Wang Yibo Fans Cause Airplane Ruckus In-fighting Despite His Continuing to Maintain Pointed Distance with Fandom

I find it funny that Wang Yibo fans love his cool and cold expression that he maintains all the time because some warmth and a cracked smile on occasion would be nice. But he’s definitely got a look and he sticks with it, and same goes for his attitude towards fans. It’s been reported he keeps a distance and recently during a CF event he was asked is there any activity he would like to do with his fans and his answer was “Nothing”. His fandom isn’t upset claiming that just what they like about him. Also recently during a flight he was one, a crazed fan got up and started loudly proclaiming her love for him while he sat in business class with his headphones on not even acknowledging her. She was annoyed and upsetting the rest of the passengers with her continued disturbance that another Wang Yibo fan who calls herself his fiancee went up to confront her claiming she was embarrassing the entire fandom and the two got into a tussle and the flight crew had to intervene.

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Wang Yibo’s Trip to LA for the Chanel Show Spawns Second Controversy After He Posts SNS Pic in Front of the Hollywood Sign Using iPhone But He’s the Official Redmi Phone Spokesperson

It’s pretty absurd at this point that having been in LA for all of two days that C-actor Wang Yibo manages to generate not one but two controversies already. I don’t think this is an actual controversy in that the … Continue reading

Top and Popular C-stars All Descend on 2022 Weibo Night with Plenty of Extravagant Fashion Looks to Admire

This weekend was the 2022 Weibo Night in China, weird that it takes place in 2023 but the 2022 means it covers dramas and movies from last year. The popular vote for Weibo King and Queen was trending young but … Continue reading

Wang Yibo “The Hopeless Illiterate” Scandal Expands as Lenovo Does Not Renew Contract and His Most Vocal Fans Have Been Mass Muted on Weibo After Attacking the CCTV Website’s Legitimacy

I think if I were a Wang Yibo fan the best course of action is to be absolutely silent and just let this scandal die down naturally when the next scandal from someone else comes along. But instead it’s gotten … Continue reading

Wang Yibo, Zhao Lu Si Shaded By China Central Television Article Lamenting “The Hopeless Illiterate” Young Actors in the Industry

This is like getting called out by the school principal, embarrassing as heck but whether there are broader implications it’s not clear yet. This past weekend the Chinese Central Television official website published an article by a news reporter discussing … Continue reading

Dilraba Dilmurat and Wang Yibo Top the Chinese Star CF Endorsements for 2022 with Second Spots to Ouyang Nana and Xiao Zhan

C-ent is so awash with popular stars and it’s interesting to see who is one step above the other in terms of the number of endorsements. In 2022, the C-actress with the most is Dilraba Dilmurat with 28 brands across … Continue reading

C-ent Abuzz with Allegation that Wang Yibo is the Kept Man of a Recently Indicted Rich Chinese Company Executive and His Agency Releases Formal Statement Denying All Rumors and Vowing to Take Legal Action

Can C-ent calm the f*&k down with all these scandals and reveals and whatnot. I’m sure there is a heck ton going on behind the scenes but for all these juicy reveals one after another it’s like a race to … Continue reading

Wang Yibo and Guan Xiaotong Last Minute Removed From CCTV Cultural Music Celebration Program After Dress Rehearsal Last Week as First Signs of Television Programming Changes to the New Restrictions

Even those who toe the line are not immune from the harsh hand of the Chinese government tightening of entertainment industry behavior. This weekend CCTV aired a cultural minority musical celebration program and netizens noticed that original star participants popular … Continue reading