C-actresses Walk the Red Carpet at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival Opening Night

Monday night was the opening of the 2023 Cannes Film Festival and I’m only posting pictures of the C-actresses in attendance. Disgraced from a tax evasion scandal but still hanging in there former top actress Fan Bing Bing, who used to always dazzle at Cannes, walked the carpet in a strapless gown with a half train made from a fabric painted of a tiger in a Chinese painting backdrop of mountains and trees. It’s creative but nowhere near her heyday years. Gong Li went for an all black mock neck ball gown, elegant but too dark and heavy. Jiang Meng Jie looked like a wannabee female flasher in her floor length double breasted coat over a bikini top column black down. I liked Guan Xiaotong‘s entire look the best thanks to the unique layered gown bottom but the top half was too short so it made her look uneven. Zhang Yu Qi splashed orange to break up the multi textured black down underneath but it didn’t look cohesive. All in all a disappointing turnout from the C-actress contingent.


C-actresses Walk the Red Carpet at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival Opening Night — 7 Comments

  1. Except for fbb, nobody knows who these people are. My favorite was poor Zhu Yilong trying to pose for reporters. Most of whom where focused on actually known people. Hilarious.

    • I think almost all of these Chinese actors/actress were invited by brand sponsors. And sadly, mainland actor are less well known on international crowd/audience. It’s been years but international still only widely knows Jackie Chan, Jet Li. Though Gong Li, FBB, LYF has been making their splash in the international scenes too, but still not have as wide reach as both JC and JL.

      • FBB is well known, somewhat even because of what happened but other than that, nobody would recognise LYF by name. You have to use her role. JC remains the only real, easily recognisable name. Directors are way bigger deals though during events like this and have real recognition.

        It is not surprising when it comes to actors. You would need either a big international hit, which is difficult for China or you need to star in a big Hollywood movie, which is again difficult for other reasons. Start with the well known Asian discrimination and end with the fact USA and China don’t get along and in this climate, any actor would be under heavy journalism fire in the US over political matters. It is not an enviable situation but it is reality.

    • I didn’t see anything like a poor Zhu Yi Long, he looked confident and happy. GQ France listed him in he the Top ten best looking man list so I don’t think he was ignored by the international media either.

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  3. Tacky! No taste! You know nobody really cares about these C celebrities by taking a note that those cameramen were not looking at them. Lol

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