K-celebs Including Kim Go Eun, Park Seo Joon, Han Hyo Joo, and Kim Yoo Jung Deck out in Chanel for Brand Event

The good news is that none of the men look like Chanel rich grannys lol, especially poor Park Seo Joon who always tries his hardest with any Chanel outfit but can’t make lemonade out of lemons. But for this week’s Chanel event in Seoul he’s in a nice chic suit and so are the other guys including Park Hyung Sik and Lee Jae Wook. The ladies are in all classic current season Chanel wear which is primarily black or white lace dresses and overall no one hurts the eyes. I think Kim Go Eun would have looked better with less severe hair it makes her head look too tiny if she did the same casual locks as Kim Yoo Jung the two could totally play sisters in a future drama.


K-celebs Including Kim Go Eun, Park Seo Joon, Han Hyo Joo, and Kim Yoo Jung Deck out in Chanel for Brand Event — 21 Comments

  1. Hair, makeup, clothes, everything is just plain boring. These high fashion events always have the worst styling somehow. Whats even the point of being high fashion?

  2. Why do I feel like they are exuding Dior vibes instead. In fact, I think most Korean celebrities’ fashion seems to match Dior the most.

    • Same. I think it’s because most of them are wearing soft-looking, ultra-feminine dresses, which is more of a Dior thing. Most of the time, Chanel is all about boxy and angular silhouettes with that signature black bow detail

  3. They all look beautiful, I just wish they had added more color which have been my words since more than 10 years for redcarpet or any other events. Why is it always white and black for Korean celebrities?

  4. I’m sorry, but not a fan of any of the women’s outfits. Some look boring as heck, and some are downright atrocious (like what that lady with the full bangs and ponytail is wearing). Their hair and overall styling are yawn-inducing too lol. Hate to say this but I think idols have 100x better styling than actresses.

    PSJ and LJW look great tho

  5. huh? wouldn’t have guessed they’re wearing chanel, tbh. also, kge needs a new stylist, her hair is always either down and unstyled or in really pulled back like this, which doesn’t flatter her in my opinion.
    overall, none of the ladies wowed me. on the other hand, i think lee jae wook looks fantastic

  6. Wow, never really noticed how small kim go eun’s head is, which is so noticeable in that picture where she’s next to kim yoo jung since kim yoo jung has a wide face. Anyway, I’d wear the dresses actually, they’re pretty. But as others pointed out, they don’t really scream “high-fashion”

  7. I like KGE’s dress but I think it would have looked better with more form.

    KYJ looked beautiful and HHY’s dress would have been better with a low-cut.

  8. did kim yoo jung has a tattoo on her back? i noticed that there was a black mark on her back in a video shared by a kim go eun fan in twitter. i know she has one on her wrist. any the ladies look lit on their outfits

  9. Korean artists(actors, actress) always go for appearance which make them look pretty from all angles. They don’t play with fashion. They all just want to look simple pretty and just want to hear – oh u look beautiful from every single encounter. I have never seen any (especially)actress to goes wild dressing( after 2016). Maybe it’s not a Korean thing, but nowadays they all look blad and boring. I don’t mean not good but they wear something which u would like to look in one photo and then move to next.

  10. They all look pretty but plain . I only know 3 celebrities who can wear this kind of Chanel dresses in a cool way . Vanessa Paradis, Lily Rose Depp and Keira Knightley . Asian actresses tend to wear at events the most classic styles of Luxury brands . Knowing that they love fashion i find it paradoxical .Western actresses may sometimes awfully wear some outfits but they dare, and the photos of red carpets are more interesting and funny to watch .

    • Totally agree. I can’t think of any fashion girlies in korean entertainment, like a Zendaya, Lily Rose, or Anya Taylor-Joy. Wonder why is that lol. I do enjoy Kim Hye Soo’s red carpet choices, but that’s about it

  11. What’s with the same boring plain hairstyle? There are always two types of plain hairstyles when it comes to Korean celebrities.

  12. okay, absolutely no hate to the women, but why do their dresses look like something you could buy from the mall 😭

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