Kim Go Eun Models Chanel Fine Jewelry in Elegantly Spare Vogue Korea September 2023 Pictorial

The monster September editions of fashion magazines are coming out soon with the month always being the herald for the lynchpin fall fashion shows and trends to come. Kim Go Eun will have her own pictorial in Vogue Korea next month in collaboration with Chanel fine jewelry lines accessorized by Chanel couture. She’s been a great pick for the brand to use in South Korea, effortlessly able to do quirky and also straightforward modern feminine vibes. Love her looks here even if the jewels are a tad much on some pictures I don’t think anyone would wear that many loud pieces all at once.


Kim Go Eun Models Chanel Fine Jewelry in Elegantly Spare Vogue Korea September 2023 Pictorial — 9 Comments

    • I get what you’re saying. She has this vibe like, “Yeah I don’t fit the korean beauty standards, what about it?”. Love her unapologetic-ness lol, and I also like that she didn’t give in to the pressure and get plastic surgery or something just to fit the standards.

  1. She has an average Korean face but her advantage – she is quite tall. If she is below 1.6m, nobody would care about her with this face.

    Her bold decision in her debut film gave her a big success and put her as among top actresses in her generation, although her acting can be either hit or miss.

    • I thinks she’s very pretty. I don’t know if she’s ever had any plastic surgery, but it doesn’t look like it, and I love that she looks very natural, and unique.

    • Oh definitely! I’ve seen the KSH pics for Vogue and can’t wait to see the other pics, she looks so stunning with the edgy yet chic styling! Love this for them! 😌

    • I know this is kinda out of topic, but i want so badly to see these two in a project together. they’re both in Goblin, but didn’t have scenes together. kim go eun was the former brand ambassador for JM Solution, the brand that Kim so hyun is now endorsing. and now they’re both in the vogue sept. issue. just noticing these coincidences make me want to see them work together even more. hoping they will have a project together soon, something female-centric like Little women. they’re two of my favorite k-actresses

  2. I consider her as a beautiful woman , Chanel jewelry is too heavy , it doesn’t match the concept of the photoshoot . She isn’t an old lady!!! Even Kate Middleton doesn’t wear so much jewels at the same time .

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