C-gossiper Reveals Two Name Male Star has Close Relationship with Rich Older Female Fan Sugar Mommy and Netizens Say it’s About Cheng Yi

So there’s a big melon about C-actor Cheng Yi this week and his side has brushed it off as he flew to Paris for fashion shows and issued a denial. A well-known C-gossiper claimed that a two named popular actor, who has cheated before and has plenty of dirt, is the kept man of a rich older woman who was formerly a fangirl. Two audio recordings were leaked when the man’s voice being warm and caring towards the woman and netizens say it’s Cheng Yi’s voice, and that the melon is about him. There is also a picture of Cheng Yi getting a backhug from a woman. Reportedly the leaks come from a former fan of Cheng Yi who left his fandom and went public with stuff the fandom has been trying to keep concealed for him. Cheng Yi’s agency has denied he is the actor in question for this gossip and reserve the right to take legal action to protect him.


C-gossiper Reveals Two Name Male Star has Close Relationship with Rich Older Female Fan Sugar Mommy and Netizens Say it’s About Cheng Yi — 31 Comments

  1. I really hope this is not true…and those that are using these tactics to pull him down from his tracks should really be prosecuted if it is malicious and untrue.

    I am so sick of al these dirty games…

  2. I don’t have good vibes for this guy as celebrities who switched their onscreen personas always set off my alarm bells. This guy is from Huanrui, same agency as Li Yifeng and Yuan Bingyan. He’s been going for the meek, shy and naive guy persona ever since Love and Redemption but he didn’t act like this prior to that. Funnily enough, Li Yifeng also had the same onscreen persona. Huanrui probably took a leaf out of Li Yifeng’s book?

    There’s no hard evidence for this melon though so the benefit of doubt is still there. With that being said, this scandal doesn’t break any law so he’ll still be able to film dramas even if it’s true as long as his agency still backs him up.

      • When he first started his career, he is the typical outgoing and expressive guy but ever since the incident with Yuan Bingyan (in the live streaming of Love and Redemption – because of the fact that they didn’t ‘sell’ cp – fans was angry and pretty much blamed Cheng Yi for his coldness toward YBY. He lost 200 thousand followers that day and was bullied by the entire web for at least a whole year) he had been extra careful of his actions and speaking ever since.

      • @Yuhyi Yeah he wasn’t. He acts differently in his past interviews.

        @Kay That’s an exaggeration, he wasn’t bullied by the entire web. Wang Churan’s current situation is way worse and she’s still as confident as ever. A person’s character doesn’t change from one extreme to the other that easily.

    • It’s not true. The audio is from the weibo chat group,where the fans asked him to call their names to w/c he obliged. Some sasaeng fabricated the audio file to appear like he was talking cheesy to someone.

  3. It’s get to a time in life where we have to let sleeping dog’s lie, we are not to judge people especially when we are selves are doing the same things in our various home, dating an older woman is the person’s own choice, as long as it’s not a criminal offense, please let try and really understand life situation and not judge them harshly.

  4. Knowing about one’s weakness and using it to disgrace the person is not a good thing, it’s becomes harder for people to trust and open up when they have issues because they are afraid it will be use against them, thus the case of so many depression. Let become humans everyone can trust please.

  5. Judging by the mentality of toxic fans like them, this could possibly just mean that the guy, who is already 33-34 himself, so no helpless youngster, is dating a woman who is like 37, so “older”. But even if she’s 47, if he likes her, what’s our problem?
    For Cnetizens, a C-actor is morally allowed to date only poor girls in their 20s, women older than 30 and well-off are not allowed.

  6. He can date a older and richer woman…absolutely nothing wrong with that… He would not be the first to date a older woman.
    But if the woman is married and he is kept…then this will destroy his career…
    What defines sugar mummy? Yang MI has a dating younger men history too, is she a sugar mummy?
    Anyway, I hope this rumours will just fade…as it is has no credibility. All because some ex- fan who ‘leak’ this to Paz…

      • He was poor before he became popular these few years.. He mentioned. But all these rumours are just unfounded. I just hope he handles this well.

  7. I don’t like his visuals or acting. But can fans just leave celebrities’ private life alone? Whom he dates should have nothing to do with his works. I wish netizens could spend more time discussing dramas and actors’ performances.

  8. Hahahaha why don’t people think it’s Xiao Zhan? It’s also 2 names. Speculations are silly. While I’m not a huge fan of CY and also think his conduct is somewhat questionable, but at the very least the guy has proven he can act. Does he need to rely on a sugar momma to boost his career when it’s already going so well?

    • The reason why Xiao Zhan is out of the question is because this incident first started with the paparazzi releasing a melon about a secret baby via live stream, his pronunciation sounded like R姓男星 which means male celebrity whose name started with R, so people were guessing it’s Allen Ren, with Cheng Yi’s fans fanning the flames (both fandoms have some sort of rivalry due to same agency). Then the paparazzi later came out again and said people heard wrongly, saying that he had said 二字男星 (male celebrity with two words) instead and added the term 准顶流 (about to become the next top liuliang). Ren Jialun’s fans then threw this melon back to Cheng Yi’s fans as Cheng Yi’s team has been marketing about replacing Xiao Zhan as top liuliang soon.

      • But Allen Ren is Ren JiaLun, no? I mean, judging by western name, they all have 2 names. Chinese name, they are a handful, Cheng Yi, Xiao Zhan as you mention, Yang Yang… Still, why would Cheng Yi or any other top star need to be in a situation like this, they don’t need the money. And if he just likes the woman, well, that’s his business.
        Last but not least, I found the idea of Cheng Yi replacing Xiao Zhan highly amusing. I have nothing against the guy, but look at him next to XZ and… yep. 😄😄

      • @Nena

        Sorry I tend to use their english and chinese names interchangeably. The number of words refer to their chinese names, chinese paparazzi always like to add the number of words in the name as generic hints to spark debate. As for replacing Xiao Zhan, oh well, everyone wants to replace the top guy. God knows how many people had marketed themselves as resembling or being the next Xiao Zhan as a way to gain attention.

      • Thanks for the explanation. It’s going to be hard for CY to top XZ – at this point XZ has become the next Leslie Cheung, iconic. No one can really touch him. Personally I don’t agree with his status, but meh.

        But yeah I don’t think CY is up and coming liulang at all either. He’s already a liulang, if we gauge how well he did in Mysterious Lotus

      • @4ever, I laughed at “about replacing XZ as top liuliang soon.” LOL. Did ppl just pretend to not see how many likes and thumbs up XZ got in less than an hour once he posted something on Weibo himself (not via his studio)? Cheng Yi and Xiao Zhan were born on the same day, 10/5. XZ got over 11 million likes within hour or two after he posted a short message at midnight 10/4. #XiaoZhan32in23 got top 3 world trending on Twitter. I guess Cheng Yi team can market to the same level of popularity worldwide. Cheng Yi doesn’t have equivalent visuals and height. So far, he hasn’t proved himself as a versatile actor as XZ yet. He still focused mostly on idol dramas.

      • @Somebody

        You’ve mixed Cheng Yi and Tan Jianci up. Tan Jianci is the one who has the same birthday as Xiao Zhan.

      • @4ever

        Xiao Zhan & Tan Jian Ci have the same birthday (10/5) – XZ, 1991 & TJC, 1990. Happy birthday to both guys – especially to XZ.

      • Ooops! My bad! It’s TJC. LOL
        Yeah, I also saw fans posting Happy BD to him on Weibo today. I was thinking why so many liliung were born on the same day. LOL again.

      • Personally, I think he is a very talented actor who brings his character to life – based on his recent choice in drama, he is more concentrated on getting good characters and scripts than liulang. MLC increased his creditably as a solid actor.

    • XZ fans are really prone to exaggeration. Please, put some respect on Leslie Cheung’s name. Your favorite may be a traffic star but he’s far from iconic status of Cheung who is known as a man ahead of his time and actual legend of HK cinema. It’s okay to support your idol but such comparisions are quite crazy and disrespectful.

      • @Yume, Leslie Cheung WHO? LOL I have no idea of this guy! Who cares about a HK star who had passed away long time ago even before many C drama fans learned to read and write !!!!!???? Stop being self absorbent and living in the past glory of your idol. Entertainment is always about CURRENT and TRENDY!

        Oh well some other comment brought me back to this outdated post again and I didn’t get to read such a ridiculous comment until now. LOL

  9. I think unless there is real solid evidences, most of these are either speculation/haters adding oil to fire, especially since there is history with Ren JiLiang and Cheng Yi’s fan going at each other. They shared the same company and their resource conflict each other’s. Each side of their fans dig up/fabricated stories of each actors (signs of toxic fans), so I will take it with a grain of salt. In addition, Cheng Yi’s fans already clarified that the leaked audio is just a compilation of his messages to his fan group chat.

  10. Those paparazzi and yxhs always target certain celebs while leaving alone or even praising others, the pattern is too obvious.

  11. Such ridiculous rumors that his fans already clarified as fan messages. This just proves that CY has no solid background and his success has threatened people. All these baseless attacks will only solidify his new fans.

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