Season 2 Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun Premieres to 4.969% Ratings on tvN

So this weekend is the premiere on tvN of fantasy sageuk drama Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun, the continuation with a time jump of the 2020 drama that was always intended for multiple seasons but got derailed a bit due to lower than expected ratings and reviews. But a large scale drama intended for multiple seasons may have to be like a homeowner in the middle of a large remodel, midway through even if it costs more you have to finish it so you can at least recoup rather than let it be a sunk costs. AC as a fully told story probably has a higher chance to sell itself in the future and also buoy the side products like the video game. The second season with grown up leads Lee Jun Ki and Shin Se Kyung premiered to an okay 4.969% ratings. A lot of international fans are bemoaning the lack of places to watch with subs so I’ve not yet gotten reviews but hopefully it’s been worth the wait.


Season 2 Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun Premieres to 4.969% Ratings on tvN — 4 Comments

  1. I’m surprised this is not on Netflix – and that I can’t find it in Disney+ either in my region despite some folks saying it will air on Disney+. How did such a big budget drama with no name not appear anywhere?

  2. Why they destroyed the innocence of eunsom? .in the end episodes of season 1, eunsom was quite a warrior and won tribes after tribes but he did not leave his innocence his good soul.

    But in this season, u can see eunsom making villainous faces, talks egoistically. There is a scene in which eunsoy and saya talk to each other and eunsom taunt him, told saya to joint him because he is weak and they r going to lose and he will kill him…… Like what !!!!!;”? He would never talk to anyone like that especially to his brother. Saya could say this but not eunsom.

    They have completely changed the topic of show. And they r going to move forward not going to give explanation for these changes.sad

    • I am a fan of Arthdal and the twins have different personalities. But have their own strengths and we know, Eunsom is a good boy. While Saya can hurt anyone who hurts him.
      I havent watched it bcuz there’s no eng sub but why they changed Eunsom character? Is there any story behind it?

  3. I don’t know why but leejoongi’s face gives me villainous vibes. His appearance with these looks make him look bad spy or murderer kind off. No offence. His appearance was on point for scarlet heart ryeo.

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