Fireworks of My Heart Becomes Lowest Douban Rated High Profile Drama of 2023 Dropping to 3.2 as Pundits Believe Criticism of Leads Yang Yang and Wang Chu Ran will Impact Their Reputation

The worst thing with picking a bad drama is always just getting no lift from it but to actually have a negative reputational consequence is fairly rare. The modern romance Fireworks of My Heart wrapped on July 27th the the Douban ratings opened low and has since dropped even lower to an embarrassing 3.2 I glanced at the reviews and its SOOOO BAD, legit scathing with one reviewer saying “I would give this zero stars but because of Wei Da Xun I give it 1 star” lol. All teasing aside, viewers are genuinely mad at Yang Yang and Wang Chu Ran the two lead characters personalities and actions, Yang Yang’s “oily” acting (think self-absorbed and slick), terrible plot devices (something about playing with a fire extinguisher on a bridge, I dunno), and honestly this doesn’t feel like piling on as much as there was a total disconnect with the production in making this drama to the degree that the final product is pissing this many people off this much. That’s quite a feat. Bummer for the leads.


Fireworks of My Heart Becomes Lowest Douban Rated High Profile Drama of 2023 Dropping to 3.2 as Pundits Believe Criticism of Leads Yang Yang and Wang Chu Ran will Impact Their Reputation — 47 Comments

  1. I love the novel and the drama adaptation failed the source material soo hard. They left out stuff that they shouldn’t have and added filler to bloat it to 40 episodes. I gave up after episode 30 (can’t believe I stuck around for so long). Everything about this drama is disappointing – acting (YY’s eyebrow acting: please never again), directing and script, everything feels off.

  2. A bit puzzled by this rating. For the Chinese public, was it a case of high expectations? I have read the novel and indeed there were parts that the drama fell short, like in the reconciliation scene. The tension build up was well written and the delivery in the drama was doused (pardon the pun) by the open tap. Was it PPL? anyway, it is bad when the second lead gets more sympathy than the main leads. It think they stretched the tension quite a bit to people’s liking and left the redemption arcs too late or contrived. It was not this bad in the novel. I learned something about how to operate the fire extinguisher at least! It is one item you buy and remain skeptical whether you can operate it when the time comes. They showed us how. I understand they are highlighting their fire and rescue agency departments, but maybe it stretched too long. You are my Glory was just 32 episodes. Writers and PDs, please note, stretching the tension with shallow characters to have more time for PPLs and fillers do not make good drama. Actors, please note the number of episodes, in your decisions. You may be paid more but reputational risks can be high. Best to have it short and sweet

    • Lol, I heard that this drama was so bad that the Fire and Rescue Force were using it for showcasing bad examples on social media.

    • Yes! She reminds me of both Jun Ji Hyun and the gorgeous second female lead in The King Eternal Monarch (sorry, forgot her name)!

  3. The whole problem with this drama started from the book, to the adaptation, the production team, and lastly to the actors. It wasn’t one person’s fault. I have read the book translation and the characters in the book itself were already problematic. The drama adaptation made the characters even more unlikeable, and the pacing/ editing of the drama made it worse by trying to promote the firemen as an occupation without making ppl like the main cp characters first.. giving too little attention to the romance build-up until it’s too late. I guess they were probably thinking viewers will be automatically enthralled with beauty of the leads and everything else can be forgiven.. but viewers seems to have gotten smarter and rejecting just a pretty face. Overall, there are just too many problems with this drama but it definitely is not just because of the actors. Probably some anti-fans trying to also flame the hate. One thing for sure, this drama did burst like the fireworks, fitting to it’s name. Lol.

  4. to be honest, after watched the drama, I won’t give zero star but minus if there is. Just like other viewers, if not Wei Da Xun acting, I have given up the drama since the first episode because it just that bad. I did read somewhere about the director of this drama, he said, ‘I couldn’t imagine other actor to play the character except Yang Yang.’ I feel so speechless LOLS
    Everything about the drama is problematic, from FL and ML acting, the script, etc.

  5. The whole drama was a trainwreck and the fallout is still ongoing due to Wang Churan’s attitude controversy. Please don’t come after me I’m just relaying what happened.

    1) Wei Daxun’s unexpected popularity: his tortured stepbrother role went viral over the uncouth firefighter played by Yangyang, compounded with WDX’s variety fame and clean easygoing nature with 0 controversies despite acting for many years, netizens started to fangirl him and his character.

    2) The drama’s producer Jia Shikai who happens to also be Yangyang’s agency boss and novelist JiuYueXi all wrote long posts to defend Yangyang’s role and acting, and the novelist JiuYueXi even said fans who prefer the stepbrother played by WDX are “superficially attracted to wealth and power”. Netizens counterargued that the FL herself is attracted to wealth and power because she refused to leave her stepfamily for love and demands her firefighter boyfriend buy a big house 四合院 which is impossible on a firefighter’s salary.

    3) Cutting of WDX’s scenes by the producer Jia Shikai who happens to be Yangyang’s agency Yuekai’s CEO. Yangyang also has a 30% stake in Yuekai so it’s clear netizens will perceive it to be Yuekai, Jia Shikai, Yangyang (all the investors in this drama) bullying Wei Daxun. I didn’t watch the drama at all thankfully but apparently his scenes got reduced which made netizens hopping mad and support Wei Daxun the actor even harder, and hate the show even more. Worse Yangyang complained that his cool skateboards scenes got cut so netizens found behind the scenes skateboarding footage that looked “greasy” so Yangyang got another round of acting criticism

    4) Plagiarism: JiuYueXi got exposed by another novelist for plagiarism of her book where the FL is an adopted girl who falls for the ML her stepbrother. In other words she accused JiuYueXi of copying her plot, setting, characterization of the adopted family and adding a new uncouth firefighter ML so the original ML got shifted to 2nd ML. JiuYueXi had previous plagiarism scandals at JJWXC or China’s main webnovel site where another author who accused her quit JJWXC in protest of the site’s inaction so netizens sided against JiuYueXi and hated the show even more.

    5) Yangyang’s greasy acting aside, both his & Wang Churan’s characters got deemed problematic because of how they characterise firefighters and their personalities got picked apart too. I really don’t want to comment too much as I’ve not watched to show but Yangyang also got criticised for being a himbo like his role because he often gives shallow substanceless answers and is overly affected by how he looks. There is even a viral clip of Wang Churan calling Yangyang “empty brained” to his face at a drama fanmeet because he called her role a nurse 白衣天使 when she’s a doctor, now that clip has a new connotation in light of Wang Churan’s apparent attitude issues

    6) Wang Churan’s issues: Last weekend a Weibo user posted online that she ran into WCR who was filming an advert at a mall and got called a witch because she wore black clothes. Subsequently WCR’s agency started harassing this user to delete her post so the user posted the chatlogs. Then various industry insiders with proof shots who worked with WCR starting posting on Weibo, Douyin, Xiaohongshu that they witnessing WCR being rude to assistants or losing her temper easily. Suddenly all hell broke loose and previous compilations of WCR rolling her eyes (this used to be seen as her being cool) at costars or interviewers were now interpretated as proof of WCR being rude. Netizens even found an old vlog where Churan showed fans 3 books that her mother bought for her (“How to not lose your temper” “How to not let emotions get the better of you” “How to control your state of mind” LOL) which further confirmed their suspicions that she is ill-tempered. Also the previous clip of her calling Yangyang “empty-brained” was now seen as less funny and more mean-spirited.

    The biggest winner is Wei Daxun by far, he is a newly minted liuliang and has new endorsements and magazine shoots. It remains to be seen if his new fans will stick with him past 3 months though. The issues are still “fermenting” and the show will have a negative effect on the leads especially Yangyang that they would be better off if they didn’t film this drama. Like Zhang Han’s Gentlemen of East 8th, Yangyang probably regrets investing to produce this drama and needs to rescue his reputation from the drain. The director Li Muge was deemed promising before this (he did Goodbye Princess and Rattan) is also a longtime collaborator with Yuekai and Jia Shikai, his rep will be affected too. Chinese netizens hate Big Capital and their cronies shilling untalented actors and posting holier than thou comments on viewers’ perception and taste, hence the low Douban score is a middle finger at Jia Shikai, Yuekai, Yangyang who is Yuekai’s shareholder and top dog. I’m glad this has happened because many top stars like Yangyang do think too highly of their poor skills and don’t see the need to improve since Big Capital will cast them to act as leads, plus theyre rich enough to invest in productions which they can helm once they reach 30+ like Yangyang and Zhanghan. Unsurprisingly these productions that are meant to be a vehicle to push the lead actor who also happens to be a key investor in the drama turn out to be dogshit.

    • This is the best and most thorough explanation I’ve seen from an English-speaking person about this whole ordeal. If you have Twitter, please share it there. Most international viewers have made up their minds that this is all an organized attack from “haters” or “antis” who are simply jealous or threatened by the leads’ “visuals” or “popularity” without considering the layers of reasons as to why this drama has spiraled into one of the biggest real-life dramas in recent years. People just need to take off their rose-colored glasses and see the situation for what it is. All the video and screenshot evidence have been circulating on every Chinese social media platform for weeks.

      I would argue that WCR’s image and possibly her career may be affected more than YY’s from this controversy. She’s already lost endorsements and netizens are boycotting her upcoming dramas. Every day something new comes up and it’s to the point where even credible people who’ve worked with bigger celebrities are publicly testifying against WCR with their own experiences. From disrespecting seniors and colleagues to mistreating staff members to making nasty comments about random strangers, there’s no shortage of allegations against her. She may not have done anything illegal, but it’s understandable that the public’s impression of her no longer remains favorable with everything that’s being revealed. There’s a reason why someone like Liu Yifei has lasted for decades in the industry. Physical beauty only gets you so far, but a pleasant personality makes your followers stay.

      • Wang Churan won’t be affected, I wanted to add in the original comment that netizens dug deep into her background because they didn’t understand how a newbie actress has the guts to offend so many people within the industry at age 23 (today an actor from one of her previous dramas reposted a clip that said WCR doesn’t look like Liu Yifei and netizens find it very weird an actor would take a swipe at a coworker like that, people who worked with her clearly don’t like her and it’s a bit shocking) because even Irene the kpop idol who they use as a comparison was around age 30 when she was called out for being rude to stylists. Well turns out she’s from 复星 and Fosun International’s first signed artist. They are one of China’s largest MNCs, their main business is healthcare, and they’re very well connected to the CCP so she’s a Fosun princess. Fosun signed a deal with Yuekai to let them handle her drama promotions so that’s why she’s close to Yangyang and apparently dating him because months ago she was supposed to do an event to promote her drama with Peng Guanying but didn’t show up despite people calling her. Fans noticed she was in Maldives at the time and noticed that Yangyang was also in Maldives on holiday around the same time, and that was prior to Fireworks airing. She’s definitely not an ordinary newbie because she has Big Capital behind her back, namely Fosun and Yuekai, so she won’t lack new dramas to be cast in and hasn’t apologised to anyone who called her out. In any case she believes that her visuals or backers will get her roles and she doesn’t need to play up a nice image to build a fanbase. Fair enough

    • I can’t reply to your comment underneath mine, so I’ll reply to this one again. I was aware of WCR’s agency, but didn’t know the extent of their power and connections. Although she won’t lack any resources going forward, I still believe this controversy will follow her around forever. She’ll continue to get good opportunities, but she’s already fallen out of netizens’ good graces and won’t be worshipped like before. She’ll be one of those actresses who’s known more for their black material than their actual work. Both WCR and her team have tried to maintain her image by silencing people for years, but perhaps they’ll drop the act now since she’s been exposed.

      The good thing about this saga is that a serious and unproblematic actor like Wei Daxun is being appreciated.

  6. To be honest, I haven’t watched the drama, and to me Yang Yang is not an actor, but I feel all this backlash is in part people that enjoy bitching.

  7. My only joy from this drama is the people of China finally, I hope, realizing that Yang Yang has no talent. none. From the day i heard people raving about loveO2O and I watched it and realized both the female and male actor were terrible at their job, I habe been wondering if Chinese definition of good acting was different from the rest of the world. Then I saw Yang Yang in that movie with Liu Yifei and i knew people in China had lost their damn mind if the thought this man could act. lol

    Now the world knows what I know. Yang Yang is a terrible actor. I feel vindicated. lol

    • dude i totally feel you – when i was watching love o2o i was like how is this remotely good? I did like Yang Yang in who rules the world but i was also confused with the movie version of ten miles and I’m like what the hell am i watching? I also don’t think Liu Yi Fei is that great of an actress either though.

    • Yang Yang has always been criticised for his bad acting. The reason you don’t see much criticism in Chinese social media and forums previously was because:
      1) His team has control over certain Douban groups previously, any criticism of him there were quickly removed.
      2) He’s not much of a threat to other actors with his bad acting skills. Hence other actors’ fandoms usually won’t bother putting much effort into criticising him online unless he had seriously pissed people off like now.

      He’s lucky that both he and LoveO2O debuted at a time where the C-ent was very lacking in modern-looking handsome young actors and idol dramas, plus Yang Yang was still young, so the audience were way more lenient back then.

  8. Wow. I didn’t have time for this yet, but I might watch it next lol

    I always felt that Yang Yang uses botox, he could easily win a staring contest. I look forward to his eyebrows!

  9. I don’t have anything against Yang2 myself. I liked him in You Are My Glory. There was one thing I observed that raised my brows a bit — too much cheek pinching. I thought it was to show that their faces are genuine and no PS or botox. But, I’m sure it’s painful.

  10. Watched all YangYang’s drama and i was a bit disappointed with this one. Not because of his acting as you can easily be hooked with just staring at his face on screen, lol.

    I find the storyline okay-ish however, it was dragged for 40 episodes with the FL who do not have backbone of where to stand in her life. She does not know how to express herself, and i find her facial expressions — blank. As in none. So instead of you carried over by her character, you will literally fall apart, hence I was frustrated of her character on this drama.

    The only thing I enjoyed here was the friendship among the firefighters’ characters.

  11. Its an art to make a dislikable character pleasing or acceptable. And this is way out of the league for both Yang Yang and Wang Churan. They were both unsuitable. Good looking wont save a drama. So both the casting director and the actors themselves were wrong to have chosen this work.
    I didnt like the novel that much but adapting it differently and having the correct actor to flesh out the characters could have created a totally diff drama.

  12. Let’s face it – the Chinese netizens as a mob are a vicious, shallow bunch. They like silly feel good stuff like Love O2O, You are my Glory and more recently, Hidden Love. I am not saying there is no place for such shows, but the way the Chinese TV scene does it is ultra boring. C_Net also has the issue of basically bullying any actor that has the temerity to express an intelligent opinion. In fact, the most popular actors are the ones who say nothing at all. Think Dilraba – have you ever heard her say anything of substance? I have yet to hear her express a single opinion about any of her roles or life in general. Morally complex characters are unpopular, period. The popular actors must play nationalistic, strong characters. Just look at the top Chinese box office movies in the past 5 years. Jingoism at its worst.

    So if you want to be a “popular” actor in China, be a good silent one. Bad ratings will slide off you and if you happen to strike lucky with a weirdly viral show like Love O2O, you can earn money for decades without any talent. That’s what happened to Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang.

    • Uh can’t disagree, chinese people would go mental if they has flawed character as the main character, korea is still better at doing things, I was amazed when I watched Mouse, never thought I would love a psycopath main character

  13. No, morally complex characters are universally preferred in China. The biggest Cdrama in 2023 was The Knockout which hit 60% ratings (almost unheard of) due to the criminal characters and great villain acting by Zhang Songwen who was an unpopular actor til his 40s, Cnetizens went crazy over him and Zhang Yi and dug up their old Weibo posts and musings where Zhang counselled fans and gave deep life advice as a smalltime actor and acting teacher. Before The Knockout it was dramas like The Thunder, First Half of My Life(my aunties love this due to all the cheating), All Is Well, and Yanxi Palace was a megahit because the FL was cunning and vengeful. Currently Lost You Forever is a summer hit because the FL is morally grey and cynical, and the most popular ML Xiangliu is a demon snake. Likewise LBFAD went viral in 2022 due to Dylan Wang’s devil character. Better Days is one of the most successful Oscar nominated recent C-films because it had morally questionable leads who were bullies or victims who lashed out. You simply don’t know what you’re saying… Beyond fluffy idol romcoms mainstream Chinese audiences prefers complex morally grey main characters like Ye Wenjie in 3 Body Problem.

    Also Hidden Love did better outside China,in China it was popular with kids and regarded as cringe by anyone not a teen due to the FL’s baby voice. It’s very popular on Netflix,Korea, Southeast Asia and places where they read subtitles and can’t understand the immature Mandarin dialogue.

    Dilreba sounds fairly eloquent if you understand Mandarin too. What you said about top stars not speaking their minds only applies to a few idol baggage afflicted liuliangs because they fear crazy fans. Most actors are not liuliangs and speak their mind a lot, some are bland but some liuliangs are very outspoken e.g. Liu Yuning is a liuliang actor/singer who does regular live sessions and talks about everything from his experience as a street busker, to life in the industry, to his divorce scandal. Others like Yangzi, Li Xueqin Dylan Wang, Tan Jianci are very outspoken and upfront too. Earlier this year when people were picking on Wang Yibo netizens already gave a long list of actors who are impressive interviewees and analyse their role well. Even Dengwei the newish male star from LYF was surprisingly eloquent at expressing his thoughts in interviews despite looking kinda thuggish.

    As for Yangyang, he was never a good actor and his age has caught up so people judge him harshly now. You can get away with looking pretty and being a himbo in your 20s but once actors hit their 30s Chinese viewers expect more since they are too mature for idol romcoms and need to do more realistic dramas like crime, workplace or family dramas. Ultimately you need to watch less idol dramas and pick better fare: The Knockout, Yanxi Palace, First Half of My Life

    • @Anon +1

      I was just thinking of 张颂文 in the Knockout as a counter-example.

      I think many of this blog’s readers are non-Chinese and only watch idol dramas, which are the equivalent of CW fare, and does not reflect the whole taste of the Chinese public. Koala’s blog also only covers idol dramas the majority of the time.

      The two biggest and most acclaimed c-dramas of 2023 are The Knockout and The Longest Season / 漫长的季节, both which feature a morally gray cast of characters played by “serious”, respected actors.

      • Agreed. Koala only likes idol dramas when it comes to Chinese dramas. I find it sad that some people only use Chinese idol dramas to compare with Korean dramas of various genres and then come to the conclusion that C-dramas cannot be compared to K-dramas in terms of quality. There are actually quite a number of quality C-dramas released for the past few years but sadly they don’t get exposure to international audience.

        Other than the two dramas you had mentioned, I would like to recommend a recent drama called Imperfect Victim. This drama talks about women being gaslighted/pressured/abused by male power and I strongly recommend all girls to watch it, it teaches you to recognise the signs. It’s currently available on Youtube.

      • I did try to watch some Chinese non-idol dramas but they ALL failed to keep me hooked. To be fair, C dramas are still inferior to K dramas production-wise. The major issues with C dramas are slow and draggy pace most of time. When storylines bog down to so much trivia, the plots become unfocused to be just fodders of sleep inducers.

        Even I’m familiar with Chinese and have to rely on English subtitles to watch K dramas, I enjoy K dramas way more than C dramas. Now I only watch C dramas of actors I like. Nothing else in the C ent is appealing to me.

      • @Somebody That’s because you are biased against China, you already put on coloured lenses before watching those non-idol dramas. And you said you are familiar with Chinese but not Korean, that’s the issue. When you look at things from afar, everything looks rosy and pretty, but once you move in closer, then you can see the dirt and dust.

        I would say I am someone who watches a wide variety of genres – fluffy love, palace, politics, xianxia, wuxia, mystery, action, sports, sci-fic, horror etc etc. And it’s not just limited to dramas, I also enjoy animes. Chinese dramas do produce gems every now and then, and these gems are shining brighter now as Korean dramas have been going downhill in recent years.

      • @Lilith – Imperfect Victim is an excellent rec. Anything with Zhou Xun in it is an immediate yes, and the cast is stacked. The subject matter is a dynamite for social discussion.

      • @Lilith, I may be biased against modern China under CCP, but not against Chinese culture though. Can you tell apart the Chinese political system from China herself as a colossal concept? I did try to watch MANY Chinese historical dramas that are one of my favorite genres. Those historical dramas are irrelevant to the current unfavorable regime. But the issue I mentioned above stay true. I dropped them all because of slow pace with unnecessary fillers and dry dialogues. 50 eps could have been cut short to just 25 eps. Not to mention those non-idol dramas reeking of CCP’s jingoism and state propaganda.

      • @Ophelia Glad to meet someone of similar minds.

        @Somebody Would love to know which Chinese historical dramas you’ve watched and dropped, there aren’t many of them released in recent years. And historical dramas is only one genre, the modern dramas like Imperfect Victim certainly aren’t reeking of “jingoism and state propaganda”.

      • @Lilith, here’s just a list of a few among many other I’d tried in the past: (Have to give Chinese name and I believe you read Chinese?)
        None of them are watchable, dull, and dry from my perspectives.

      • @Somebody Yes I can read both Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

        As I expected, many of them were released a long time ago. I’m talking about C-dramas which were released in the recent few years, there is a notable increase in their quality. Out of your list, I would say only 大军司司马懿 series is considered recent, and I personally had enjoyed this drama series as it featured a unique protagonist and told the story from his perspective.

        All in all though, Chinese historical dramas aren’t meant to be entertaining. They need to stick to actual history events and cannot smear the historical figures who did not do any controversial deeds, which is why they may not be everyone’s cup of tea. I would recommend you to watch other genres instead. Try out the following:
        – Candle in the Tomb: The Wrath of Time
        – Candle in the Tomb: The Lost Caverns
        – Reset
        – Three-Body
        – The Story of Ming Lan

  14. There have been myriads of hot searches, blogs, and threads online recently bashing the ML and the FL of Fireworks of My Heart. I did not watch the drama. I’m not a fan of either actor. I can’t comment on the drama nor their acting without watching the show. But per the obloquy dissing YY and WCR, I think there’s much more behind other than just fairly critiquing their performances in the drama. A lot of scathing remarks can be regarded as bully and defamation. The C ent social media has always been out of control whenever predators find their target preys and opportunities to hunt them down. It’s a very pathetic culture to live in. Ppl are like busybodies thirsty for juicy stories usually at the price of celebrities’ reputation and career. I hope these two can survive the wave trying to bury their opportunity to have good projects again.

    • I agree with you, this is way more than just critiquing their performances on the drama. The more I read, the more I’m convinced that people who are so vocal in criticizing it, didn’t even watch it, probably watched some clips and piling on the hate train. Somehow, it feels that all these people hating on Yang Yang just for being exists found an opportunity to go for the kill. I’m not his fan but why are people so mad at him? His good look is his fortune, but looks alone can’t carry you in life. He must’ve done something right to achieve his level of fame and success. A lot of it reeks of jealousy to me. As for Wang Churan, she’s the easier prey, a newbie actress with a small fanbase.

      And I watched and finished the drama, all these talks about Wei Daxun scenes getting cut are exaggerated imo because his side story with the other girl gets the most screen time after the main lead, at least what was cut based on the released clips were two scenes where they explicitly addressing the step brother in love with the step sister. Which in my opinion good riddance because it’s a disgusting plot. There are a lot of scenes where he’s just drinking, starring, and brooding, so really that rumor that a lot of his scenes are being cut doesn’t make sense to me.

      • Wei daxun role as meng yanchen already got so many more scenes than I would expect from when I read the novel, I honestly couldn’t see what kind of scenes would have been cut out of him.

      • International fans don’t really understand that Chinese viewers always found Yangyang’s acting overly self indulgent with narcissistic vibes DESPITE his good looks. This video from 2022 analyses Yangyang’s narcissistic vibes lol Same goes for Zhang Han (please watch Gentlemen of East 8th, and pay attention to the smarmy dialogue or scenes when men talk about conquests or snap a coworkers bra strap), and Huang Xiaoming occasionally. Greasy is a term used to describe actors and occasionally actresses who overdo the “Im so cool, so sexy, worship me” schtick and Yangyang had been called greasy since…. His movie with Liu Yifei? Nobody is saying he isn’t goodlooking,what they mean is that Yangyang looks like he is all too aware of his visuals like a Ken doll. He’d be perfect to play Ken over Liu Simu.

        It isn’t an attack on Yangyang only this hilarious compilation has all the famous greasy actors in C-ent another compilation even singers lets just say Yangyang isn’t even getting it as bad as Zhang Han last year because his drama got taken down by the authorities due to complaints about gropey scenes and sexist scenes. People piled onto Zhang Han calling him greasy and started analysing all the greasy kings and queens of C-ent. Even Yuzheng posted about how to “reduce greasyness” onscreen back then.

  15. I’m not Yang Yang or Wang Chu Ran’s fan. Cnets criticized Yang Yang for being stiff and greasy, I think he’s rather good at acting with his eyes. If he can improve his frown, he’ll be fine. Cnets not only criticized the two main actors, but from the very first days of the film’s release, anti-fans have always bashed the film. The scene where the female lead saves the baby is a scene that I find very humane, but Cnetz criticized that it is killing the baby’s mother, breaking the rules, etc. Then criticized the way the male and female lead instructed the fire extinguisher. I’m a movie fan, I only pay attention to the feelings of the male and female leads, the film’s content, I’m easygoing so I don’t go to scrutinize how they use the wrong fire extinguisher. Cnetz said that WCR did not cooperate with PGY when promoting Love Heals but going to the Maldives with Yang Yang. I am the person who watched this show then I can say that Cnetz’s saying is wrong, because that day PGY went with 2 other male actors. WCR participated in Love Heal promotion with 2 actresses at another meeting day later. It means that anti fans are not telling the truth. When PGY can’t contact WCR by phone, Cnetz can’t blame WCR because it’s not what WCR is responsible to do if it out of plan. I am a person who has watched WCR’s Fireworks and Love Heals, and I see that both of the films reflect humanity. However, in my opinion, anti-fans’s cyberbulling and violence on YY and WCR for over one month is extremely cruel. What did both of them YY and WCR do wrong, they have tried their best to complete their roles well, if the anti fans don’t recognize their efforts, then anti-fans can ignore the film. In addition, anti-fans bashed YY and WCR’s looks and made up stories about their private issues. It is your mouth, you can say whatever you want, however, if I don’t like someone, you shouldn’t say bad or toxic things about that person, if you hate it, you shouldn’t watch their films. Then, the movie without an audience will flop by itself. In conclusion, living in real life, you should not criticize others through word of mouth, through rumors or by hearing from other people, but you should directly watch the film to feel it for yourself and make legitimate and constructive comments (if any) rather than plunging the person into the mud by only watching clips or not watching the film at all.

    • Any prolonged drama are quite boring nowadays. If you pay attention, hit Drama are usually short. Such as YAMG which is only 30ep or so. Same with One & Only, Forever & Ever, though it’s 2 season but each can be its own standalone drama.

      It is because we actually living in a modern depression era, even I cannot find myself to truly enjoy any movies, dramas or even famous games anymore due too many worries in life that keep shadowing me.

      In Regard of Fire Works, it actually does quite well, aside from Douban, it have high rating everywhere else. However, I think negativity were driven from how the Drama were promoted through private affairs of actors been seen spending time together in Maldives or even in Hotel and that caused quite a stir because YangYang had too many scandals with his co-stars, possibly with each & everyone of them. But everyone seemed to believe he settle with Reba only to have Churan step into the pictures. Many YangDi got bitter-taste in their mouth after that.

      In Regard of acting… I don’t think Yang Yang was bad in anything but there were some scene that he was seemingly stiff in all of his movies but then again, what do you supposed to when you’re not allow to say anything and supposed to be pretend to be quiet!!! I think issue is not with his acting but rather the direction instead, because they do linger a bit too long on his face which make everything looks boring… however, in scene where he delivered his emotions, he does delivery it well, beyond most actor actually, when he’s crying or scream or in pain or angry, it shows except from when he pretend to be emotionless, coupling with prolong shot of his still-face making everything boring.

      What make Yang Yang appeared to be boring most of time and have it confused with “Bad Acting” actually not his Acting Skills but rather his over-all features. He have extreme facial features, from eyes-brows to nose, to mouth, to jaw line, to eye shapes, to teeth, all are PERFECT which making it everything “Too Cliche”. In every scene, his face is ALWAYS PERFECT and that’s the biggest issue, you can’t play a weak character to gain sympathy when you have a face of an Angel.

      For people like Allen Ren, he have somewhat Average Face, he is Handsome but you can find his face everywhere on Chinese Street, some guy even more handsome than him, so it made people more attractive to him without being too jealsou of him because he’s relatable. Wang Yibo is another great looking guy but he also have flaw in his eyebrows & eyes that looked “Drowsy” most of the time and his mouth, while some may call it “sexy” it actually quite out of shape which made him to be more relatable, more human, imperfect.

      Yang Yang just down right, looking like a Perfect Sculpture like his face was Carved and not naturally born with it which how he was debut actually. He was so handsome to the point where direct heard of his look and he was recruited right out of his school to do Dream of Red Mansion and was cast as Lead Male in that movie despite he have no experience at all. It’s hard to feel sad or bad for people with his kind of face.

      Same thing in real life… most people don’t feel bad for Good Looking Guys because we’re prejudice against them, thinking they life must’ve been alot easier than us.

      But regarding criticism, people are cruel indeed. They are attacking him all over the place despite he really didn’t do anything. If you think he’s bad in acting, just don’t watch his shows. Simple as that. What’s with all the hates & the attacking? Jealousy?

      Honestly, I’ve seen probably 100 thousand movies by now… There are worse of the worse but I never feel the need to go any Actor’s social media and attack them at every corners. If actors not meet my liking or I feel nothing about them, I just don’t follow their works.

      But all in all, I do not find flaws in his over-all acting and I’ve follow him for nearly 15yrs.

      Personally, I think he is too perfect, whether it comes to works or personal life, so whenever he had a hiccup, people just took opportunity to attack him and to me, that driven from Jealousy & Envy rather constructive criticism. Because 99% of complains about him, don’t even make sense.

      I mean, people complain about wasting Fire Extinguisher? You waste this every year, because you supposed to shake the bottle every few months otherwise it’s unusable. In my 30yrs of life, I’ve thrown away over a few dozen of fire extinguisher because I keep forget to shake them, when I use them for testing, they became dead and I had to throw away and buy new one. And trust me, some has never shake their bottle in years.

      And water tap, opening… come on??? They shoot a 2 minute kissing scene, how much water can it actually wasted? Did they cause water shortage in City or something??? Because I shower in Bathtub EVERYDAY, and Everyday, I flush a Tub Full of Water down the drain… and they complain about Tap Water running for 2 minutes? And water department chime in for this? LOLzzzzz… They break the pipe here & there and it takes them hours to even days, to fix it, no one waste water more than Water Department itself.

      Actually, when you’re in mode to do something like that, you don’t pay attention to WATER RUNNING… And if you does, you’re the freak. Why do you think kids are drowning, houses are getting burned when people are doing the ugly? Because they in THE MODE, they in THE HEAT. So no one is paying attention to their surrounding.

      And beside, you’re making a movie, not a Life Guide Book, just because someone left a water running while they doing the dirty, doesn’t mean you have to follow their advice and it also doesn’t reflect real life in anyway… People are not even that “Emotional Complicated” anymore…

      Nowadays, you dislike something about a person, next day move on and started screwing around with next girl. You don’t waste 10yrs ANYMORE!!!

      They complain about how Life Saving Technical Expertise weren’t use correctly… how you name ONE REAL PERSON you know, that is been struggle with their high school sweetheart for 10yrs??? Does such a person exist? Most guy I know, don’t even remember their current girlfriend’s birthday properly.

  16. It’s disheartening to realize that the fireworks of my heart are more celebrated in other countries than in their own. Yang Yang and Wang Chu Ran’s chemistry and acting are truly remarkable. It’s puzzling why there’s criticism towards such talented individuals.

    • Could be bots. Not real bots, but people who’d paid by other Actors & Stars to bash famous & high traffic actors like Yang Yang.

      I actually confronted a few of them already. And they all proceed to delete their accounts.

      They keep saying “I don’t like Yang Yang and I never follow him” but again, the same people, went into over hundreds of post/forum, just to say the same negative things over & over again while self proclaim, they are not Haters. So I confronted them…

      Also, one of Yang Yang’s main backlash, due to Zheng Shuang’s fans. It’s crazy, but it is. Some of ZS’s believed Yang Yang to be womanizer, that’s why he won’t settle with Love O2O co-star ZS. And because she wasn’t with YY then she met her husband and met her down fall… for some unknown reason, they blame Yang Yang for it. It just pure insanity.

  17. I guess their dating rumor sparked these nasty comments about the actors, prod staff, storyline, etc. coz even before the airing of this CDrama I have already read negative feedbacks about them saying they will not support this drama. When peeps saw the loopholes they bombarded them with negative comments fueling the fire.

    • Yes… since when did we start to pay attention to Actors’ private life?

      Back when I was growing up… it all just about Characters of movie/drama. We would discussed Character, like Xiaolongu Vs. Huang Rong, who would be more powerful… kinda like Jean Grey vs. Scarlett Witch. No one has ever discussed Actors’ private life unless it’s about some big scandal like Kris Wu’s personal life.

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