Period Spy Thriller C-drama Deep Lurk with Cheng Yi and Ying Er Reportedly to Air Drop Next Month

This may be one of the most inadvertently apropos drama titles ever. The period spy thriller C-drama Deep Lurk was filmed in 20219 which is so far pre-COVID it was like a different lifetime ago. The drama stars Cheng Yi and Ying Er and if it’s Cheng Yi pre-Love and Redemption he hadn’t broken out yet. The drama is set in the Battle of Changsa era where the Communist party revolutionary forces battle against the occupying Japanese. Reportedly the drama has been dusted off the shelf from whence it resided and will be air dropped next week. It’s going to feel like a blast from the past in so many ways haha. Since this drama doesn’t appear to have any questionable elements or cast I’m guess the shelving was simply due to it not being that good.

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Fox Spirit Matchmaker the Wang Quan Chapter Releases First Official Posters with Leads Cheng Yi and Li Yi Tong

I’m just relieved that the three Fox Spirit Matchmaker dramas are all produced by the same company, otherwise it runs the risk of airing against each other as recently seen with the Chinese Paladin drama adaptations Sword and Fairy. The … Continue reading

First Look at Cheng Yi and Li Yi Tong in Character Filming Xianxia C-drama Fox Spirit Matchmaker the Wang Quan Chapter

The first Fox Spirit Matchmaker C-drama adaptation the Yue Hong chapter hasn’t even aired yet and the third one has started filming. Reportedly the production team wanted to air the first chapter and recoup some money from investing through to … Continue reading

Producer of Cheng Yi’s Next Drama Hero Legends Incur Fans Ire When He Shares the Trailer for Dylan Wang’s New Drama Guardian’s of the Dafeng

So this beef goes back to earlier this year during the filming of period C-drama Hero Legends starring Cheng Yi. Apparently the production started filming before getting the first approval from the authorities which is a big no no and … Continue reading

Cheng Yi Joins the Summer 2023 C-drama Party with Mysterious Lotus Casebook Rumored to Drop this Week on July 18th on iQiyi

C-actor Cheng Yi had one of the big summer 2022 C-drama hits with Immortal Samsara with Yang Zi so it’s only fitting he’s likely going to join this summer’s airing block party as well. Rumors are that iQiyi will premiere … Continue reading

First Look at Cheng Yi with Zeng Shun Xi and Xiao Xun Yao in Three Male Lead Bromance Wuxia Drama Mysterious Lotus Casebook

C-actor Cheng Yi just had this delicate male lead aura, which suits him playing gods in xianxia drama male leads and has in my mind pegged him in a certain mold. He’s tried breaking out obviously with modern dramas and … Continue reading

Cheng Yi and Zhao Lu Si to Pair Up for Xianxia Drama Hidden Gods Which is the Sequel to Ancient Love Poetry with Xu Kai and Zhou Yu Tong

Two of this summer 2022 hit C-dramas will be coupled up for a forthcoming xianxia drama adapted from a novel. It’s called Hidden Gods (神隐 Shen Yin) and is the sequel to the novel and drama Ancient Love Poetry which … Continue reading