The Dilraba Dilmurat is Secretly Married Rumor Rises Up Again After Her Invitation to the Christian Dior Show in Paris is Addressed Madame

I found C-actress Dilraba Dilmurat one of the best dressed gown and hair whole package Asian stars so far to descend in Paris for the Fall 2023 fashion shows. She was invited by Christian Dior and really matched well with the brands couture and aura. But a new wrinkle came from her attendance after the invitation went public and it was addressed to Madame Dilraba Dilmurat, leading C-netizens to once again take it as confirmation of the earlier rumor that Dilraba was secretly married. Actually the rumor was not just that she was secretly married but also secretly had a baby, this was during a lull in her promotions for about 8 months and the rumored husband/baby daddy is C-actor Huang Jing Yu. The rumors have been denied time and again but with this invitation addressed to her as Madame (typically a Mrs. designation) rather than Mademoiselle (associated with Miss.) it certainly does make one wonder. Reportedly Jisoo’s invitation read Mademoiselle Jisoo. But another way to see it is that Madame could also be used for an older woman regardless of whether she is married or not.


The Dilraba Dilmurat is Secretly Married Rumor Rises Up Again After Her Invitation to the Christian Dior Show in Paris is Addressed Madame — 10 Comments

  1. I know some women don’t want people to make the difference between Mademoiselle and Madame anymore. The fact is there are less married women and marriage isn’t the norm anymore. So Madame can be used in both cases.

  2. I feel like it’s a stretch to say the little intern filling out the Dior invitations has insider info on her marriage status when no one else in China has confirmation. And even if she is married, so what? People need to stop being so nosy/involved in celebrities personal lives.

  3. This is what I found from Google:
    There isn’t a direct equivalent of ‘Ms’ in French. If you are writing to somebody and don’t know whether she is married, use Madame.

    Maybe whoever’s filling out the invitations based it on age? Dilraba is over 30 years old, so they decided to use Madame instead.

  4. That’s so funny.
    Practically noone uses Mademoiselle any more, it’s so old school. Unless referring to a 16 year old. Even back in the early 00s, I have been addressed to as “Madame” although I was like 22.

  5. Lol, it’s normal to be address as “Madame.” Many female K-pop and kactor posted their invite on their story or post and they are often than not refer to as “Madame.”

    If anybody actually been there before, their local used it often, similar to miss.

  6. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo has been addressed as Mademoiselle on Dior invitations. Just last year she was addressed as both Mademoiselle and Madame on different invitations. I’ve also seen lots of invitations this year that just have the invitee’s name.

  7. Hello, i am french. And the term “Miss” is no longer used(legally). That’s why they used “Madame” for the invitations.

  8. I’m living in France and it’s degoratory to refer to a young and/or supposedly unmarried woman “Mademoiselle” (it’s only conservative old people who still do this). I believe the change occurred because people challenged why women need to have different appellations depending on their age and marital status whereas men are simply called “Monsieur” throughout their lives.

    However, I remember Rachel Bilson was addressed as “Mademoiselle” in her place card at a Chanel Resort show 10(!) years ago, so it could be that the change is rather recent or the fact that Chanel was still old school back then (it was during the time when Karl Lagerfeld headed the fashion house).

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