Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun Kicks Off with Solid Plotting, More Action, and the Same Expansive and Confusing World Building

So I finally checked out the first two episodes of Arthdal Chronicles: The Sword of Aramun and I love it! Season 2 starts off by being directed better, less squinting of the eyes needed to see in dark scenes and a steadier hand in letting characters breath and flow. It’s an 8-year time jump in the drama narrative and picks up with the world building boring stuff basically FF’d so now Tanya is a high priestess, Saya is more established in Arthdal, and Eun Seom is leading the rebels as their leader the Inaishingi. And yes, this drama still has a shit ton of people, tribes, alliances, and weird weird titles and names. Lee Jun Ki is seamless taking over for Song Joong Ki who had to thankless job of playing Saya/Eun Seom as teenagers but now the twins are all grown up so the shit stirring angry Saya is basically the dark twin to rebel leader Eun Seom and Shin Se Kyung is wonderful as expected in a sageuk taking over for Kim Ji Won. If you liked AC season 1 I think this sequel will still work and if you didn’t like AC1 this may be able to draw you back in.

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