Junho and Yoona Fully Embrace the Adorable Cuteness of Classic Hallyu Rom-com Redux for King the Land

Call me old or old-fashioned but sometimes the best stuff is the stuff that’s tried and true. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a good classic Hallyu rom-com, the kind of love-hate with opposites attract and plenty of implausible coincidences. Upcoming K-drama King the Land is primed to hit that sweet spot and it seems to be leaning into that sweet cheesiness all the way in the promos. New stills and posters continue the trend of Yoona being the Cinderella hotel employee with her earnest hardworking positivity that melts the cold hard bravado of Junho as the rich heir. Perhaps a decade earlier I would roll my eyes but these two have earned their cred and if they want to be adorable together onscreen I’m all for it.

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Netflix Mic Drops First Stills for 2023 K-dramas Including High Profile Gyeongseong Creature, Lee Doo Na!, Remake of Someday or One Day, Sweet Home 2, and Many More

Holy drama gods is this a veritable buffet of goodies for the eyes. I won’t even go into details on each drama because enough has been written on the casting and storylines already. Netflix Korea went into turbo mode today … Continue reading