K-netizens Rave Over Ahn Hyo Seob’s Trauma Acting in Accident Scene for Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 3

To win over the very high standard K-netizens who have mocked him for the nearly the entirety of his acting career is quite a feat so slow clap for Ahn Hyo Seob. This weekend’s new episodes of Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 3 involved a building collapse scene that resulted in his character getting impaled by rebar through his hand. OUCH. The scene where he’s being rescued as he’s pulled from concrete with the rebar going through his hand. He’s screaming in both physical and mental/emotional pain since as a surgeon this hand injury could absolutely end his medical career. You have to watch the scene because he’s so raw and natural and captured the intensity and horror so well. Bravo for the marked improvement my boy!


K-netizens Rave Over Ahn Hyo Seob’s Trauma Acting in Accident Scene for Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 3 — 12 Comments

  1. Nam Joohyuk, Cha Eunwoo and Ahn Hyoseob all showing marked improvements in recent dramas. Adding Suzy to list as well. On the other hand some actors have been acting for 20 years with little to no improvement. No wonder Pretty faces still rule Kdramas.

  2. Koreans are obsessed with looks, which is why the popular ones are the good-looking ones, not the ones who can act. K-ent has a looong way to go in the way they appreciate their celebrities’ looks vs real talent. Wish the celebs laid off on the plastic surgery and excessively thin bodies, too.

    • Huh? Not just Korea, China is also very obsessed with looks over good acting. I’d say there are more celebs who have regular looks, are quite popular and superb actors. If your a kpop idol, it takes longer to accept you as a serious actor.

    • LOL. Not only does C-ent have very few good-looking actors but also lacks acting talents. There are just a handful of C actors that I appreciate. The fact that there’s a huge international market for Kdrama, way larger than that for Cdrama, is a testimony of what I just said.

  3. I gotta agree he was pretty amazing in this scene. I could FEEL the pain. I haven’t seen any other work of AHS but have seen DR.Romantic 2 as well and thought he was pretty good in that. This scene however was on another level and kudos to him.

  4. For me he is still better in RDTK season 2. In terms of character and acting. But this 2 episode he make quite a mark.

  5. He is quite often being casted in meaty roles. From Yo In Shik PD casting him twice in dr romantic series and Kim Jin Won PD land him as his leading man , add to his tremenduous effort, how can he is not improved? It means that pd is trusting him as their leading man in meaty roles.

  6. Why has he been mocked? I love all his acting! Handsome guy! Lol

  7. I like him in Dr Romantic. He is quite good and that in scene he was on another level. I could feel his pain. Happy that a lot noticed.

  8. A big yes! That scene was absolutely great, so raw and realistic. He’s always been an okay actor for me but its undeniable he did amazing. I can’t remember when was the last time i’ve been in awed for just specific scene.

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