tbh, the second part kinda less interesting than the first part. Not so climatic as I hope it would be.

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