Shin Ha Kyung, Kim Young Kwang, and Shin Jae Ha Team Up for ENA Dark Thriller Drama The Biography of Evil

The success of Extraordinary Attorney Woo has put tiny cable network ENA on the map but that level hasn’t carried over to subsequent dramas like Gaus Electronics or Love is for Suckers and currently airing Delivery Man. It’s hard to emulate that level of ratings and buzz but the network does need to produce more compelling dramas and perhaps the upcoming The Biography of Evil can be that. The drama just lined up the main cast of Shin Ha Kyun, Kim Young Kwang, and Shin Jae Ha, with the added bonus that all three actors can play good AND evil very believably. The drama is a dark thriller centered around the mafia/gang world and comes from the PD of Bad Guys and the production agency behind All of Us are Dead.


Shin Ha Kyung, Kim Young Kwang, and Shin Jae Ha Team Up for ENA Dark Thriller Drama The Biography of Evil — 4 Comments

  1. Gaus Electronics was really good and funny.

    Love for Suckers was pretty bad but Chief John and Jiwan were the best part!

    I dropped Delivery Man.

    But at least, they gave different genres.

  2. What a strong and solid cast along with a really good production team. Based on their track records at least, this one’s gonna be 🔥

  3. Oh yes, these three men could be evil and nice guys at the same time, looking forward to this.

    Out of the ENA dramas, I have watch Extraordinary Attorney Woo and Love is For Suckers.
    The former was awesome, but the latter, I really wanted to stick with it for Choi Si Won. But man, it was exhausting because of the writing. I wanted a funny and refreshing story on friends to lovers, but it was just dragging as the story went on and it was no longer fun.

    Haven’t tried Gaus Electronics yet, so I might look into it since I heard good things about it.

  4. I’m watching “Call it love ” with Kim Young Kwang , but i prefer the characters of Sung Joon and Kim Ye Won . I’m ready for this one as Shin Ha Kyung is one of my favs ,from Brain to Beyond evil or Less than evil , he delivers good performances .

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