Han Ji Min and Lee Joon Hyuk Offered Lead Roles in Romance K-drama Acquaintances

Well this is certainly a very appealing and sensible casting of two well matched leads in a genre I love. K-ent is reporting that Han Ji Min and Lee Joon Hyuk have been offered the lead roles in an upcoming romance K-drama called Acquaintances. She plays the successful founder of a headhunting firm but sucks at the interpersonal stuff and he’s a smart and caring single dad that becomes her secretary. Love the gender wrapped trope and also these two sparking onscreen in a mature and smexy way.


Han Ji Min and Lee Joon Hyuk Offered Lead Roles in Romance K-drama Acquaintances — 6 Comments

  1. Wait until you watch Behind your touch. Han ji min is so good in comedy that I am sure she will do well in a romcom. With Lee Joon Hyuk, almost same age and acting wise, visually are a match. Bring it on!

  2. I don’t know why this pairing feels surprising, but it does make a lot of sense and I’m gonna have to check it out.

  3. As long as he stays away from cameos, villains, and dying, it’s a win. Plus, solid co-star actress. I suspect the actor in him is yawning at the boring office setting premise. He dislikes wearing suits. But he’s also afraid of declining the offer. The script better be good. Fingers crossed the script is not typical brainless tropey rom-com fluff.

    • I hope it is not like KTL, all fluff but unfortunately no substance. Watching is a breeze but conflicts adds spice to the story too. I hope the production behind the project is good.

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