Lee Da Hae and Se7en Tie the Knot in Seoul Hotel Wedding with Lots of Star Friends in Attendance

I feel like Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In‘s wedding venue and decorations just got preserved for a few weeks and used here for Se7en and Lee Da Hae‘s wedding lol, it looks exactly the same! It’s clear K-weddings of the rich and famous all have the same look – walkway ringed by flowers and more flowers with dimmed overnight lighting to illuminate the couple. This weekend Lee Da Hae and Se7en got married and there were lots of famous friends in attendance but everyone was dressed in dark suits and dresses once again looking like a business meeting one step more lively than a funeral. The bride and groom looked radiant and happy and their little dog in his white tux totally stole the show for me so cute! Congrats to the couple on getting to the finish line after a long period of dating and wishing all the best for a happy marriage.


Lee Da Hae and Se7en Tie the Knot in Seoul Hotel Wedding with Lots of Star Friends in Attendance — 9 Comments

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  2. The hotel probably has like a menu of a few wedding packages and you order it like you would order full courses at a restaurant. The rich and famous who opt for hotel weddings are probably like “give me your most expensive package!” In Extraordinary Attorney Woo, hotels in the wedding business also have a collection of wedding gowns for rent.

    In the US, couples who want a wedding spend like an entire year planning the wedding and it’s all about personalization. All details are supposed to be a reflection of the couple as individuals and as a couple.

  3. Also, I find it sort of funny that the program has Se7en’s stage name instead of his real name, Choi Dong-wook. But maybe everyone really does call him Se7en even in private?

    Doggie groomsman/man-of-honor/ringbearer was really cute!

  4. Aside Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Tae Hee, Lee Na Young …all the weddings look exactly the same .Same flowers, same princess gown , same venue,… 15 years ago this wedding would have been a big event . I still don’t know why Lee Da Hae disappear from dramaland . Park si Yeon was a guest too .

  5. is that lee da hae form my girl? cuz i have to rub my eyes many times to see if it really her? She has changed, A LOT! almost unrecognizable,

    • Exactly. I had the same thought too. She looked so pretty in My Girl. But her looks were totally ruined when she acted in Good Witch. I wonder why she couldn’t be satisfied with her looks. Such a pity that she ruined her face.

      Ya. I wondered why she disappear from dramaland. Probably had offended the insiders or directors. She used to be so popular.

    • Everytime her pics come up these days I just wonder if that’s that same Lee Dahae from My Girl because that’s not the face I remember.

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