C-stars Gong Jun and Zhong Chu Xi Deliver Opposite Fashion Vibes at 2023 Cannes Film Festival

So the opening night red carpet at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival was but one of the many moments for film stars the world over to make an impression. The C-actresses on opening night averaged out to a meh for me but a few days late actor Gong Jun and actress Zhong Chu Xi walked the red carpet for their movie Rising with the Wind. She was serving top star aura from head to toe, the dress, hair, makeup, and accessories were beautifully assembled and she had the confidence to pull it off. He was the opposite, his embroidered pale blush suit with soft pink bow tie was fine in concept but the suit was too loose all over for him and he’s got the lithe thin tall physique for a much more tailored look. He also seemed like a child walking a red carpet, sheepish with a “happy to be here” vibe. Overall they made a mismatched duo moment.


C-stars Gong Jun and Zhong Chu Xi Deliver Opposite Fashion Vibes at 2023 Cannes Film Festival — 11 Comments

  1. GJ don’t have that sophisticated star aura. When paired next to strong and femme fatale ZCX, the difference in aura become more jarring.

  2. Goodness, his suit is hideous. He looks flushed, the color matches his skin color. She looks beautiful, as great as FBB back in her old Cannes days.

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  4. She looks great but in her own country she would probably be cancelled for showing so much skin. Lol did he offend someone so he was made to wear such a ugle/tacky suit, did they match his make up to his pale peach suit lol.

  5. Love Zhong Zhu Xi’s dress! I feel like Gong Jun’s outfit could have worked better without the bow tie and with the undershirt’s top two buttons unbuttoned to show some collar bone. All buttoned-up only works when the suit is more tailored to your body.

  6. Dang ZZX’s dress is svelte and gorgeous. But I think FBB’s other dresses for Cannes stole the show for me. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her in dresses that were so creative (I don’t find the tiger print dress that inspiring.) But the clan dress and the architectural dress she wore on other days won me over. Talk about vra vra vroom!

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