C-drama Nothing But You with Wu Lei and Zhou Yu Tong Releases New Stills Leaning Hard into the Sexy Making Out Aspect of the Romance

I remember when these images first leaked last year from the filming of modern sports romance C-drama Nothing But You that everyone myself included was like ooooooh sexy! It still is sexy but in the context of the drama after watching the first few episodes it feels like the production is trying a tad too hard to drum up excitement when the drama is a snoozebest. These Wong Kar Wei-esque make out stills with Wu Lei and Zhou Yu Tong look lovely but because the drama is so antiseptic is doesn’t organically evoke in sizzle in me when I see it sadly. Still, a lot of pretty.


C-drama Nothing But You with Wu Lei and Zhou Yu Tong Releases New Stills Leaning Hard into the Sexy Making Out Aspect of the Romance — 20 Comments

  1. Trying so hard to like this because I have become a WL fan but something is missing even in these released photos.

  2. Ok, I figured it out, I think if Wu Lei didn’t act like romantic scenes were so cringe in real life (from the variety show he was on), I would take it more seriously he’s doing such cringe worthy scenes in this new drama. LOL

  3. gotta agree with u koala. the production obviously trying too hard. I still remember they leaked this scene when wulei’s hit summer drama the galaxy still airing.

  4. Since this is a Cdrama post here come some suggestions for anyone who might be interested. Why Women Love, Find Yourself and Falling For You are amazing ‘noona’ romances for a fun and light watch. Apart from that Hello Venus, Moonlight and Shining For One Thing are amazing underrated gems. The 2019 version of Unrequited Love is also a good bittersweet watch and my current happy pill is Starry Love.

    • Shining for one thing was really amazing and i cant wait for the season 2. Why it takes soooo long for the 2nd season? Huhu

      Anyways, back to topic, wu lei is sooo damn sexy but noona dongsaeng romance isnt my cup of tea soooo pass…

  5. where can I see the rating of Chinese dramas on air, you say that it is not doing very well but I don’t know where I can find that data

      • I don’t know mandarin but it the trasleitor I manage quite well.This is how ido whith all the page of the Kdramas and i don’t know Korean either.

    • When it cames to rating like this, fanpage usually posts it. For web drama the indicator of success should be hot topic percentage(?) anyway since the viewcount is not finalized yet. But considering how slow the plot is… I also couldn’t find much edit of this, so at least internationally it’s not doing that well

      • No.

        Heat is a platform number that was introduced when views were removed from public. It is a platform info, fake, and nobody takes it seriously. When lafirm announce views these days, nobody takes that seriously either. Same goes for weibo hot searches, that are often paid for. Certain male and male actors are especially terrible about this and everyone knows it but production crews just as easily do it.

        You look at two things when it comes to ratings. If it is on TV, TV ratings. And for both TV and Web casts, the best indicator is Datawin. Pass number 2 (not be second place but pass 2 as a rating) and it is not a fop. Pass 3, it is a small explosion (small hit). Pass 4 and it is a big hit.

        Only one show got close to 4 in the last 4 years. A few passed 3. And that is it. This one almost hit 2, so it didn’t really flop but it barely got away from that.

    • I think it’s doing pretty well. The fact that it is always trending on Weibo is something. Literally everyday it is trending so it’s popular AF!

      • Hot searches on weibo are easily bought and are not an indication of anything. Ratings are.

      • popular af ? lol please wake up. even the new bailu drama made more buzz than this

      • They are my first Chinese dramas, very different from the Korean ones. Anf for now I like this one.

    • It’s also airing from cctv in china and my friend there said it’s actually doing ok🤔 I’ll just never get this stuff…

      • I’m glad to know it for the effort of the actors and the production. Personally Iam so far satisfied with the series.

  6. Opened with a 8.3 rating on Douban. Not bad for a flop *sarcasm*
    Congrats to Wu Lei and Zhou Yutong, they so deserve it. I really like the drama.

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