Yoo Seung Ho Serves Up Attitude in June 2023 Dazed Magazine Pictorial

So this year 2023 K-actor Yoo Seung Ho is turning 30 years old as he was born in 1993, and imma need some valium to calmly let that sink in. He’s already 30 in Korean age and has long since finished his military service and done more than two decades in the industry in roles across movies and dramas. But I’m still waiting for a true adult breakout which has eluded him despite steady lead roles but nothing with that star elevating spark. Up next is the cable Waave drama The Deal adapted from the same name webtoon so I’ll stay optimistic for that and whatever else on his horizon.


Yoo Seung Ho Serves Up Attitude in June 2023 Dazed Magazine Pictorial — 5 Comments

  1. he’s 30 in korean age now? wow, way to make me feel old AF lol I still remember him in Queen Seondeok and I Miss You like it was just 3 years ago or something 🥲

  2. I want a good, meaty, buzzworthy role for him. It doesn’t help that he doesn’t have a good eye for picking projects, but I’d hate to see his talent going to waste.

  3. It’s seems like it was yesterday that i saw him posing shyly next to Yoon Eun hye at I miss you presscom and he’s 30 years . Ten years ago it was her that did a sexy photoshoot for Dazed and now it’s him . This one gives me a vibe a la Yoo Ah In at the same age . May he have the same acting career without drugs . About “I miss you ” ,Oh Jung Se ‘s new drama is coming . Still waiting for Yoon Eun Hye even in a little role .

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