Song Hye Kyo is Ready for Spring 2023 in Effortless Versatile Looks in New CF Campaign

The role of Moon Dong Eun in The Glory was one of those dream about chances for any actress and I’m glad Song Hye Kyo took it and ran with every fiber of her acting being. She looked worn down emotionally and her visuals for the drama were spare and sleek to echo how she stripped everything down for her long revenge. In this recently released Spring 2023 pictorial for a fashion CF, it’s nice to see Song Hye Kyo shed Moon Dong Eun and burst forth like a normal, not emotionally broken person, to embrace spring in a versatile and more colorful glory.


Song Hye Kyo is Ready for Spring 2023 in Effortless Versatile Looks in New CF Campaign — 9 Comments

  1. Absolutely beautiful as always. Her haters on this site can see the and cope hard, but no one can deny she and Jun Ji Hyun are queens of longevity 😎

    • Why ruin this lovely post by bringing up her haters? Ugh, I hate it when people do this. Just celebrate HER, who TF cares about her haters??

  2. Just as beautiful as she was in 2000’s classic Autumn In My Heart. 🙂 Don’t mind haters, they’re just jealous.

  3. The filters and whitewashing of the pictures is an injustice to her natural beauty. Let 41 year olds look like themselves. No need to over filter every photo and frame of them in their dramas. The Glory showed she has no problem looking her age. Her agency should take a page from her and stop policing her unfiltered pics.

  4. SHK has managed to have hit drama in the 90s, 2000s, 2010s and now in 2020s

    Her drama is big and kind of a cultural shift, All In, Autumn in My Heart, Full House, Descendants of the Sun and The Glory is all different yet it all has SHK.

    I wouldn’t say that she is the best actress in her generation but man her talent, relentless and hard work makes her a household name. She is consistent and it just hard not to admire her.

    • The Glory marked the glorious triumph, the confirmation of Song Hye Kyo as The Kactress par excellence! From the tears shed in Autumn in my Heart, to disturbing our emotions with the pain, misery and triumph of Dong Eun, she has consistently brought to life characters that have made viewers fall in love with, cry with, get angry or happy with Oh Young, Eun Suh, Dr. Kang, and all the other women who came to life through SHK’s memorable performance.

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