C-ent Insiders Say the Current Top Three Liuliang Male Actors are Jackson Yee Followed by Xiao Zhan then Wang Yibo

This past weekend’s iQiyi Scream Awards was basically a popularity contest of the current tableau of high profile mixed with rising stars. There were a lot of liuliangs stars there but it’s usually a pissing contest of who is more popular or has more clout than the other among fandoms. I did get curious and checked out what industry insiders see as the top liuliang amongst the male actors and the top of the food chain with the liuliang stars is none other than Jackson Yee (Yi Yang Qian Xi) who was already big as a member of TFBoys but now thanks to an explosive movie career in the last two years capped off with Full River Red he stands alone on top. Next is Xiao Zhan who has conquered C-dramas and is trying to break into movies. And third in the liuliang actors is none other than Wang Yibo who is following a Jackson Yee playbook already to the T.

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Chinese and Hong Kong stars Out in Force for the 25th Annual Shanghai International Film Festival

I sense an intentional emulation of the Cannes Film Festival red carpet here with the sprawling staircase but since it works so well totally go for the same grandeur vibe. The 25th annual Shanghai International Film Festival opened over the … Continue reading

Hong Kong Labeling Fallout Continues as More C-stars Cut Ties with Luxury Brands Including Liu Wen, Jackson Yee, Zhang Yi Xin

This is getting rather absurd but politics nowadays feels like the theater of the dramatics. More C-stars are cutting endorsement ties with luxury brands over how the brands refer to Hong Kong and/or Taiwan on it’s merchandise or websites. Model … Continue reading