K-netizens Approve of Lee Jong Seok Being the Most Supportive Boyfriend to IU by Wearing and Using Her Concert Merch

I feel like the shock and awe of finding out top K-stars are dating/broke up wears off much faster nowadays compared to a decade ago when stars became more and more comfortably dating in public. News of top stars Lee Jong Seok and IU dating feels like so long ago but it’s actually just a few months and I’m still wondering why no one ever thought of these two together whether onscreen or in real life. But they are super cute after writing handwritten notes about finding each other and of course being spotted dating in Japan during IU’s concerts there and even bringing along her little brother to make it a small family outing. This week Lee Jong Seok was spotted out wearing a hat from IU’s Golden Hour concert and his cell phone case is also her concert bunny branded merch. Sooooo cute and supportive, good boy!


K-netizens Approve of Lee Jong Seok Being the Most Supportive Boyfriend to IU by Wearing and Using Her Concert Merch — 5 Comments

  1. Wasnt there a rumor about him and kwon nara? But in his speech, he said that he has liked Iu for a long time. So, he probably fell in love with her since long time ago and just started dating in 2021 (?).
    So happy for them..

    • Sometimes it’s a matter of timing. Maybe he liked her since their run as Inkigayo MCs but missed his window when she fell in love and wound up in a relationship for four years. When she broke up, he was probably in a relationship with someone else. He probably found a moment where they were finally both free to explore a romantic relationship with each other.

    • I never believed the KN rumor. When you looked at it closer, there were cracks in it. One of the sources pushing it was a known entity for making up things about celebrities and being repeatedly sued for such. Besides, when the rumor first came out, LJS seemed very angry about it. He’s always been someone to wear his heart on his sleeve and seemed to WANT to be open about things like that. His reaction just didn’t match. Then you had fans make assumptions and confuse actual business with love life (people sign with agencies because they want someone to manage their careers–it’s not a dating service). I know, sometimes people lie and deny, but you can usually see them look happy in spite of it. Something always felt off to me about this rumor, though. I was glad to see him make his own announcements this time, and to see him look happy.

  2. I was surprised by the dating news. I used to have never skipped any drama of LJS. But I had forgotten he’s still in the K-ent since he went for public service and I started to watch C dramas. Oh this is a good reminder for me to pick up his recent dramas again. I like IU though. She’s a talented singer.

    I’ve been so fed up with C dramas, most of which are draggy and boring. Even though Mandarin is my mother tongue and I have no trouble following C scripts at all, the plots just failed to interest me. I came back to watch K drama again and found myself more satisfied. I specifically enjoyed Our Blooming Youth and the other melodrama, Call It Love. I watched OBY since I like the ML, Park Hyung-sik a lot. The latter, however, is an unexpected gem. I watched it out of boredom but got hooked. It’s the best K- or C- drama I’ve tired to watched this year so far.

  3. They are at that age. Because they have long surpassed their idol/oppa stage and have fully fleshed out their life as a solid actor/actress and singer. And both are clean/free from scandal. So I guess the netizen are not keeping their nose busy in their business and just generally wish them well.

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