Park Bo Gum Opens First SNS Account on Instagram with Three Handsome Pictures

It’s odd that in this day and age there is still a top star who doesn’t have a SNS account for connecting with fans and promoting and the only worry is self-managing in a way that tarnishes the reputation. K-actor Park Bo Gum has the reputation of being hard working, positive, and super respectful so I think him finally opening up a SNS account is long overdue. He is now on Instagram (better than Twitter these days lol) and shared three new pictures with his fans to kick if off. He’s just got this uber handsome and good boy look that’s so appealling.


Park Bo Gum Opens First SNS Account on Instagram with Three Handsome Pictures — 8 Comments

  1. He seems like a really good man and good thing he is out of that cult too now. All the best to him, I especially wish him good, substantial roles because he is an excellent actor and can offer way more than he did in his last few dramas.

    • He is only thought of as handsome,beautiful,type you would take home to mother is because he’s so called famous the world is full of women who just chase where money is,if he was in an office as a not known no one would look at him twice FACT plus stage make up helps fills in all kinds of secrets

      • Nah because Park Bogum has been popular even when he wasn’t debuted yet, he’s a local celebrity in his neighborhood because of his face AND manners.

        Btw I agree at @lol I need him in a more dark roles or something more comic. He has been doing only warm/slice of life drama, including his next one, so I wish he will take something completely different next.

  2. Bogum making an instagram is a good move for himself. He has been building a new image lately, no longer the cute, flower boy but more into something chic and mature looks. He honestly looking so good lately, definitely age like fine wine. Wish him all the best in the future

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