Actor and Singer Liu Yu Ning Eviscerates C-tabloids for Outing His Short Marriage When He was Young by Harming His Ex-wife

This is one way to slay tabloids and I am both so impressed with C-star Liu Yu Ning and also quite upset he had to address it. Last week there was a C-tabloid rumor that Liu Yu Ning had been married and was the father to a young child, complete with picture of the ex-wife and kid. Liu Yu Ning took time out of his filming schedule to record a video while he was still dressed in period costume to directly address this rumor and it was a masterclass in direct communication. He admitted he had been married before in 2013 and divorced shortly after, but the two did not have any kids. He said there was no financial settlement between the parties and both wished each other well. His ex-wife is now remarried and the mother to a child with her new husband and Liu Yu Ning just laid into the tabloids for outing a private person and child in order to dig into his past. He said he never tried to hide that he was married before but since he debuted years later in 2018 he simply did not actively bring up the topic. But he has always been open to the media and fans and never tried to portray an image or background that was false. He was really upset and warned about taking legal action for this transgression and you go dude put those slimebags in their place. He said trying to smear him is par for the course but he could not agree with involving a private citizen’s personal information in doing so.


Actor and Singer Liu Yu Ning Eviscerates C-tabloids for Outing His Short Marriage When He was Young by Harming His Ex-wife — 6 Comments

  1. That’s really awesome. I love that he’s unapologetic about his past (obviously there’s nothing to be sorry about but some celebs will randomly apologize to appease fans). He’s also really straightforward and cut right into the issue. Don’t know him but definitely wish him well!

  2. I am not a big fan of his acting. His singing is great. But I got a lot for him for addressing this so quickly. I hate when C-actors are always hiding from their past behind denials and threats of lawsuits. He came out in LTE speed to put the record straight. Good for him.

  3. I’ve actually never seen him in a drama. I’ve seen him in some singing variety shows like “Our Song” where he pairs up with a more senior singer to compete. His singing is great! I respect him a lot for responding to his and not sugarcoating anything. There’s nothing wrong with being married. It is unnecessary for the tabloid to show pictures of his ex-wife, who has obviously moved on and started her own family. These tabloids seriously have no soul.

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