First Official Stills for C-drama Guardians of the Dafeng with Dylan Wang and Tian Xi Wei

Well this was a surprise drop and with the drama still filming I believe a very nice treat. Period C-drama Guardians of the Dafeng with Dylan Wang and Tian Xi Wei released first official stills this week and it’s got that swashbuckling flair with a strong romance anchoring the central OTP connection. I like how this drama’s visuals are bright and straight forward, not trying to be too trendy or fusion. Dylan is rocking top visuals in this role and I’m still waiting Tian Xi Wei in a role and drama I think will make me her fan.


First Official Stills for C-drama Guardians of the Dafeng with Dylan Wang and Tian Xi Wei — 19 Comments

  1. I’m looking forward to this drama. Tian Xiwei’s visuals is totally my type but sadly she hasn’t hit a jackpot in her drama roles so far. Wang Hedi oozes bad boy charisma so naturally which is a rare commodity in C-ent, I hope he keeps on improving and comes out with good works.

    • Me too. She was great in New Life Begins and great chemistry with her costar. I love her eyes. Its so sparkly and compliments her infectious personality. Hope this can be a breakout role for her

  2. I’m already Tian Xi Wei’s fan! Think she was lovely and adorable in New Life Begins. I think this was her breakout role hence why she’s in all these other dramas now as lead actress. Granted, she hasn’t done too many dramas to date, but whatever she had done, they were convincing to me.

    Dylan’s visual here is so different from his past looks, need some adjustments for me. Nothing can top DFQC visuals though, just statuesque marble to me.

  3. Nothing special about the stills that look ordinary to me. Specifically the color of the 1st still is tacky. But I like both leads enough to check out this drama. I did not get to finish any of their dramas before, not bcos of their acting but the plots, directing, and dragging without substance etc., same issues across the board of C drama land. I don’t have high expectation over C dramas in general including this one. I was once again disappointed at the said hot drama of Esther Yu, My Journey to You. It’s a snoozefest starting ep 4. I literally fell asleep for 30 minutes throughout ep 4. Lol

    When would C costume dramas keep me hooked like Nirvana in Fire and The Untamed? Please pay more to scriptwriters!

  4. Dylan is very heavily marketed. He is very blessed to be given lots of good budgeted scripts and host top variety shows on Prime time TV. I personally do not understand if all these investments are paying off? He reminds of Wang Yibo who is also heavily invested. But Wang Yibo definitely have much higher value… Dylan’s acting needs more training…

    • More like Gong Jun? I’ve seen GJ A LOT in Weibo hot searches, prolly thanks to the popular variety shows he’s in. Nevertheless, I don’t see his progress in acting other than his breakout role in World of Honor. He’s pretty bland in all his other dramas.

      I personally think Dylan Wang has more talent in acting than GJ even though I’ve never got to finish any of his drama so far. Lol

      WYB doesn’t live up to his fame! He took a free ride of the hit drama The Untamed mainly carried alone by his costar, Xiao Zhan and rose to fame. Since then, WYB has been a commercial product heavily marketed by investors behind his agency. Those shareholders all have high stakes in his agency’s financial outlook. They’ve been doing all kinds of PR to save the idol’s downhill reputation and career. He can’t act. That’s the problem.

      Among the foregoing three, Dylan Wang is the best. The other two may be just flukes.

      • I agree, in terms of talents. Dylan has more then Gong Jun and Wang Yibo. Gong Jun and Wang Yibo cannot host variety shows. Both guys EQ skills are not very high. Dylan had much higher EQ skills. A person pop into mind who is so talented but because his EQ skills are so high, he climb to the level he is all proving himself. Zhou Shen…not a actor but a good singer, host and participate. He falls in the same age group as the 3.

        Wang Yibo is lucky to have ride on Xiao Zhan. But all his shows after is so bland… I have yet to finish one of Dylan’s dramas too….but at least I will watch the beginning.

      • I agree. WYB is good im dancing only and no matter how cool looking he can never pass off as good enough actor. GJ has amiable personality but has been bland in almost every role. Both have gottenlucky from BL dramas where they paired off with the better actor.
        Dylan can be a hit or miss depending on character, drama, script and director but he has more to show than WYB and GJ. His stint on Hello Saturday is deserved as he shows he has host skills, EQ, rapport with the rest of Hi6 members and great in games. I thk if he continies putting in the effort he can improve.

      • Xiao Zhan stans simply can’t keep Wang Yibo’s name out of their mouths. Yibo’s acting was praised by movie bloggers, professional critics, international critics (NY Times for example), professor at Beijing Film Academy Hou Keming and many other professors, fellow actors like Simon Yam, Zhang Yi, Wang Jinsong etc. and after Hidden Blade release a famous director Stanley Kwan followed him on Weibo. Do you know better than professionals how to judge someone’s acting? Just recently Yibo got nominated for Golden Deer award in best actor category. You all are pathetic clowns for real.

      • @Mi A wild WYB delusional fan appears! Paid praises don’t count. You can pay me 10 bucks and I will immediately post 10 comments here praising your dear idol despite the fact that he doesn’t have any acting skills and can’t even read his scripts due to being a hopeless illiterate.

      • I think wang yibo is very successful in movies though, among the three of them his status is already above because he focused on movies. And his movie did quite good in box office. Between gong jun and wang dylan, they’re pretty much the same. They both lack acting skills, they definitely couldn’t get into the realm of movies in short period

      • @Yuhyi Nah he wasn’t successful. His movies sales looked good on the outside but they actually failed to generate profit. People also found out that a lot of his movies timings barely had any audience during daytime and miraculously became full-house for timings after midnight. And in this modern age where many people buy their movie tickets online, the bulk of his sales were physical sales.

      • For some reason I can’t reply directly to that pitiful shrimp lilith, so dropping my reply here.

        The only ones who believe that Yibo’s movies didn’t generate profit are bitter fans of Xiao Zhan who has only 400M box office movie despite it being based on a big IP and fantasy genre. Jade Dynasty nosedived barely 3 days after a release due to bad reviews even though it had biggest percentage of slots among the movies released in the same period. Hidden Blade profit got confirmed by both director and Bona CEO, not to mention Yibo’s next cooperation with Bona and Cheng Er. Your fandom was bringing up a financial report you weren’t even able to interpret properly showing your ignorance. That’s what happens when you try to pretend being critics, economists and financists without having any qualifications lol BtF budget is 250M and OnO budget is 150M, I hope you have enough braincells working to do the math. You can check how many movies in China history managed to get box office over 850M and it’s currently minimal box office of Yibo’s movies. Btw, if you think that NY Times critic or Beijing Film Academy professor can get paid for praising someone’s acting then you’re a delusional one. What about a nomination for prestigious award? Yibo’s short film was also nominated for Berlinale. Yibo doesn’t need to act like some parrot reading a script without any reflection, he’s improvising many scenes in every movie because it comes naturally to him. He not only can perfectly say his lines in Mandarin Chinese, but also Shanghainese, Japanese and English which earned him professional approval but your fandom has to fabricate a People’s Daily article praising your idol. And what is that obsession with younger celebs? Your idol is 90 liner but you all are always in 95 liners’ business lol You should worry about artists in your idol’s age group like ZYL or BY instead. Yibo removed Cql from his bio, he doesn’t need that idol drama but your idol keeps clinging onto it as his representative work to satisfy cpfs. Yibo had Uniq and PD101, he was already well known pre Cql with over 15M followers on Weibo and he ranked 71st on Forbes 2019. It’s clear enough who actually needed and still needs Cql hype and that’s not Yibo. Anyway, keep barking and maybe stream your idol’s drama because apparently it’s behind finished dramas like Lost you forever and Mysterious Lotus Casebook. Did it even hit 9k on iQiyi? Bye.

      • @Mi. I did not look into how well the movie(s) of XZ or WYB did, not box office numbers nor acting performances. So I don’t want to make comments on their movies without watching them myself or research the financial outcomes of those movies. But here we’re focusing on drama acting. From that perspective, I stand by my opinion that WYB can’t act. I wasn’t a fan of any actors when watching The Untamed the first time. WWX immediately caught my eyes. Lan Wanji, however, could have been more convincing if a better actor had played the role. I also watched Legend of Fei, Luoyang, and Being A Hero. WYB was a disaster in both LoF and Luoyang. He made some progress in Being A Hero but not much. Perhaps has he grown a lot as an actor since he ventured into movies? Let’s wait and see when he’s back to drama land again.

        I also stand by my statement about heavy PR manipulated by his powerful agency. I checked his agency’s financial outlook once in a while. Yuehua Entertainment hasn’t been doing well since its IPO on HK stock exchange. The most recent financial statement released by the HK exchange showed that WYB contributed around 60% of agency’s total revenues. YH Entertainment has experienced losses in the first half of 2023. That has said something.

        BTW, I’m a certified professional in the area of financial risk management. It usually takes years of exams to get credentials to practice in my profession. I’ve been practicing in the US for many years. I don’t make up random stories about any financial information.

      • @Mi Lol, me a xfx? When I clearly show favouritism for multiple celebrities here? Typical of WYB delusional stans to label anyone who says the truth about WYB’s failures as xfx.

        From what I heard, Jade Dynasty costed 20m or 50m to make and generated 400m. Its ticket sales were normal, no funny business like full-house midnight screenings, and no noise from the investors. WYB’ movies on the other hand had abnormal sales, full-house midnight screenings and his movie directors and investors making tons of noise. What makes movie directors and investors make so much noise on SNS? When their movie is making losses, of course.

        Not gonna bother reading the rest of your post, it’s full of the usual brainwashing junk fed to MT and BJYX by YH, you guys have the most number of professional fans in a fandom working for the entertainment agency.

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