Yu Shu Xin and Zhang Ling He Bring the Serious Wuxia Vibes in First Official Posters for Period C-drama My Journey to You

Okay, the posters for this drama look hella awesome and it may just be the first drama of Yu Shu Xin (Esther Yu) that I can stomach watching her in. The period C-drama My Journey to You (Chinese title 云之羽 which means Cloud Wing) just dropped official character posters that are surprisingly captivating probably because I was not expecting this level of darkness and intensity. The drama has Yu Shu Xin playing a spy sent to male lead Zhang Ling He obviously for nefarious purposes but then the two fall in love and likely team up to take down the baddies. It’s a classic set up but when done right yields plenty of pathos. I’m loving deadeye looking Yu Shu Xin such a change from her usual too cute pouty image.


Yu Shu Xin and Zhang Ling He Bring the Serious Wuxia Vibes in First Official Posters for Period C-drama My Journey to You — 22 Comments

  1. The quality looks really nice, it’s gonna be awhile before this drama airs but I will give it a few episodes chance.

  2. The problem with her is that on top of bad acting, she’s just over the top with the pouting and acting cutesy ALL the time. What kills me the most though is her Disney Princess on crack voice that burns my ears. But she thinks she’s so good she doesn’t need to be dubbed and no one has the guts to tell her no because money talks (loudly).

    • Money always talks in cent. It will push a talentless hack ahead of the most talented person ever a good 99 out of 100 times.

      These types of capital games are the downfall of Chinese entertainment. It is not that they are somehow less talented in producing or writing or acting than idk, say Korea. It is that meritocracy almost doesn’t exist.

    • I feel like she does have a little bit of talent, but it doesn’t get developed properly because no one, including herself, is interested in developing it. She’s rich, popular, charismatic, and getting richer and more popular without having to really change anything. There is no drive to improve.

      I don’t mind the characteristics of acting cute all the time or Disney Princess on crack voices or even bad acting, but when you put it all together, it makes her voice and acting hard to listen to and watch. I think she’s fun as a variety type figure though where her over-the-topness is charming.

    • The reason why she dubs her own characters is because her standard Mandarin is good. She enunciates clearly so even without subtitles Chinese speakers are able to understand her clearly. She doesn’t have an accent and her voice suits her characters.

  3. I don’t find her acting bad at all. In fact, from all the dramas I’ve seen her in, her acting is quite natural. Maybe it’s because her roles have been pretty similar to her real life characteristics, but she makes what can be seen as overly dramatic actions if done by other people fit naturally in her dramas (if that makes any sense).

  4. YSX is extremely under rated as an actress. Her voice isn’t even half as annoying as people make it out to be. She always manages to make her characters far more interesting than they are on paper. Both Moonlight and LBFAD were brilliantly acted by her and she carried the nuances of the characters perfectly. I’m loving this new role for her and knowing she’s a hard worker with a good eye for scripts we can look forward to her picking more diverse and interesting projects and characters.

    • If people find her voice annoying you can’t say her voice is not as annoying as people say. Who are you to judge how it makes them feel. I
      will never watch anything with her until she drops that voice because it is like someone is scraping nails on a chalkboard for me.

      Her natural voice? It is wonderful. Whoever told her to use this fake disaster did a horrible disservice to her career.

      • Her fake squeaky voice is very annoying. I’ve never been able to watch any dramas she’s in because of her annoying voice. Can’t pay me enough to watch her because of it

  5. She has never really shown any acting outside of her typical cutesy roles. She and Dylan Wang were terrible in that Fairy and Devil drama. BUT, I don’t find her voice that annoying and she can be charming at times. Looking at the posters, this character might be different from her usual ones so perhaps she will show more range here.

    With regards to dubbing, the regulations are such that actors now need to dub themselves or pay out of their own pockets for the voice actors. I’m sure there are ways to get around it, but the general opinion is to push for everyone to use their own voices and the bad ones – think Dylan Wang and Xu Kai – to get more scrutiny and hopefully improve (or flop).

  6. I’ve seen her in other dramas and I think she can act. Yeah it’s her natural voice but also she amps up the cutesy sound for certain dramas. But the dark side looks good on her. I’m here for the change.

    • It is not her natural voice. Her natural voice is lovely. Google it, there are several videos of her speaking normally and it is about a million times better than what she uses on purpose in dramas.

  7. The posters looks so cool and intense. The male actors are so pretty.

    But dammit her voice. I remember this drama where I normally love the male lead. But she plays this PhD graduate in God knows what. However she was lecturing at a Uni. I’ve seen pretty professors. And handsome lecturers. But I pay attention to them because of their lecture topic. She talks like a ditz and totally had no gravitas or presence.

    Totally only suitable for fluff. Can she do intense scenes and for me to actually care for her character?

  8. I don’t agree with anyone who thinks her acting is subpar. I think she’s born to be in showbiz. Her acting is natural and if people can’t see that, I have nothing to say. Her voice, on the other hand, while I find it endearing, I can understand why people might find it disturbing. I personally have no issues with it. Maybe what dramas should allow, is to have dubbing be an option. If you want to listen to dub, you can hear it dubbed. If you prefer natural voices, select that option.

  9. Anyways I’m excited for her new dark role and I am so proud of her for taking roles outside of her usual archetypes and comfort zone.

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