First Xiao Zhan and Now Wang Yibo Gets Anonymously Reported for Tax Violations After the Recent Spate of Tax Issues with Yuan Bing Yan and Song Zu Er

So not all tax crimes are equal and sometimes not all alleged tax crimes are even actually crimes. The clamor in C-ent after Song Zu Er came under tax fraud investigation followed by the confirmed tax penalty on Yuan Bing Yan after a year under investigation was that everyone should get their taxes in order and the authorities were going to undertake another look/see at celebrities. This has happened before and yet “tax underpayments” still keep happening with stars. A weird thing did happen in recent days, first Xiao Zhan was reportedly anonymously reported for tax violations, but unlike Song Zu Er who pissed off someone in her inner circle and her anonymous report came with actual receipts and documentation, the report on Xiao Zhan didn’t have any documentation just allegations. Days later his The Untamed costar Wang Yibo has also just been anonymously reported for tax issues as well, similarly also without receipts and reportedly even flimsier as its without any concrete allegations just that he didn’t pay his taxes properly. Mwahaha, I love how antis are just using this to grasp at straws but at least when it comes to death and taxes it can’t be cheated but if it’s not your time then nothing will happen.


First Xiao Zhan and Now Wang Yibo Gets Anonymously Reported for Tax Violations After the Recent Spate of Tax Issues with Yuan Bing Yan and Song Zu Er — 22 Comments

  1. Which obscure corner of the Chinese internet did you pull this out of? Or are you just posting whatever your commenters said on this blog, selectively of course? At least report on something that either made it to Weibo’s Hot Search or was posted by more than 10 YXHs on Weibo.

      • See? That’s why I said it’s obscure. You seriously think that pulling a few articles from the net means it’s trending news? That first link which you’ve posted even stated that this piece of “news” didn’t trend on Weibo nor get much attention at all.

      • @Koala, those are not credible sources of information. Usually if a celebrity runs into real trouble, there’re always signs on Weibo where news spread out in the speediest fashion. I’ve been checking Weibo for related news every day. But there’s none on Weibo search bar or hot search list about this rumor. Yeah, antis have been trying to create myriads of posts/comments to mislead the public and there’re always XZ antis to parrot. It’s the same pattern as 227 cyberbully. To antis’ disappointment, the infamous 227 won’t repeat again. XZ fans seem to have learned to outsmart antis. Besides, why the heck CCT continued to promoted XZ’s old movie and drama, Sunshine by My Side, right after the schemers made up the scam? The Chinese state media wouldn’t be promoting a celebrity if he/she is liable to frauds or crimes.

      • LOL. think Koala expects more fangirls like me and antis like you to come gossiping about this rumor as much as possible. That’s what a blogger hope for – the more traffic and more online interaction the better !!

      • You got a problem with me enjoying commenting about C-ent on this blog? I don’t see you people labeling me as Yang Mi/Zhao Liying/Liu Shishi/Chen Xiao/Wang Hedi/Yu Shuxin/Tian Xiwei’s fan when I commented in the posts about them.

    • Oh come on, I am not Chinese and even I heard about this. As I also heard it was bogus. Actually I was wondering why Miss Koala hadn’t posted anything and was thinking that she’s probably doing it to avoid getting guaranteed hate.

      • Well, I frequent Weibo and Chinese forums but there’s no mention of this on my “neutral” circles of the YXHs and forum groups that I follow, only the “provocative” circles of YXHs have posted about it and even then it’s only a measly few.

        I separate the YXHs and forum groups where I get my C-ent news from into various circles, neutral and provocative are just broad categories. The former show me general C-netz’s opinions and the latter give me insights and help me understand better about what might be the truth behind some incidents.

    • Who the f*ck says it has to be trending for Koala to make a post. Go make your own blog and post trending news. I’m sorry I don’t even like some of Koalas posts but who am I to dictate what she can post and what she cannot post.

      • The fact that Koala replied to me with those links shows that she also agrees that the news which she posts on her blog shouldn’t be from obscure corners of the internet. 😘

  2. Koala, did you get this misinformation from gossipy Taiwanese media? LOL. There were quite a few Taiwanese tabloid newspapers basically just copying and pasting from the same source of rumor with EXACTLY the same content and even wording about XZ. This is how Taiwanese media has been, lazy and unprofessional, in almost all reporting, be it political or entertainment. SHAKE MY HEAD!
    Taiwanese ppl mock media by saying that if one doesn’t work hard at school, then just be a reporter after getting out of school. LOL. So, please don’t trust anything coming out of Taiwanese media. LOL

  3. E.g., the pro-China media TVBS got an internet persona (influencer) to broadcast the tax rumor. (I guess she was paid to do so coz that’s how many internet influencers have been making money.) Why has TVBullShit never bothered to verify the rumor with its good friend, CCTV, which is still airing two of XZ’s dramas? Rather, TVBullShit had an internet persona gossip about XZ in different programs. Its so unprofessional. LMAO. I’ve never taken TVBullShit seriously. But I did not expect they could be so laughable.

  4. Is this even news? Why don’t you post about Ren Jialun and Cheng Yi instead? An infamous paparazzi claimed that a male celebrity whose name consists of two characters had a secret baby, then these two actors’ fandoms started mudslinging each other, both accusing that this melon is about the other party. Now both their studios have put out official statements denying the allegations.

  5. @Koala is a very smart blogger…I read Koala’ content as it is… not all contents are true but she is no reporter. She just shares what she reads and finds interesting. Regardless where her sources are from. . but it is great to read even obscure news that pops out of no where.

    I say Koala is smart because her content creates conversations and thus increase traffic to her site. She runs a very active blog…and there are all sorts of interaction here. If I had a blog, I would definitely not run one as successful as hers. Will give her a big clap.

    I see some who disapprove of her content regularly, but still comes to her blog and comment regularly. Something draws them back every time.. She need traffic to her bog to stay on top…Thus the busier it is, the better. I think her antis seem to need her blog too as they get responses from those they want to provoke for attention and release boredom. Again, nothing wrong with that. Everyone read news to be entertained. Some like to use this “comment” space to entertain or interact. It is all for good fun.

    I find this reporting of popular artistes for tax evasion tactics very interesting. I highly doubt the current artistes will risk doing so knowingly. Definitely not Xiao Zhan or Wang Yibo… but as these 2 chaps are staying under the radar more…there will be people who will use their names to create news. Who knows if any of these rumours will hit the jackpot…

    Conclusion, Be happy…Pay your taxes… Have a good life.

      • I did give credits to Koala for being tolerant of different opinions from hers in a prior comment. I admitted that’s the reason why I kept coming back to her blogs even I disagreed with her most of the time. For the same reasons, you XZ antis love her scathing about XZ since that would give you plenty of opportunities to be salty about XZ’s accomplishment that your faves have never achieved and may never achieve in the future and you could take this advantage to vent out your butthurt. LMAO. Her open mindedness gives fangirls and antis as well to coexist, vent, rant, and being rabid at the same time. What an incredible blogger she is. LOL

  6. I read about this a few days ago and although I fins Xiao Zhan’s dramas constantly underwhelming, I would be seriously buggered if the rumors were true, because he is extremely beautiful, a good actor and an adequate singer and I would be very sad indeed to not being able to watch him perform anymore. Thank God it seems to be completely unfounded, and the same goes foe Yibo, for whom I do not care that much but I acknowledge him as a talented and gorgeous man too!

    • I read some information (which is plausible to some degrees) that WYB’s agency actually has been behind all the vicious schemes to bring down XZ. Surely there’s no evidence to collaborate what a lot of XZ believe. But per my constant observations on Weibo and Chinese SM, WYB fans (mostly those famous online personas/influencers with huge following of WYB fans) constantly created posts/comments and shared unfounded negative information about XZ and his dramas/works. I was indifferent to WYB when I watched the Untamed. But now I’m pretty sure I dislike him and his fans THE MOST among all artists/fandoms because what I have been seeing on Chinese SM. I believe his agency and fan clubs have been the mastermind behind all the evil schemes to topple XZ’s career, including 227 cyberbully. I sincerely wish karma back on WYB for his career to flop! LOL

      • Have you personally ever see WYB attacking XZ??? All fandoms always engage in tit for tat and Solo fandoms of XZ and WYB have tried and are still trying to literally skin the other alive…What does their foolish action have to do with the guys personally attacking each other?? I have yet to see them personally exchange hate towards each other but both fandom swore the guys are mortal enemies. Have it ever accured to yall that they are on Wechat laughing at all craziness….Why hate Yibo because his fans are delulus and vice-versa??? What did he do to affend you personally or XZ as a matter of fact???I personally have no idea if they are friends or not anymore…that’s their business….but the way how both Solos act, an passerby who doesn’t know how this crap began would think the guys had a fist fight or argue online with each other causing each fandom to detest the other actor….lol….You hate Yibo because of his fandom actions, and its the same reason XZ got hate because of his fandom actions…so was that hate justified??? Never wish for another down fall as it might backfire on the one you hold dare.

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