First Teaser and New Poster for Xianxia C-drama The Last Immortal with Zhao Lu Si and Wang An Yu

Hooboy, I am now more excited and also more nervous for upcoming xianxia C-drama The Last Immortal. I’m more excited because I quite liked the first teaser just released, not love yet but it doesn’t have too much of the annoying xianxia tropes. I’m nervous because of Zhao Lu Si‘s dialogue reading, OMG she is going to be raked through the coals for this drama if this is how her line readings are. I like her natural voice, it’s girly but not shrieky or sharp and I was on the side that she did fine in Love Like the Galaxy for the early critiques that she did not enunciate properly and had a tendency to mumble. She’s not a great line reader as those theater university trained but she’s not bad enough to distract. But here the first two lines of dialogue have words that are near unintelligible unless I read the subtitle. I adore her and just cringe for her thinking about the criticism that is bound to happen especially in a period drama. That aside, she’s cute and the drama seems a balanced of youth travel the world hijinks and a grand world ending conspiracy lurking in the shadows. Oh, Wang An Yu currently makes no impression on me here I hope he’s more interesting in the actual drama.

Preview for The Last Immortal:


First Teaser and New Poster for Xianxia C-drama The Last Immortal with Zhao Lu Si and Wang An Yu — 35 Comments

  1. I hope ZLS and WAY have chemistry bc this is the first time where I didn’t feel any chemistry between her and her ml. But it’s only a teaser so hopefully the drama itself proves me wrong.

    • Wang Anyu joined last minute because Jing Boran quit due to expectations that he will have the top billing, it’s not a bad move bc it’s a pastel color drama with teens on an adventure quest and he’s 34. Lusi is expecting to have top billing in all her future dramas going forward so her choice of MLs is limited and she’ll prefer to act with less popular MLs e.g. He Yu or Wang Anyu over someone like Dylan Wang or Arthur Chen because they have more clout to carry the project over Lusi.

      Hope Lusi will go fill in TLI producer Yang Xiaopei’s FL centric Huan Yu which is lacking a FL after Song Zuer’s tax issues, they are due to begin in end September and the ML is Zhou Yiran so she can get the top billing she wants.

      • @Anon
        It’s incredible how fast this girl’s risen in the industry, and what resources she’s been getting practically since her debut. Is she from a rich family?
        Also, is top billing such a big deal that she’d take lesser projects just to be the biggest star on set? How goes that Chinese saying–better be a chicken head than a phoenix tail? Doesn’t a S-level drama with someone like Wu Lei (Love Like the Galaxy) elevate her career more?

  2. I’m not sure how I feel about the first teaser. It’s alright. I think the comedy with Xian Xian genre is not meshing well with me. Sure, you can have comedy, but sometimes comedy can make it childish depending on how it’s directed. CGI is definitely lacking and the clothes looked better in pics than in motion.

    • Zhou Ye is older by 6 months (May 1998) than Zhao Lu Si (December 1998) and Zhao Lusi is 1 month older than Wang Chu Ran (January 1999). They are barely one year apart from each other so it’s kinda crazy to label ZLS as if she is one generation older than them, like a grandma to a mother. Please don’t hate ZLS to such a ridiculous extent of exaggerating her age gap with others.

      And I also don’t know why WCR is now getting so much love in this thread while demeaning ZLS. Koala is writing about ZLS here, not WCR….Is this a “troll movement of ZLS + WCR fan club”, hijacking this thread? You can love WCR but please don’t turn ZLS into a villanaous actress or elevate WCR at the expense of bullying ZLS.

      Since when ZLS is from a super wealthy family? I don’t know much about ZLS’s family but please don’t confuse with Esther Yu who fails from a very rich family. Regardless, both actresses still need to work hard to prove themselves and I think they did a great job so far.

      And again this is not an article or post on Ju Jing Yi. While JJY is not the most brilliant actress of the century but she did whatever in her roles. JJY never come across as inept or irritating in her portrayals, unlike some actresses.

      As for Zhao Li Ying, Yang Mi and Yang Zi… they are top notch actresses so it’s kind irrelevant to compare upcoming actresses with them.

      • Are you serious? WCR looks old in ALL her dramas. I think her physique and mannerism gave me that impression. I thought she’s in her late 20s – early 30s. She’s even younger than ZLS in her age?

      • Yes @somebody. You are right.
        WCR is beautiful and slightly younger than the other actresses but she does look a lot older than Zhou Ye or Zhao Lusi. Hmmm I guess it’s due to her mature vibe. In a way it’s a good thing for her since it would be more believable for WCR to take on a variety of roles

  3. Lusi hasn’t filmed since Last Immortal wrapped and theres rumours her agency wants her consider other dramas as 珠帘玉慕 cannot find a ML, the same issue when Jing Boran quit TLI and Wang Anyu got hired last minute. I’m wondering why she can’t get better scripts or MLs (guess she wants top billing on drama promos and won’t accept acting with a more famous actor) despite her top popularity in her age group, she’s on Ju Jingyi path whereby even if her dramas gets a lot of views and have a solid fanbase, she’s stuck in the same pastel-color idol dramas, reprising similar roles? Ju Jingyi is the top female liuliang across all ages on weibo but she’s unable to break out of a comfort zone and looks/sounds the same in every drama so while her dramas do well among her fans, nonfans can’t stomach her acting and she’s not taken seriously by the industry.

    Lusi’s baby voice may limit her as she’s 25 and will move into womanly roles soon, Wang Churan can play doctors, ancient beauties, or a mountain robber in her new drama with Zhang Wanyi and Zhou Ye is rumored to be cast as a reborn female general (this is a very good role if she can pull it off) and has played bullies or moms in films but Lusi is sorta stuck in cute comedic roles where she’s naive or rebellious but she’s older than Zhang Jingyi or Wang Churan? Thing is Lusi wants to be the new Zhao Liying and do scripts that focus on the FL, but her acting isn’t really good enough to be offered 女强人 power woman roles like Zhao Liying’s Luzhen or Princess Agents, and those roles will go to better actresses like Zhou Ye, Guan Xiaotong. Song Zuer getting cancelled may help Lusi but her acting isn’t really on par and Zuer was previously doing roles where the FL is a mom, something Lusi doesn’t suits given her baby voice.

    • Since when Jung Ji yi dramas get a lot of views ? non fans cant stomach her acting ? oh I wonder how lltg, hl and trotar did so well with views. all of them are her fans ? lmaoo. u can say wtvr u want anon but only lusi and ysx can pull viewers. the only top two 95 liners. those names u mentioned zhou ye wcr etc havent proof anything yet.

    • Lol it funny u r the same people that if she works with popular actors n she is popular, u will say she is popular because of them, Now that she is creating a niche for her self, she is making bad choices. She just can’t win with u people. All I know is so far her choices has gotten her to the place she is now, which says a lot,I want to believe she knows what she is doing.N she is the same age has Zangjinyi and Wang chung ran age,which is 24 year, information almost all people who follows her or most people in the industry know,I don’t know where u got the information that she is older than them.

      • What are taking about girl… Do you know korean actress park bo young n jang nara.. When they young they also didn’t take any mature drama even park bo young still didn’t take mature drama even she 33y. When they older. They will take mature character tht time.. Thre no need to be fast.. Lusi just like tht.. Every one have their own character n personality.. If all just like Wang churan then what the difference.. Please don’t ever compare other people.. Grow up girl.. If u want cdrama to grow up then there must have diff actress n character.. Coz production can choose.. It will bonus for us. They can select which actress will good n suit for their drama. I like wang churan too.. I like her not from fireworks in heart.. But other drama before.. Wang churan is good in her way.. Lusi too.. Plus why all people always compare her with zhao liying.. Zhao liying is different era.. compare senior n junior is very red flag..

  4. They are definitely going to run her through the coals that for sure, it even started already, I honestly dont have issues concerning her voice n I do think it could be better. Anyway it will be interesting to see how this play out when it airs.

  5. @Adnana Her family is wealthy and she’s an only child and went to a Taiwanese private university which costs more than studying in China due to her grades, she said she got 16 for math lol she managed to get connected to Yuzheng who gave her a debut role in his drama, so she is well connected. That said I think Lusi has the most audience rapport in her age group due to her unthreatening looks and comedic expressions, a bit like Yangzi? But Lusi lacks her crying, emotional acting, and voice acting skills.

    Billing matters a lot in Cdrama since the top billed actor gets to list the drama on their CV and have their face&name taking the bulk of the posters. In LLTG WuLei was the top billed due to his industry clout even if Lusi had more scenes, that meant even if LLTG did well she doesn’t get to claim the “results” on her CV and is paid less. Once actors get into the liuliang scene their fandom expect dramas to be tailored around their character e.g. Lusi’s fans expect her new dramas to revolve around her character and not the ML so she is unlikely to do a drama with a more famous actor like Xiao Zhan or Yibo because her big fandom will fight with those popular actor’s fandom and cause way too much drama and bad press.

    Lusi use to call herself a new Zanilia Zhao because she’s an untrained actor too but Zhao Liying path is very hard to replicate. She looks and sounds smart enough to pull off QingEr and Female Prime Minister roles even as a young actress, but can do ditzy in Journey of Flower and Boss & Me. She even does warrior roles convincingly. The most important thing is Zhao Liying has a very clear unditzy voice better than a lot of trained actors and can get roles like Minglan or Wild Blood so Lusi needs to work on her lines to match up.

    • I see… thanks for info on her. I did wonder about her rapid rise. And she does not have to deal with many ugly side of the industry as she seem well protected.

      • She not rapid rise dear.. She very good acting n working hard.. .. Even our princess frm my country also like her. When 1st time she watch her drama.. She so good i like her.. The our princess Watch 2 3 drama.. She said “im big fan of her”. Do you think lusi can paid our princess to get review..?

        Do you know Hidden love have problem bfore start.. Budget cut, director run coz he said they can’t make it the drama cz the budget, there problem with 2 3 actor coz the actor problem,she call her friend for help,the prop also done by her. they even don’t hve stylish in the drama.. All provide by lusi, even ost also lusi help coz good friend with silence wang(to approve she good friend silence wang u can watch in rlity show fridge”.. She help a lot to make the drama success.. Do you think she use connection or she just hard working girl.. People who talk bad about lusi delusional..

        About S+ actor there have problem before. When she just early debut she got bash by s+ fandom.. She even wanna quit.. Cuz she got stress.. But her mom n fans keep support her.. Tht why she always good with her fans..

    • I see…thanks for sharing. There are many artiste who have to go thru the ugliness of the industry to stand out. Lusi is not one of them, she seem like a well protected young girl and have many doors open for her. But in time, she will definitely need a voiceover… I really struggle to hear her speak every now and then. Her girly voice works for now but it will not last…

      • @HL well protected ? Im sorry but please do your research first before simply came out with that statement. u have zero idea what lusi has been thru. Ive become a fan since 2020 and the amount of hates shes getting is just awful. people bodyshaming her, calling her names. she is popular compare to the other 95 flowers because she has a few popular drama under her belt even A/B level drama. trotar is a low budget drama but they managed to attract a lot of viewers. trotar success open opportunity for her to act along yang yang and wulei. she started from a low budget drama . many doors ? lol

      • I won’t take Anon formation has valid, I will say listen to all side and make ur conculsion. Among the 95 flowers lusi have Had it bad due to certain untruful rumours about her from her early career, compared to her other peers that her fans r happy at how far she has been able to come n withstand the ent pressure, she get the most hate ,most criticise n I guess most love too imo

    • @Anon
      Thanks so much for clearing things up. I hope Zhao Lusi works on her skills so she can eventually surpass the liuliang status and have a more diverse and long-lasting career. I imagine exclusively(?) liuliang actresses like Zhao Liying and Yang Mi who can maintain their popularity well into their thirties are rather rare.

      From the 20s age group, I find Bai Lu the most beautiful and talented. (Not that I’m watching that many C-dramas, but Bai Lu’s beauty is really memorable for me. I’ve heard of more talented actresses in her age group, but none of them more beautiful than her, imho.) I hope she has no scandals lurking to ruin her career too…

      BTW, may I ask if it’s true that Zhao Liying has gotten a lot of support from Nicky Wu in her career? And did her marriage or divorce affect her status as actress, or the role offers she’s receiving? I seem to be hearing less of her than before.

      • I agree, Bai lu is definitely the best of this group of actresses in terms of looks and acting skills! She’s very versatile.

    • @Anon, I honestly dont know we’re u get ur informations from but most of them is so false. Has far has I know, lusi come from a middle class family not a wealthy one like u mentioned, the thing is she is the only child so her interest matters a lot to her parent, so they support her when is necessary because they didn’t spend much time with her when she was young, they make it up to her now. She was actually close to her gram pa who recently die, it was around the time of the tencent award show, that why she could not attend, she was in morning then. Every close fan of her knows this.As for yuzheng issues I don’t know if he was the one who gave her, her debuted role but I do know he was the one that brought about the issue the labelled her green tea. I don’t know the detailed concerning this but base on what have heard , she was in his show n she has already signed a contract for the tiger n rose drama but yuzheng wanted her to stay , which might have let her lose the role but she went knowing his disapproval,with him telling his audience that she is new a actress with attitude bringing her the label green gea, Dang yixi (ML) of the show has to cover for her because she reached on set late,something she always show gratitude to Dang yixi (ML) anytime it comes up on interviews, i say she made the best decision, it the show that truly opened the doors for her. My information might be inaccurate concerning this issue but I do know she does not see eye to eye with yuzheng n her dedicated fans knows this. She is unlikely to do a show with XZ and WYB because their massive fans will just give her unnecessary hate. Same with what happened with yang yang during shooting n airing of wrtw not because of billing issues, I don’t think she is the type who will fight for billing unless her fans make noise on the matter. If the role speaks to her n she is the second billing, I don’t think she will care much with what have seen of her and listening to her interviews.
      Lusi never called herself the new zhoa lin ying ,I don’t know where u got that information from, it the industry n fans according to her pattern of success that looks similar to zhoa lin ying so they associate them together, the same way Esther yu to DD, WCR to LYF n even song Zuher to Yang zi. There was one interview where the presenter mentioned this matter, n she humbly said she has totally respect for her senior zhoa but she has not reached her calliber yet, n that she is still learning. People twist information all the time to creat drama.

      • girlll, this anon user is everywhere under lusi related entry. this person pretends like she knows everything about lusi. ”she from wealthy family” lusi already denied the rumour. she is not from a wealthy family. who are you to say otherwise? her neighbour ??

      • @mercy
        Thanks for clarifying. ZLS has been targeted a lot ever since Yu Zheng made comments about her. He also made bad comments about Deng Wei and we will see whether that will have a serious impact on his career. Anyway that shows ZLS is not powerful or highly connected in the industry as insisted by her trolls, anti fans in the industry.

        I don’t enjoy all her dramas but I don’t dislike her either. I do like her alot in Who Rules the World and wish she would play serious and more dramatic roles in the future, which I believe she is capable to do so. And of course Love Like the Galaxy coz Wu Lei is such a sweetheart. One thing for sure is ZLS can pull off great chemistry with her male leads …

      • Agree with @mercy . Anon is just making things up and cannot hide her dislike for Lusi couched up as ‘news or information’. Luis’s family is middle class not wealthy. She’s shared pics of her dad and her home online. Even by Chinese standards, it’s not wealthy. Secondly, I don’t know where readers got the idea that Lusi had things easy compared to other actresses or she is ‘protected’ and ‘sheltered’. Have you watched her earlier work before her breakout role in Tiger and Rose? She acted in a lot of B and C list dramas. In some of them she wasn’t as good as she is today, but you could see her steady improvement which each role. She had to climb through the muck like the rest of them to get where she is today. The girl is smart and talented. She makes smart decisions and knows how to develop relationships with people in the industry to get where she is today. At the same time, she’s not a pushover, she’s outspoken and not afraid to speak up if she feels taken advantage of. Not everyone has that savvy which is responsible in a large part for her career growth. I don’t know where this idea that Lusi wants top billing in all her dramas. I call that bullish!t. Lusi is not afraid to take second billing in dramas which may lead to potential growth and development of her as an actress like LLTG, The Long Ballad and even the recently panned Gen Z where she acted alongside industry experts. Unlike Ju Jingting, Lusi does branch out from time to time to tackle things not in her comfort zone like Hu Tong. She doesn’t always do a good job, but she’s still trying. She said in an interview that she chooses roles that speak to her which she thinks she can pull off, she was nervous when filming Gen Z, but got encouragement from senior actors on set. So instead of taking commenters words as gospel, I’d advise anyone who is interested to read and watch her past interviews and form their own opinions.

    • What are talking about do you our princess from my country big fan of cdrama.. 1st time she watch her in TRTAR with ding yuxi.. She was surprise n said she so good i like her acting.. She even post in her insta.. She also said start big fan of lusi.. Do you think lusi can buy our princess in my country there to rate her.? . She reply with other commenter “i like her. She very good acting . She very different..” what zhao liying is from different era.. Please stop day dream..

    • Bruh what kind of tea you drinking lol. Zhao Liying was NOT in any way form or shape convincing as a warrior hahahaha. Her most recent dramas have been dramatic flops and she hasn’t proven herself yet for a comeback. Not to say I don’t find her a serviceable actress, but in terms of acting, Zhao Lusi has been much more convincing and nuanced than Zhao Liying.

      I’ve been following both actresses, and I was impressed by ZLS since her debut acting as an antagonist and then as a meek FL and then later as the strong, witty and independent NiuNiu in LLTG. She has done many roles convincingly. I can’t say the same for ZLY – when she switched tracks to be more serious, she flopped. You think ZLY can do YangZi’s crying scenes? Lol.

      But we all have our own opinions and perspective. If ZLS allows someone to dub her, I’m sure opinions will change. In this drama, though, she’s supposed to be immature so her voice suits her fine.

  6. Can’t the male lead & female lead share top billing? I don’t get why they would only give credit to one and not the other. BTW, what does CV stand for?

  7. I enjoy watching her movies. I enjoy her ML pairing. On top of their bill or not as long as they can deliver. Regardless of her connection she has proven her talent. She has several movies in Netflix more accessible than other viewing sites. And these comes in top 10 in my country. Her voice matches her roles. I’m sure the voice will mature with proper training and as she ages. We all have different views hope we can be more none personal in our criticism.

    • I have to be honest. Hidden Love is extremely popular outside China, perhaps even more popular than my favorite actor’s summer hit drama that’s very popular and beat Hidden Love on every rating chart in China. I have to give ZLS and the ML credits for bringing out the charm of a just simple story that a young gal has a crush on an older guy. Ppl like her for legit reasons. I think it’s futile for naysayers to desperately deny her acting credentials, specifically whenever her new drama is coming out.

  8. Oof. Xianxia is NOT her genre. She’s too good at playing realistic characters in realistic worlds. This ain’t it! That sparkling connection she always has with her MLs is completely absent. At least in this trailer. She’s definitely out of her element!

  9. I’m not Lusi’s fan but I like her enough to check out her dramas. She’s got two hit dramas since last yr, Love Like the Galaxy and Hidden Love that I got to finish rarely other than my favorite actor’s dramas. I don’t stan her. So I won’t bother to write long essays about her career path and whatnot. Nor am I interested in long ass analysis of her acting and projection of her career prospect like lab reports analyzing active chemical reactions or some kinds of interesting scientific evidence. LOL. She has her charm on screen and convincing in her own ways telling stories that’s appealing to me as a drama fan. I’ll watch any of my fave’s dramas, regardless of reviews, negative or positive. For many other actors, I’ll bypass any of their dramas, regardless of reviews, negative or positive, bcos those actors have already disappointed me A LOT in the past. Lusi isn’t one of them. Her dramas had hits or misses that’s normal to most of popular and prolific actors. Besides, her two recent dramas got me hooked. So, I’ll check out her dramas regardless of what fake buffs rant about her. If the plot and everything else such as directing are interesting, then I’ll continue to watch this drama. Otherwise, just drop it. No big deal.

    I believe I’m not the only ordinary drama fans not stanning Lusi but like her enough to watch her dramas. Why did ppl have to go extra miles to project she wouldn’t be as successful as Zhao Lying et al who have totally different acting styles as ZLS? It’s a comparison of orange to apple. We all have different tastes of dramas and actors in terms of their visuals and acting styles. I, for example, don’t consider a certain actress a great actress but her fans talk about her as if she were the queen of idol costume dramas. LOL She doesn’t even have that fitting visuals and her acting is recycling dull too. So why do you think ZLS isn’t on par with her? That’s your bias, not mine, not how many drama fans think about ZLS and the other actress.

  10. I fall in love with Zhao Lusi since the drama TROTAR….and watch all her other drama. She makes me happy just by watching her. Hope she receives more love rather than hate. Remember not all people are the same even actress are not the same. They have their own unique individuality. She deserves all the success now because she work hard for it. All her drama is popular. Please refrain from spreading negativity just positive thoughts for my dear Zhao Lusi. We all have favorites but I don’t bash or hate other fave actors but still watch their drama. Lots of love from Philippines

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