Wang Yibo Fans Cause Airplane Ruckus In-fighting Despite His Continuing to Maintain Pointed Distance with Fandom

I find it funny that Wang Yibo fans love his cool and cold expression that he maintains all the time because some warmth and a cracked smile on occasion would be nice. But he’s definitely got a look and he sticks with it, and same goes for his attitude towards fans. It’s been reported he keeps a distance and recently during a CF event he was asked is there any activity he would like to do with his fans and his answer was “Nothing”. His fandom isn’t upset claiming that just what they like about him. Also recently during a flight he was one, a crazed fan got up and started loudly proclaiming her love for him while he sat in business class with his headphones on not even acknowledging her. She was annoyed and upsetting the rest of the passengers with her continued disturbance that another Wang Yibo fan who calls herself his fiancee went up to confront her claiming she was embarrassing the entire fandom and the two got into a tussle and the flight crew had to intervene.


Wang Yibo Fans Cause Airplane Ruckus In-fighting Despite His Continuing to Maintain Pointed Distance with Fandom — 9 Comments

  1. I got impression that he has a cold personality. Nothing is wrong with that. Anyway, it’s tough being a star. Whatever he/she does, it’s always going to be under microscope.

    • I agree. I think he is entitled to be whoever he wants to be, as long as he doesn’t harm others. Since he doesn’t like to smile 24 hours, he doesn’t have to answer to others. If fans don’t like that then they can stop being his fans. As for those who are not his fans, then he couldn’t care less.

  2. The airplane story got me laughing, I mean you have two women fighting with one who was supposed to defuse the situation but only to fan the flames, and then Wang Yibo in his seat not giving a single damn. I don’t think I ever heard an instance in which two fans of the same celebrity were duking it out on board.
    Not a fan, but I do wonder what happened to Wang Yibo following his big break because he was comfortable to laugh and crack jokes with other people, based on the clips I saw of him (I don’t know if this was also post-Untamed).

  3. How embarrassing. I think when it gets to a point where your fandom is causing problems to the public, you need to stand up and address the issue seriously. I hope he did, or will be? Obviously when you ignore them by putting on your headphones, they will think its okay since you didn’t say it was wrong. Yes, people are that stupid to think this way. Isn’t the government always keeping a watchful eye? I wouldn’t be surprised if they thought this incident violates their rules for the industry, if not right now…maybe in the future.

  4. Interesting choice of words. The author of this post insists on calling those people ‘fans’ but they’re clearly stalkers. The terms ‘sasaeng’ exists for a reason. Most popular celebs have stalkers and they’re never treated or considered as normal fans. The author also failed to mention that Yibo’s agency put out a statement against stalkers on the same day. It was revealed that those people even harassed his parents. In some cases when Yibo was harassed on filming set the police was called and reprimanded those people but they kept coming back. They’re not afraid and it’s highly probable that they actually got paid by someone to harass Yibo and cause ruckus. Either way, Yibo is the victim of this situation and he’s in danger with those people coming after him, but some people in the comments still think he should deal with them personally… No, it would only escalate the situation and the security is there for a reason. His agency also put out the statement to condemn those actions immediately.

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