Liu Hao Cun and Wang An Yu Confirmed for Modern Romance C-drama Be Passionately in Love

A new modern romance C-drama is cast and heading into production next month. It’s adapted from a popular C-novel Be Passionately in Love (陷入我们的热烈 Sinking into Out Heated Passion) and will star resurgent C-actress Liu Hao Cun with Wang An Yu. Her career is back on track thanks to the unexpected success of C-drama Derailment while his big break that was supposed to come with xianxia C-drama The Last Immortal not only didn’t happen but set him back half a step, but their pairing up here seems like right casting, right project, and right time. I’ll be keeping an eye out on this one.

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Modern BL-novel Adapted C-drama Chasing the Light with Wang An Yu and Fan Cheng Cheng Reportedly Airdropping on Streaming in April 2024

This may be an April Fool’s joke but C-ent insiders are saying that the deepest buried BL-novel adapted C-drama may get an air drop this month in April. The drama is a modern story titled Chasing the Light starring Wang … Continue reading

The Last Immortal Drops Out of Top 5 Viewership Midway Through Airing and Slowly Becoming a Small Flop Rather than a Medium Success

So it’s now past the midway point for xianxia C-drama The Last Immortal which is proving itself quite mortal to growing criticism. The drama premiered with a bang, a fast rise out of the gate and solid first impressions. It … Continue reading

The Last Immortal Hits 6 Million Reservations Ahead of December 11th Premiere Setting New Tencent Record in 2023

I’m a little eyebrow raise on this statistic but whatevers, kudos to Tencent for drumming up interest in it’s new xianxia C-drama The Last Immortal as it hit 6 million reservations of viewers ahead of tomorrow’s premiere. I would have … Continue reading

C-ent Upcoming Dramas Drop Romantic New Posters Celebrating 2023 Chinese Valentine’s Day on Lunar 7/7 Date

Today on August 22nd is also lunar date July 7th which means Chinese Valentine’s Day, which remains a celebrated date but so does Western Valentine’s Day on February 14th so it’s like getting two V-days heh. Many of the upcoming … Continue reading

Zhao Lu Si and Wang An Yu Along with the Main Cast of Xianxia C-drama The Last Immortal Attend Live Prior to Filming Wrap

Okay, the ladies of upcoming xianxia C-drama The Last Immortal (Hidden God) absolutely look like birds of paradise come to life in outfit form lol. The almost completed filming C-drama stars Zhao Lu Si, Wang An Yu, and Li Run … Continue reading