Xianxia C-drama The Last Immortal with Zhao Lu Si and Wang An Yu Wraps Run and Opens with 6.1 Ratings on Douban

I personally use anything over 7 as decent and worth checking out when a drama opens on Douban the crowd rating site in C-ent. Over 8 is amazing and around 6 is mediocre, and anything below that in the 5s and under is avoid at all costs. Xianxia C-drama The Last Immortal (Hidden God) wrapped its run last week and this week opened on Douban with a 6.1 ratings. From the reviews as the drama progressed the Douban ratings appear accurate, this drama was hard carried by top billed Zhao Lu Si (who had her own share of criticism for her cutesy voice and lack of enunciation) while male lead Wang An Yu may be a good actor but was wholly unsuited visually for a xianxia role. He just looks dopey all the time with the period headgear when he’s supposed to look handsome and charming, not to mention his character was also mopey for a good chunk of the drama. Zhao Lu Si’s pull and her strong fandom did their best to hype up and keep the buzz train going but the drama didn’t have a strong story behind it sand without a solid OTP it just kinda flails. At least the ending didn’t suck and cause even the loyal fans to bail, that didn’t happen with A Journey to Love or My Journey to You, both just didn’t stick the landing despite being a better drama through the majority of its run.

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