First Teaser and New Poster for Xianxia C-drama The Last Immortal with Zhao Lu Si and Wang An Yu

Hooboy, I am now more excited and also more nervous for upcoming xianxia C-drama The Last Immortal. I’m more excited because I quite liked the first teaser just released, not love yet but it doesn’t have too much of the annoying xianxia tropes. I’m nervous because of Zhao Lu Si‘s dialogue reading, OMG she is going to be raked through the coals for this drama if this is how her line readings are. I like her natural voice, it’s girly but not shrieky or sharp and I was on the side that she did fine in Love Like the Galaxy for the early critiques that she did not enunciate properly and had a tendency to mumble. She’s not a great line reader as those theater university trained but she’s not bad enough to distract. But here the first two lines of dialogue have words that are near unintelligible unless I read the subtitle. I adore her and just cringe for her thinking about the criticism that is bound to happen especially in a period drama. That aside, she’s cute and the drama seems a balanced of youth travel the world hijinks and a grand world ending conspiracy lurking in the shadows. Oh, Wang An Yu currently makes no impression on me here I hope he’s more interesting in the actual drama.

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C-ent Upcoming Dramas Drop Romantic New Posters Celebrating 2023 Chinese Valentine’s Day on Lunar 7/7 Date

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Zhao Lu Si and Wang An Yu Along with the Main Cast of Xianxia C-drama The Last Immortal Attend Live Prior to Filming Wrap

Okay, the ladies of upcoming xianxia C-drama The Last Immortal (Hidden God) absolutely look like birds of paradise come to life in outfit form lol. The almost completed filming C-drama stars Zhao Lu Si, Wang An Yu, and Li Run … Continue reading