King the Land Climbs a Bit More to New Ratings High of 12.317% as the Romance Gets Started in Earnest by Episode 8

Man, these two were totally playing coy with the early promos for King the Land. I remember finding leads Junho and Yoona, whom I adore as actors and stars, looking more like platonic BFFs than potential romantic partners based on chemistry. It got better after the drama aired but seeing these new promo stills from Netflix, which is streaming the drama while it airs on jTBC domestically, and these two totally scream “love in the eyes” in the affection and body language. Or maybe its clouded by the recent dating rumors between the two, who have been denied by their agency but it still makes for more fun watching the drama which swings into the second half next week.


King the Land Climbs a Bit More to New Ratings High of 12.317% as the Romance Gets Started in Earnest by Episode 8 — 11 Comments

  1. I am rooting for them if they really date in real life! Their chemistry onscreen very lovely. So who knows another Binjin couple….Wishful thinking 😀

    • I watched episode 8 untill halfway and I fell asleep. Next day I watched Celebrity and finished it in one day. And still not finishing KtL ep8. Aside from cringy Arab prince, I found KtL has A LOT of ppl to the point it’s annoying and distracting.

    • Junho speaks English just fine. That Arab Prince is actually quite funny. Cringe and Cheese are the factors of this drama’s high ratings. I cannot stop laughing… LOL.

    • That guy was speaking banmal and his lines were cheesy as all heck. However this drama has been cheesy from the start.

      Every time that young air steward delivers a line I just laugh.

      The director knows its clicked. Listen to the music choices or sound effects.

      I was laughing at the how close the camera was during the ending scene yesterday. The whole water effect made laugh. So. Much. So. Clicked.

  2. I think that i’m the only one who find this drama too long and boring . As much i like Junho , i dropped . I agree they are cute together , they seem to be fond of each other , Yoona gain a little weight and it makes her much more lively and beautiful ( same for the others Girls generation)…a future real couple a la IU/ Lee Jong Suk ( friends to lovers) ? But i’m a curiosity because i dropped hit dramas as Crush landing on you, DOTS, Goblin, … But I liked Business proposol, Marriage over dating, City Hall,…which all were rom com . See you in my 19th life is a failure for me too . I’m waiting for the next rom com . Currently watching Numbers,Lies hidden in my garden .

  3. It’s sweet but boring. I’ve slowed down my watching speed to the point I don’t need to watch an episode once it’s out. Junho is still the main attraction for me here. So, I will be still hanging on.

  4. Aw boyz is the drama really that interesting? I dropped at ep4. It was silly and nothing fresh. Should I watch more eps?

    I’ve been so used to their sweet friendship since GG and 2PM idol era. But romance has never popped up in my mind. MCs teased them together in variety shows back then, when Junho was about only 18-20 years old? LOL. I don’t mind the pair breaking the long-time friend zone though.

    • I felt that the drama was quite boring and lacks substance. Dropped at episode 4 and am not looking back. Too bad that the union of my faves on screen (Yoona & Junho) had to be this boring script.

  5. Why no post about the hooha behind the stupid representation of the prince and the oooh it is only fiction remark from JTBC?

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