Sat-Sun Sees tvN Premiere Arthdal Chronicles 2: The Sword of Aramun with Lee Jun Ki and Shin Se Kyung

This will be a weekend for me to see if season 2 of Arthdal Chronicles works for me. This Saturday tvN premiered Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun with aged up new leads Lee Jun Ki and Shin Se Kyung along with returning villains Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ok Bin. What is it that the nice folks grow older and the baddies stay the same haha, maybe from drinking the blood of innocents. Oh whoops, that’s a totally different type of fantasy and here in Arthdal it’s the battle of the conquering humans versus the one with nature others. I’m just here for double the Jun Ki and also seeing of kinda evil twin Saya can stir more shit up that was the best part of the OG season.


Sat-Sun Sees tvN Premiere Arthdal Chronicles 2: The Sword of Aramun with Lee Jun Ki and Shin Se Kyung — 3 Comments

  1. I’m looking forward to it. Song Joong Ki visually looked awkward in the season 1. SJK fits better in serious historical dramas like Deep Rooted Tree than fantasy drama. On the other hand, Lee Jun Ki is one of the most charismatic actors for costume fantasy dramas. His period action drama, Iljimae, turned me into a Kdrama fan.

    • Yes I also heard this first time in life. He was completely into the role.

      Actually I personally not going this anymore after first episode. It has completely changed. Not just Characters maturity level but their personality has completely changed. I can’t even connect eunsom saya Tanya are the same people.
      It’s 180° opposite from original story.

      Yes it’s a war drama. Lee Joon gi playing eunsom saya is playing another person name som saya nit the same one. They should have make it a different drama than sequel of arthdal.

      I knew season 2 will be about war but war seems to be result for something happened in parallel

      And the references!! Oh god. Do ancient Koreans look like Vikings and Indian mythological gods. That red paint on face! ! Oh old that was Indian rituals.
      Even if someone don’t know let me tell u the name saya- is Hindi word meaning – shadow, & he symbolises mirror which confirms it is Hindi word. Even Tanya is also a Indian name. That Vikings Armor of saya!??; I don’t think writers are not working but in terms of originality they have nothing new.

      The rating of ep 1 was lower than season 1 but let’s see above that. What happens next.

      Lee Joon gi is brilliant actor but I feel he should be original cast to any work he does. In the delema of playing someone else, he is not looking the previous one nor new one- looking someone new person.

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