Song Hye Kyo and Cha Eun Woo Cross Paths at Chaumet Jewelry Event in Paris

This totally reminds me of a scene out of Song Hye Kyo‘s drama Now, We are Breaking Up, the high fashion luxury back drop and her with a younger gorgeous hunk. I actually didn’t hate that drama but it was just lackluster, could have been better but I don’t know the specifics of what needed to be fixed, only that the end result didn’t land. She’s in Paris this week for the Chaumet event and also there was Cha Eun Woo who was also a brand ambassador like her. They definitely shine bright as Korean stars in this rarified European set and continue to expand the Hallyu reach globally.


Song Hye Kyo and Cha Eun Woo Cross Paths at Chaumet Jewelry Event in Paris — 33 Comments

    • instead of focusing your time on spewing negativity, you should focus more on looking in the mirror and loving yourself more. Only people that hate themselves choose to hate on others.

  1. Now That We are Breaking Up was all right but it had a potential to be great. The production team was not at its best was pressured because of Covid-19 and male lead leaving for army so they quickly rushed everything and produced half assed material. Director said he didn’t care about rating he was more worried about the staff getting COVID so the Writers Editors and cinematography was not directed well because of the rush. If it wasn’t for my love for Song Hye Kyo I would have dropped it. But I just wanted to look at her lol so I kept watching it.

  2. Why do they always put her beside younger male celebs, whether it’s in her dramas or her fashion appearances? It ages her and makes her look like their auntie. Just pair her with similar-age guys or make her pose alone.

    • she is the jewellery spokesperson for years… hard to change unless they end her contract. As for the male spokesperson, there is no selling point to get one older than her so they pick the face genius who unfortunately is and looks much younger. They are not supposed to be a pair, just co-workers. lol.

    • @TGIF LOL what? They’re both ambassadors of the same brand, of course they’ll have their pictures taken together in that brand’s events. It ain’t that deep lol
      Plus she looks like a gorgeous auntie, so… 🤷‍♀️

      • Did I say she was NOT gorgeous? I just said she looks like his auntie and you automatically think I’m implying she’s ugly. Yeah, “it’s not that deep” indeed

    • She’s 14 years older!!!!!! you, people, are just spewing stupidness. She’s absolutely gorgeous. When I look at them I can’t take my eyes off of her because of her beauty. In my opinion, she steels the scene

    • “ShE lOoKs LiKe HiS aUnTie” No sh*t, Sherlock, she’s like 40 and he’s in his 20s, of course she’s gonna look older, genius. What are you expecting, she’s going to look like she’s the same age as him? Try commenting that on pictures of ordinary women posing with younger men (co-workers, friends of their kids, etc.) and let’s see if they don’t laugh at your stupidity, Captain Obvious.
      Seriously, why even comment this sh*t, unless you think they’re supposed to be a couple, like your fellow morons on the comments below?
      Lmao most pointless comment of the year 🤡

      • lol people like tgif acts like aging is the worst thing a woman can do. really sad because they’ll also age someday and will experience all the bullsh*t they help to perpetuate 🤷‍♀️

      • @ omona. I agree. I am also a life insurance statistician and I can tell you this. Anyone who is young now will live to be very very very very very old someday. Life expectancy increases by a decade every new decade you are born. So these girls who bitched about SHK here are going to be 100 plus some day in a nursing home somewhere. Facing the sort of ageism that they are dishing out here.

  3. What an awful dress. She looks like his mother-in-law I really can’t see them as a couple.

    She reminds me of Madeleine Stow’s character in Revenge.

    • “I really can’t see them as a couple” Uh, because they’re not supposed to be a couple? are you stupid? lol
      They’re ambassadors of the same brand, it makes sense that they will be attending the same events of the same brand, FFS. And it’s not like she’s flirting with her or anything, they took ONE picture together and they’re not even touching. You all SHK haters are dramatic AF lmao
      Plus the dress looks great and you know it, you just want something negative to say because it’s SHK 🤷‍♀️

  4. I feel Ike someday SHK will ending up committing suic@#e and you guys will be responsible. She looks so unhappy these days. This people’s mean comments must be getting on to her.
    She looks so pretty. Why do people want to be so mean. Men look so old when paired against someone younger but still no one complains.

    • Lol these rude commenter were born beautiful without any flaws and they were also born ageless. They stay young forever while Song Hye Kyo is just another ordinary woman like us. She gets old and wrinkled as she ages. No one stays beautiful forever!

      I don’t understand the hating on someone who has nothing to do with you? Song Hye Kyo is just living her life, doing her job like everyone else does, but these fools were bother by her. Their dumb actions said so much about what type of person they are. It’s so rude to say she’ll commit suicide one day. She’s living a find life. She’s smarter than that.

      Just because she don’t usually smile, people assumed she’s living a sad life and is unhappy. Why do you judge a person without even knowing them?

      • I am literally not judging her but the mean people who are commenting on her. Read about how mental abuse and bullying can actually abet suic&e. People need to take responsibility for abusing people. So many actresses in Korean industry and Bollywood (Nafisa Ali, Silk Smitha) ending up taking their lives beucase they could not handle the meanness of people anymore.
        She is not invincible she is a human being with emotions who feels her feelings and still these Morons keep abusing her online. I just wish people stop to think about their comments affect someone

    • @S2 – SHK was smiling in the first picture. Why don’t you say CEW looks unhappy? Who is the one with a sad face there? Look again!! You are the one spreading hate.

      • Whose hate am I spreading when I am literally saying people should not abuse her online. That’s exactly what I am doing. Why are you attacking me instead of these extremely mean third class bitchy women attacking her here on this forum

    • Do you really think she would care about comments by us lowly people? She’s been in the business for almost 30 years, she knows well enough to ignore and not care about hate comments from random people. Take a chill pill.

  5. How is it that you post a photo of a woman and a man that work together and all those idiots here comment on how she’s too old for him and they are not good together as a couple. Well, I have news for you, they are NOT supposed to be a couple. Are you morons younger than every male colleague you have? If yes, go and do your homework instead of displaying your lack of education.

    • Thank you, finally someone with a brain lol. I commented the same thing before seeing your comment and we pretty much have the same thoughts. It’s obvious that they just want to say something negative because they’re hateful losers lol. The internalized misogyny and ageism these women on the comment section has is insane. So after a woman gets to a certain age she shouldn’t be photographed with any younger men because that means she’s seducing them? lmao because that’s pretty much what the idiots on here are saying. I swear a lot of people here don’t have brain cells working 🤦‍♀️
      Also, SHK looks GREAT, I don’t know what these people are smoking lmao

      • Amazing that all these comments come from women. I guess it’s the equivalent of cettain men looking at gorgeous male celebrities and instantly cocluding they’re gay (because in their moron minds being gay is bad…).

  6. SHK really looks older than her age nowadays even with the layers of filters and edits they always use on her pics and videos. And she looks even way older beside cew. Mother and son pair.

    • Agree. I hope SHK, her management, and fans should stop using the “she looks young for her age” hype.

      It doesn’t work anymore when it’s obvious that she has been taking Botox for years.

      Her real face was shown during the Baeksang Awards and MET Gala. No filter, no photoshop.

      There are other actresses who look great in their 40s without Botox, to be fair.

  7. one of her besties that she can be freee, unbridled with … is in deep sh!te.

    can you blame her for lookng unhappy distracted? Bff esp in their complicated circle is sooooo HARD to find

    She’s been gorgeous since a kid and will age just as gracefully – haters will just need to hate even more. She has aged like fine wine ….from Hotelier / Full House days. Folks will say SSH is Peter Pan but not the same for her.

    • She always looks unhappy. Even before her bestie was arrested and even before her divorce. You know why? Because she doesn’t smile. A simple smile would make her look less cold and less sad. She’d look even prettier. You’re never fully dressed without a smile, after all!

  8. Damn, this woman literally just had a hit drama and has represented korea in several international events this year, and all people, especially women, want to talk about is how old she looks and how “badly she’s aging”. Tsk. And that’s why women will forever be valued for their looks and youth, because women themselves don’t want to fight against that BS and instead perpetuate it. Sad.

    “But… But.. She’s not reading the comments!”
    That’s not an excuse, you all are still perpetuating ageism and valuing women for their looks first and foremost. How do you think the average women, who look even older than SHK, feel while reading all these ageist comments? Tsk.

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